WordPress Weekly Recap – July 9th

It is good to be back to writing the WordPress Weekly Recap posts again.  Last week iThemes Training was teaching our multi-day WordPress Developer Course and I’m excited to say that after 5+ years of providing high quality WordPress, Business/Freelance Development, Design, and Coding training we not only successfully completed our 13th WordPress Developer Course but we now have over 600+ hours of recorded live training events.

WordPress News

  • StackExchange revealed that this week they switched from WordPress to Jekyll for their company blog.  But the crazy thing was that many of their complaints about WordPress could have been fixed if they had simply visited WordPress.stackexchange.com.  Plus to see them trash WordPress and trash Discus as being low performance and difficult to use seemed juvenile and also revealing about the abilities of the StackExchange team considering many much larger, higher trafficked, and more complex sites run with WordPress and for that matter Discus.  There were some interesting comments on WPTavern.
  • BuiltWith reported that during the first six months of this year WordPress has risen in market share by 7%.  Not a bad half-a-year when you add over 1.1 million new domains that are powered by WordPress.
  • Before WordPress 3.6 there were huge debates about the necessity of adding Post Formats to the core of WordPress.  But a strong contingent was adamant it be added to core.  Now a new trac ticket has shown up that removes Post Formats from the core of WordPress saying that its better left to a plugin (and/or theme) to implement this feature.  I’m wondering where that original strong contingent of supporters went?
  • The culture in the WordPress ecosystem is strong and warrants many types of responses.  Tom McFarlin has a good post looking at the current state of the WordPress Culture.

WordPress Code & Plugins

  • Do you use Slack for team or development communication? Or maybe you have utilized the power of BuddyPress to create a social network with WordPress.  Now you can combine the two by sending BuddyPress notifications to Slack channels using BuddySlack.
  • For those that love WordPress Shortcodes you will be pleased to hear that some future enhancements/developments may be on the way.  In the meantime check out the Shortcake plugin to see some of the potential new features.
  • I’m always on the hunt for a good WordPress calendar system.  There may be a new option available with Event Calendar WD.
  • Do you feel you don’t pay enough attention to tags and keywords for your WordPress posts?  You might enjoy the help that WP Auto Tagging provides in looking at your current and prior posts and auto tagging posts.

Web Design Tips & Tricks

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and we will see you next Thursday for another full slate of posts, news, tools, and tips on our WordPress Weekly Recap.

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