WordPress Weekly Recap – January 28th

Most of the East Coast here in the United States is STILL digging out from last weekend’s “Snow Storm of Doom” #Snowzilla… or whatever else they are calling it.  People found themselves with all this extra “time” because they couldn’t go anywhere and I started wondering what other people do when they “find time”.

Do you catch up with friends? Do you code a new plugin? Do you design a new layout for your WordPress site?  What do you do when you “find time”?  Found time is gone before you know it if you don’t have a plan.

WordPress News

WordPress Plugins

  • Want to test out a future core feature of WordPress? The Shiny Updates plugin is one of the proposals for inclusion in WordPress core that provides a better user experience during the upgrade/update process of plugins and themes.
  • A premium plugin to keep your eyes on is Ingot – an A/B testing tool for WordPress.

Web Design Tips & Tricks

I also wanted to thank those of you who write me and let me know about plugins, news, tutorials and other pieces of content many of you create. I love adding that type of information to our WordPress Weekly Recap posts. You can also let me know about things you come across by emailing benjamin @ ithemes.com. Until next week … have a great day.

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