Hire WordPress Developer to Create Custom Blog Website

People normally think that website development doesn’t require much skills and it is the easiest job on the earth, but website development is an art and it requires lot of skills and quality of knowledge, passions, time to develop the website etc. Professional website designers and developers not only help your readers/customers to stay on your website for longer but they also make them feel comfortable when they get right amount of information on your website. Creating a unique looking and features rich website for each client is a big challenge for the developer and it takes heart strength of a developer to provide the quality.

WordPress is one of the most popular open source blog publishing application and Content Management System(CMS) platform, which can make the website design work less painful for the developers. Hiring a professional,dedicated or expert wordpress developer is beneficial for custom blog based websites because an expert or dedicated developer can have a lot of knowledge from the previous experience and you may get some new additional features in your worpress blog. Professional wordpress designers take less time to develop your website and loading and execution speed of website will be high. However, a WordPress powered web portal consists of many interesting functionalities such as posting multiple categories, integrated link management, articles tagging, cross-browser bookmark-lets, plug-ins customization, clean perma link structure, full compliance with W3C standards, password protected posts, XML-RPC interface, easy importing and installation, cross-blog communication tools support, spam protection, multiple authors, and lots more.

A professional wordpress developer provides services for CMS development, extensions development, module installation, templates / theme customization and implementation, custom modules development etc. There are some factors which need to be considered while hiring WordPress designers:

-Basis qualification of the developer
-Proficiency in PHP programming, MY-SQL, JavaScript and XML
-Work experience
-Live projects handled by developer
-Availability at time of emergency
-Customer and technical support
-Flexible hiring plans

Preferred Website To Find Out High quality WordPress Themes or templates

WordPress can be an absolutely free, open-source individual publishing method that allows that you simply build a complicated website, or internet log, on your own site. Designed in PHP and held by a Mysql database database, Wp gives user-friendly administrative equipment and superior design characteristics that make it all to easy to develop along with integrate a private or specialized blog on your own web-site.

Writing a blog has come to be a well-liked method to advertise an internet site or even item. Current each day, together with fresh as well as relevant substance, excellent blog writers can swiftly make a large subsequent. Like a malware, the popularity associated with both the website as well as the writers web page, may spread along with develop. The only issue is, it requires loads of time, power and know-how to properly manage any weblog. Numerous enterprise owners are generally turning to Hubpages Search engine optimization services to make certain their Hubpages blog or web page can be as productive as you possibly can.

You’ll find a number of edge other than printing itself, buying a premium theme provides you to be able to make your blog exceptional. This is necessary when designing a 1st feeling to your customers. For those who don’t grab your own prospects awareness the rather 1st time, it will be hard to do consequently later on.

There are numerous on the web web sites and also person web-developers offering good quality WordPress themes both at free of charge or cost-effective rates. You may get other software including premium wordpress pluginersus, ecommerce themes and so on via on the internet web sites. Even though choosing coming from on the internet websites, ensure that the web page is especially reliable along with authentic. There’d be a few scam internet sites offering inferior wordpress themes with considerable charges. Clinch the services of program computer software authorities to get a crystal clear picture regarding wordpress themes and it is installation. As you can come across numerous sites on the internet, you are going to locate it problematical to select essentially the most expense efficient and traditional website pertaining to prominent wordpress themes.

Skillfully intended along with created and also WordPress themes, wordpress pluginutes and joomla ! templates can easily flourish websites. WordPress theme programmers with in-depth know-how about the web atmosphere give high quality services for working with WordPress in a very productive along with professional fashion to suit your particular person requirements. That they brings the dynamic options that come with WordPress themes by way of effortless installment practice, medical and thorough optimization along with dedicated along with devoted Live journal hosting companies.Checkout great headway theme review , then check out wp robot discount code .

Checkout great catalyst theme, then check out wordpress framework .

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Using WordPress Website Templates – Gives Your Website A Better Look

If you are just starting to build your new website, using WordPress website templates makes it more manageable and easier for you. While you can select from a number of available templates and platforms, still using WordPress is the best web design option in terms of usability and presentation.

As businessmen are trying to generate more revenues, massive promotion is needed. They have to come up with a unique and user-friendly website to aid them in promoting their products and services more effectively. Using WordPress website templates is just like any other web designs but this time with a touch of simplicity yet very unique and useful to both the web owners and the web users. Here are some advantages you can enjoy while using WordPress for your blogs.

Easily installed

Using WordPress website templates is simple especially now that many themes are user-friendly. All instructions are simply stated and understood that even a novice in internet marketing business won’t have a hard time navigating each tab. In fact, this platform is used by majority of online business owners.

Regular Updates

There is no doubt that the increasing popularity of WordPress website templates based on its functionality, professional look and simplicity. You can easily post new inputs and information with so much ease and comfort, plus the number of designs which you can use for devising new concepts for your website. Hence, as website owner, you have full control of what you want to show such as the contents and the look of your website.

Professional Image Projection

You can project a professional image for your website with WordPress website templates because of its vast range of themes that are ready to use. If you want it to have a distinct look, you can also customize some of its features to suit your preference.

So why use WordPress website templates anyway? Many people are using this because of a number of reasons. It’s simple, unique, and easy to install. If you haven’t tried it before, you’ll appreciate it so much if you do it now.



Website Design and Development with Custom WordPress Development from Manila, Philippines

World class website design and development outsourcing services that feature custom WordPress development and WP themes are among the services offered by website design and development outsourcing companies from Manila, Philippines. With the expertise of professional WordPress designers and developers, a professional website design and development outsourcing company in Manila, Philippines like the respected Web Dot Com can help any small or medium sized company profit from the global market from any country with a good internet connection.

