WordPress Development For Newbies

Basics of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for creating custom websites on the go. The WordPress framework was primarily meant to be for blogs and promoting Web 2.0. However, as the market matured the webmasters and developers have sorted out to WordPress for shaping up their CMS, online shopping sites and blogs etc. The major differentiator for WordPress when compared to other frameworks is the availability of free templates across the online hub. Beautifully designed templates can be activated instantly. The developers can drop-in widgets, custom create PHP files and include it in the script with utter ease.

Key Benefits

Plug-ins can be custom installed on the WordPress themes in order to shape up the overall design and features. Popular plug-ins for WordPress sites include – Image sizing plug-ins, social plug-ins and rating plug-ins etc.
The developers can choose amongst the plethora of free or custom WordPress templates while trying to enable a site on WordPress.
The website can be constructed within an hour’s time if the template and content a developer intends to post is in order.
The WordPress hosted sites are picked by search engines at a much faster pace.
The ad revenue is higher of those sites which are hosted on WordPress when compared with other platforms.
It is secure and safe to build sites on WordPress. Custom rights such as read only or read-write etc can be set on the files and folders of the host.
PHP scripts are used for developing WordPress themes and templates. These can be easily tweaked as and when required by the developers.

Help Zones

The official online source of WordPress offers robust help guides, collection of plug-ins and other host of information to the developers. They can browse through and install the best-fit plug-in on their WordPress hosts.
The tutorials and step by step help guides on PHP for WordPress development interfaces can also be availed by the developers without any additional cost.
Community forums are perhaps the best way for availing development related help on WordPress themes and templates. The users can pose a question for the subject matter experts and gain more from their vast industry experience on the go.
Social sites also offer dedicated discussion and zones for showcasing inspirational work to the developers. They can get to gain endlessly from these best in class options at all times without any constraints.

WordPress is an wonderful CMS for building elegant and powerful web interfaces, But only if the web developer you hire knows what he is doing. Weservecoffee is a pioneer is wordpress development and is ready to help you.

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