WordPress Weekly Recap – April 9th

It’s time for another Weekly Recap as we go diving into the WordPress world to find the latest news, plugins and resources that people might have missed during the first go around.

WordPress News

  • StackOverflow (a treasure trove of useful… and not so useful code snippets) released their most recent Developer Survey in which WordPress ranked as the #3 Most Dreaded technology. One of the reasons for this is probably because of the “geekdom-level-11″ that exists on this developer-HEAVY website and doesn’t really see much traffic from most end users or clients.  There are good reasons why WordPress powers a VAST part of the internet websites.  What do you think about WordPress ranking at the top of the Most Dreaded Technology list?


WordPress Plugins

banner-772x250 (1)

  • Do you do anything with musical notation and WordPress?  Then you will want to check out this plugin to make your life easier.  ABC Notation
  • Do you want to open up your payment options for your bbpress site and want to start taking Bitcoin and other crytpo-coins?  Now you can with GoUrl BBPress plugin.  In fact GoUrl has a number of plugins for accepting lots of different crypto-coins.

Other Tips & Tricks


  • Have you ever wondered how old people are on certain social networks?  This chart might help customize your next message you share on that network.

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