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  1. Yu Zhengwen
    Yu Zhengwen says:

    BTW, to embed a YouTube Video, just go to the share tab in the your YouTube
    Video, then click embed, then just copy and paste the code.

  2. Gustafson DMG
    Gustafson DMG says:

    Steve, I appreciate hearing about your experiences learning and setting up
    your WordPress site and would watch more. We do not come to knowledge by
    one means alone and I think we can add your experiences to our knowledge

  3. Samuel Spira
    Samuel Spira says:

    Yes, please do share with us more of your WP know-how. I would especially
    appreciate an introduction for someone who has just purchased a domain +
    hosting package and wants to know how to get started.

  4. Roger Brent
    Roger Brent says:

    Great info Steve. Much appreciated. Keeping it simple for newbies and
    love it. Now you say you “host” your site on your own. So show us how to
    do that sometime. Thanks

  5. atouchofwhimsy1
    atouchofwhimsy1 says:

    Steve, I love your videos but I do have a comment on this one. You have a
    large following and many will follow your advice on WP, even though you
    state you are not an expert. (I see one fan already asking for more WP
    videos). Please caution everyone about selecting themes and plugins that
    are not approved by wordpress.org. There a lot of themes that look pretty
    but are badly coded or even contain malicious code.

    I know of small business owner that used a purchased theme and left all of
    her digital products open to freely download simply because the upload
    folders were missing an index.php file. She even paid a company to install
    and set up this theme. It wasn’t fixed until I contacted them and pointed
    the problem.

    There are plugins provided by WordPress.org that will verify the themes
    follow their standards. 

  6. Bruce Cuthbert
    Bruce Cuthbert says:

    Hi Steve, this was a good summary of what you are using. I had not heard of
    some of the components you use and I have added them to my list to look at.

    More detail would be helpful on the various pieces that make up your

    A couple of suggestions:
    1. a Mindjet mindmap of the pieces that are involved in your site, i.e.
    plugins, theme (themify), lists, payments, postings, editing, …., and
    what uses what for what. (also provides good example of use of mind map
    (win-win). This can also good (simple) documentation as it is a bit of a
    spider web. I have just started on a mind map of my pieces, … twitter,
    wordpress, theme, plugins (contact form 7, …), paypal, eventbrite,
    mailchimp, …)
    2. a spreadsheet of the components (modules) / costs for a newbie to get
    started with 1-2 websites (i.e. some have free startups followed by monthly
    or annual costs, so what the annual cost for sites.

    in Victoria


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