WordPress Weekly Recap – October 1st, 2015

Welcome to October 2015.  If you aren’t sure about the significance of this month … be on the lookout for Marty McFly to come speeding down the highway at 88 mph in an attempt save the space/time continuum. In fact, Amazon Prime is putting all three of the Back to the Future movies available for play for all Prime members. (October 2015 was the date in the future that Marty McFly set in the DeLorean.)

Do you remember where you were in 1985?  Did you have big dreams back then and did you believe you would have accomplished certain goals by 2015? Even if you missed the mark or even haven’t started with some of those goals there is no time like the present to get back on track with some of your life goals.  Take a step in a direction that takes care of YOU during this Back to the Future month of October.

WordPress News

  • It was sad news this past week as the WordPress community lost a long time member Alex King. Alex was around from the beginning of WordPress and was instrumental in bringing about many aspects of the WordPress community arenas.  From building aspects of the first plugin directory to hosting a WordPress CSS competition to being a core contributor, all of WordPress has been touched by Alex’s influences and he will be sorely missed. If you didn’t know, Alex King was the designer behind the famous Share Icon that is used everywhere. So when you see the icon take a moment and remember Alex King.

    Remembering Alex King

  • Looking for information on how to market your WordPress content? Then you won’t want to miss this wonderfully done infographic that walks through a progression of marketing content.
  • If you currently use the WordPress buttons “Get Shortlink” and “View Post” directly under a Post editor title box then be prepared because in WordPress 4.4 those aspects of the UI are going away.
  • iThemes Sync Pro now lets users schedule reports to be run and then automatically email them out to clients/users.

WordPress Plugins

  • Now you can embed any link/media/content in a beautiful Content Card layout.
  • Do you post YouTube videos on your blog posts but don’t like that there are “related videos” that show up when the video is done?  Use this Hide YouTube Related Videos plugin to take care of the issue.

Web Design Tips & Tricks

In this week’s Tips & Tricks section, I wanted to share a number of useful websites that many may not know about:

  • WebPageTest.org is a free website speed test that has a ton of metrics to give a quick snapshot of a site.
  • CharlieApp is a tool you sync with your calendar and email and then whenever a meeting is scheduled on the calendar, Charlie combs through hundreds of sources and sends you a “one-pager” on the person you are meeting.
  • VisualPing takes a URL and monitors that page and will notify you if any changes occur.
  • Need a little help writing more bold and clear blog posts? Check out the Hemmingway Editor.
  • Visage helps create amazing images to help tell the story of your post.

I also wanted to thank those of you who write me and let me know about plugins, news, tutorials and other pieces of content many of you create. I love adding that type of information to our WordPress Weekly Recap posts. You can also let me know about things you come across by emailing benjamin @ ithemes.com. Until next week … have a great day.

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