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  1. yosilda suarez
    yosilda suarez says:

    I can’t even see that left hand menu to drag and drop! I am sooooo limited
    in my knowledge. A friend created this new version of my website.
    Previously I had done my own website with shopping cart,etc. All linked to
    paypal. Big mistake letting someone use wordpress. Thanks , your video is
    very well done, but I still can not add drop down menus to existing
    products that are now offered in different sizes,etc. Also when I go to
    edit a static page what I see is codes and a computer language. 

  2. Jei
    Jei says:

    Hey, 3.9.1 is out and wow did they add a few things. Did you want to do a
    brief vid going over just the new feature, that would be awesome. great vid
    btw, almost got my site up and running thx to it. :-)

  3. Georgia Christodoulopoulos-Serpe
    Georgia Christodoulopoulos-Serpe says:

    Hi Vince…how do you edit the footer in this version? I know that
    previously, you were able to find Editor under the Appearance tab. This
    has bee driving me crazy. Thanks.

  4. accent77
    accent77 says:

    How do you get html as an option? For the life of me, I cannot figure out
    how to do it. I just have visual and text as option boxes on my new
    posts. Please help if you can. 


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