WordPress Weekly Recap – September 10th, 2015

Earlier this week, I was taking my morning walk to a local coffee shop when I started noticing a trend.  I was watching motorists get increasingly angry at having to stop behind a school bus.  I saw people shouting at the inanimate bus, cursing at the time lost on their commute now that schools had started up again, and even saw a driver violently shaking in anger.

Yet just one street away was a clear parallel roadway that didn’t have any buses on it.  How often are we as web site owners so entrenched in our routines that when something doesn’t happen in the manner we are accustomed to we simply get angry?  Why not just adjust our routine and keep the anger towards things we can’t really change out of our daily working lives?

WordPress News

  • This past week there was the rumblings of security issue at WPML (language localization/translation plugin) because customers received an email containing their new password in plaintext. The team at WPML have stated that there was no security issue or breach but rather an attempt to force all their users change to a more secure password. Read more about their response on the WPML blog.
  • After a long discussion took place recently about a proposed change to the WordPress Shortcode API, the team looking into the next version of the Shortcode API has gone back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas and integrate the responses they received.  To get a bigger picture of what has been taking place head over to the WPTavern post on the Shortcode API discussion.
  • Love it or hate it the Jetpack plugin (3.7) has received an overhauled UI to make it more streamlined and simpler.  I appreciate the effort designers undertake to make their administrative interface more user-friendly.
  • Is your WordPress website starting to slow down for visitors?  You might want to check out this blog post on setting up the W3 Total Cache plugin.
  • Are you ready for WordPress and PHP7?  Regardless of whether you are ready or not you should check out the discussion taking place over on make.wordpress.org.

WordPress Plugins

  • Do you run a WordPress site that allows users to register?  You will want to take a look at this new widget that showcases the most recent registered users. New User Dashboard Widget plugin
  • I seem to be always on the hunt for new and unique ways to showcase social media engagement on WordPress websites.  A new one that crossed my desk was the Juicer plugin which aggregates many different social networks into one good looking display on your WordPress site.
  • Do you want to start EARNING MONEY on your WordPress site that has something to do with travel?  Now you can integrate a “booking” system for flights and hotels using the Travelpayouts plugin.

Web Design Tips and Tricks

  • Looking for some reading material?  Check out this free 2015 Web Design Trends ebook.
  • Pantone Factory photos look amazing.
  • Are you looking for an awesome to grow your email subscriber list?  Consider NoiseTrade as a way to “give something away for free” in exchange for someone’s email address.

I also wanted to thank those of you who write me and let me know about plugins, news, tutorials, and other pieces of content many of you create. I love adding that type of information to our WordPress Weekly Recap posts. You can also let me know about things you come across by emailing benjamin @ ithemes.com. Until next week … have a great day.

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