WordPress Plugin Roundup – August 2015

Each month, iThemes Training brings a list of 10 cool, powerful and useful WordPress plugins that were recently added to the WordPress repository. iThemes Training members can check out the July WordPress Plugin Roundup webinar replay hosted by Nathan Ingram here.

1. Page Scroll to ID

The Page Scroll to ID plugin is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that enables animated page scrolling to  specific id within the document.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Makes adding smooth scrolling to an ID (or back to top) very easy in WordPress
  • ID must be on the same page
  • To make a link scroll to the target, add rel=”m_PageScroll2id” to the HTML
  • To activate scrolling from the navigation menu, open Screen Options and check “Link Relationship (XFN)” then add m_PageScroll2id in the link relationship field for each menu item you want to scroll.
  • No issues on mobile devices

2. YouTube Channel

With the YouTube Channel plugin, you can show video thumbnails or playable blocks of recent videos from YouTube Playlist, Channel (User Uploads), Liked or Favorited videos.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Slightly complicated setup (necessary for connecting a YouTube Channel, not the plugin author’s fault).
  • Embed with shortcode [youtube_channel]

3. Orphan Word

The Orphan Word plugin will handle the orphan words from: post/page title, widget title, widget text and comment text.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Simple install-and-it-just-works plugin for typography nerds

4. Aladdin

The Aladdin plugin is a keyboard quick launcher for your WordPress Admin Dashboard.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Just double press the shift key and type what you want to do
  • Searches the admin menu for options
  • Very fast and efficient

5. JKL Pricing Tables

The JKL Pricing Tables plugin is probably the SIMPLEST Pricing Tables plugin you’ll ever use. Just type an ordered list of ordered lists within the shortcode tags.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Wrap an ordered (numbered) list with shortcode [jkl-pricing-table]
  • Each line of the list is styled differently
  • Takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but it definitely beats the cluttered shortcodes and quirky UIs that most pricing table plugins depend on.

6. WP Links Page

The WP Links Page plugin allows you to create a dynamic link gallery with screenshots of each link.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Provides a thumbnail screenshot, link and description of web pages
  • Great for portfolios or a page of links
  • Lots of settings for easy customization and a good help page
  • Drag and drop links to reorder

7. DrawIt (draw.io)

The Drawit plugin allows you to edit flow charts, diagrams, images and more while editing a post.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Adds a simple to use Visio-like diagram creator to the visual editor
  • Integrates with Draw.io for functionality
  • Saves the diagram as an image in the media library when completed

8. Sam’s Modal Login

The Sam’s Modal Login plugin adds a modal login and register forms to your site to suit your style.


Nathan’s Notes:

  • Sam has done a nice job here
  • Add the link with shortcode [modal_login]
  • When logged in, a “Log Out” link displays
This Month’s Creative Site Enhancer

9. WP Konami Code

With the WP Konami Code plugin, you can add Konami code easter egg to your WordPress website.


Nathan’s Notes:

  •  Up up down down left right left right B A
  • Forwards to a “hidden” page of your choice
This Month’s Buggy Plugin Award Winner

10. Bug – fly on the screen

The Bug- fly on the screen plugin just displays a fly on the screen.

screenshot-1 (1)

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Plugin claims to be “More useless than Hello Dolly”
  • An excellent way to bug people who visit your site.
  • Gives a whole new meaning to “debugging WordPress”

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This post is based on the August Plugin Roundup webinar by Nathan Ingram. In this webinar, Nathan covers all 10 of these plugins plus 5 more bonus plugins to add to your free plugin arsenal.

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