WordPress CMS software: Key features of WordPress

Content management system industry has done a rapid growth. You can find various CMS web applications in the market. By using these CMS web applications, web developers are developing extremely accessible and user friendly websites. WordPress is one of among them, which is an open sourced blog tool to built websites and blogs.

Using PSD to WordPress you can develop customized blogs and websites with various flexible features.

Listed below are, exclusive feature of WordPress

Full standard compliance: WordPress provides you highly W3C standard valid codes, which are having full compliance with existing browsers cum ensuring you to give forward compatibility with tools of future generation. And it enables developer to provide effective PSD to WordPress conversion solutions.

Cross blog communication tool: WordPress supports both Trackback and Pingback standard. It is also promises to support other future standard of cross blog communication tools. It is helpful in crating deep interaction with your visitors and getting their views about your posts.

Comments: It provides you flexible comment functionality, visitors can post comment on individual blog entry. And if you want to enable or disable comment posting on certain blog posts, then it is possible with this CMS web application. Visitors can also comment on their own website by using Trackback or Pingback. Your blog users will feel much friendlier with your website or blog.

Spam Protection: It provides you spam protection. Using advance tools such as integrated blacklist and open proxy checker it provide protection for spam posts coming on you blogs. You have no need to worry about anything, which can trouble you or your website users.

Full user Registration: It has in-built user registration system, where your users can create account and leave authenticated comment on your posts. This is a flexible feature, you can optionally close comment posting or hide unwanted comments using different plug-ins.

Password protected posts: It has a wonderful feature, to provide password to your posts. You can hide posts from public on your blog. You are also able to manage your private posts, which can be only accessible by their authors.

Easy installation and upgrade: Word press is providing you easy installation and upgrading. This very easy to install and use, you can also customize your PSD files with WordPress to get beautiful blog websites.

PSD to WordPress conversion solutions

WordPress provides you flawless themes and templates. You can download them from internet for free and use them. But if you want to customize them, you can integrate these beautifully designed WordPress themes and templates with your PSD files and get highly customized websites. PSD to WordPress conversion solution can provide you W3C standard compliance, SEO optimization and cross browser compatibility. It is a complex process, so it’s advised to get PSD to WordPress conversion services from a reliable conversion company. With advanced features of WordPress, your website becomes more users friendly. You can easily handle your websites and make desirable changes regularly. WordPress provide you very consistent and smoothly accessible websites and blogs, which can easily attract people on your websites.


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