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Video marketing is quickly catching up with article marketing as a means of generating traffic. The web is becoming more video friendly and many users prefer it to text. A good video marketing strategy can produce enviable results. Unfortunately, many video marketing tutorials fail to discuss one of the most important aspects of building a winning campaign: Distribution.

Many of the guides and tip sheets for successful video marketing explain how to quickly and easily create a video. They provide the persuasive video back story, explaining why video can be successful. They’ll give you hints about length, structure, the equipment you need and many other aspects of implementing the approach. What they often don’t mention, however, is the role distribution will play in terms of getting results.

That’s because many video marketing tutorials begin and end with YouTube. There’s no doubt that YouTube is the biggest online video site, but it isn’t the only one. A variety of other sites get great traffic and have dedicated user bases. There’s absolutely no good reason to neglect distributing your video to these other sites, as well.

The advantage of widespread distribution is two-fold. First, with increased exposure comes an increased likelihood of discovery. In other words, the more the merrier. If you get your video on a few dozen sites instead of placing it on YouTube alone, you’re going to drive more traffic.

Second, most of the video sites that should be on your distribution list are going to give you an opportunity to create a live link back to your site in the video description. In many cases, those links are of the “do follow” variety, too. So, by distributing across the board you secure the added SEO advantage of additional backlinks to your website.

Plus, there are websites that will make submitting the video a one-step process after you set up individual service accounts. If the idea of setting up all of those accounts isn’t attractive, you can find services that will take care of that for you or who will distribute your videos (with your links) under their multiple accounts.

If the video marketing tutorials you’ve been reading seem singularly focused on YouTube, you will undoubtedly want to expand your horizons. You can get better results from your videos by making an effort to distribute them across the larger variety of video repository sites.

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