WordPress 101 Tutorials Now Available in Spanish!

We’re proud to announce that our entire 20-part WordPress 101 tutorial series is now available with Spanish subtitles — with more languages coming soon!

WordPress 4.7 was fully translated into 52 languages on the day of release — with more on the way. We share this commitment to making WordPress accessible in as many languages as possible. So today, we’re making the WordPress 101 video tutorial series available with Spanish subtitles.

Let’s try this again!

Some of you may recall that about three years ago, we translated the WordPress 101 videos into Spanish, with a completely localized dashboard and Spanish voiceover.

We released those videos on a dedicated Spanish website with its own membership. Sadly, after more than a year, that site served just a dozen members or so. We were disappointed and puzzled, given the many requests to translate our videos into Spanish. But we remained committed to bringing our WordPress tutorial videos to as many languages as possible.

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Obviously, the ideal learning experience is to offer completely translated videos in Spanish (and other languages). But until we’re able to make another run at that effort, we can at least begin offering our videos with Spanish subtitles.

We continue to receive requests to translate the WordPress 101 tutorial videos into other languages. This “baby step” represents our continued commitment toward that goal. We’d love to translate our WordPress video tutorials into many languages, so we’re starting today!

WordPress 101… and beyond!

The entire 20-part WordPress 101 video series is available with Spanish subtitles today! Over the next few weeks, we’ll also add Spanish subtitles to our other existing video courses — as well as any future courses we release here. Stay tuned!

Watch the Spanish Videos

How you can help…

It takes a significant financial commitment to caption our videos — and then translate those captions into other languages. To continue this effort for future WordPress tutorial videos, we need to know that this is valuable to you! Here’s how you can help:

  1. First, let us know if this is something you find valuable! Feel free to post a comment below.
  2. Second, help us spread the word! Do you know someone who would benefit from WordPress tutorial videos in Spanish or other languages? Send them our way!
  3. Last, in what language would you like to see WordPress 101 next? Respond to the poll below to help us determine which language(s) we should tackle next!

Help us translate WordPress 101!

You can help us translate WordPress 101 into your language. Get in touch to discuss the process and we’ll get you the files you’ll need to translate the subtitles into your language.

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