While small and medium sized companies used to be confined to their localities for a limited market, nowadays the internet has provided the means by which they can offer their goods or services to the worldwide marketplace. They can even avail of e-commerce solutions in order to allow clients and customers to safely place orders and make payments online.

To succeed in the online market, though, it is necessary for a small or medium sized company to have a website with professional design, development, execution and maintenance. The business owners should remember that the website becomes the face of the company on the worldwide web. It stands as the virtual office, showroom and store of the company, presenting its image and message in the best possible light. A balance has to be achieved between aesthetic attractiveness and full functionality. The website should be inviting to visitors and should provide for all their needs.

A small or medium sized business can hire the services of a website design and development outsourcing company from Manila, Philippines to create its website. It could also opt to establish its own website design and development department in house, but this would be a major investment that not many businesses are ready to undertake.

It is not a simple matter to set up a new department in a company, especially a highly technical one like a website design and development department. Manpower requirements are very specialized. Unless the company is prepared to pay a high price by hiring experts to staff the department, re-training existing staff will take much time and training costs. It will also mean taking them away from more important core tasks. In addition to manpower, other expenses will include office space and furnishings, computer hardware, software and ongoing overhead costs. In contrast, hiring outsourcing services is much simpler and more cost effective. The services are immediately available at expert levels.

A website design and development outsourcing company from Manila, Philippines is the perfect business partner for any small or medium sized business operating in any country. The only requirement is a good internet connection. By offering custom WordPress development and WP themes expertly done by professional WordPress designers and developers, a website design and development outsourcing company can enable any small or medium sized business anywhere to compete with the bigger players online in courting the world market. It is crucial to find a reputable website design and development outsourcing company, though. You cannot go wrong by getting in touch with one of the best in Manila, Philippines, which is Web Dot Com.

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What is Google AMP and How to Implement It on Your WordPress Website

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll know that search engines continue to emphasize page speed in its algorithm. Aside from SEO factors, page speed has a huge influence among your visitors in deciding whether they should stay on your website or not. In fact, studies show that 40% of your visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

While the above statistic indicates the importance of page speed for your entire website, the condition is even more critical when it comes to your mobile visits.

For instance, if your website is comparatively heavier and is not well optimized for faster page rendering, chances are your site consumes more mobile data, which likely turn off your visitors leading to abandoning your website.

If you’re not optimizing your website for speed, chances are you’re losing potential customers.
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Google AMP = Super Fast Mobile Browsing

Google has recently initiated an open source project known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This initiative aims at speeding up the mobile browsing experience tremendously. So even if you’re on a mobile device with a poor internet connection, you can load an AMP version of the website almost instantly.

Wondering what makes AMP stands out from the other speed optimization tactics?

Unlike other tactics, with AMP, you’ll be using a separate light-weight template for your website, which is a stripped down version of your existing WordPress theme, built specifically for one single purpose—boosting the page speed.

In order to skyrocket your page speed, AMP forces you to use a streamlined version of CSS and doesn’t allow any JavaScript element on your page. You’ll also need to use off-the-shelf JavaScript library that forces images to lazy load.

Aside from that, once your AMP pages get indexed, it will be cached on Google AMP CDN, resulting in super fast page rendering.

How does AMP work?

While AMP is specifically focused on supercharging the mobile browsing experience, the intention is not to replace responsive design with it. In fact, AMP pages are not served directly when someone visits your website. Instead, it is served only by AMP consumers such as Google search and Twitter.

For instance, you might have already noticed a lightning signal in Google search results indicating that the web page shown is an AMP version of the original page.

Google AMP

So when you click on such pages from SERPs, you’ll be directed to a cleaner, faster and streamlined version of the web pages that instantly loads on your device regardless of the internet speed.

Example of an AMP Page

Similarly, when you click on a link in a tweet from Twitter’s native app, you’ll be directed to AMP pages for faster page rendering provided that the site is integrated with AMP.

Should you implement AMP?

By creating an AMP version of your WordPress website, you’re putting speed and readability as top priorities over anything else. Because you wouldn’t be able to use interactive elements like JavaScript on your AMP pages, you might not want to create an AMP version of all of your existing pages.

For instance, you might not want to create a stripped down version of your landing page just for the sake of increasing speed because speed is not the top priority for your landing page but conversion.

On the other hand, you can create AMP pages for your blog posts or news section in which speed and readability are top priorities.

How to implement AMP on your WordPress website:

1. Install WordPress AMP plugin

First things first. Go to your WordPress admin and install the AMP plugin by Automattic.

Upon installation, you can find the AMP version of your blog posts by appending /amp / to your post permalinks. No further configuration is needed.

For example, your AMP URL will look like this:

If you haven’t enabled pretty permalink on your site, you can find the AMP pages of your blog posts by appending: ?amp=1 instead.

Do keep in mind that, installing this plugin will not currently create AMP pages for your Pages and archives. That’s totally fine because we need AMP pages primarily for blog posts.

2. Customize AMP pages

Simply installing the plugin will create a basic AMP layout for your WordPress blog. If you’d like to customize your AMP template and make it looks similar to your existing website, you may need to edit the CSS of your AMP template.

Alternatively, if you choose to install a plugin instead of hard-coding the template, all you need to do is to install the PageFrog plugin.

This plugin also gives you additional support such as Google Analytics integration on your AMP page.

After activating PageFrog, be sure to activate Google AMP HTML.


However, if you’re using Yoast SEO plugin on your main site, it is better to install Yoast Glue plugin instead of PageFrog.

3. Check if your page is a valid AMP page

So far we’ve implemented AMP pages on your website and slightly customized its layout.

Now it’s your turn to validate the AMP pages you just created.

The problem with AMP integration with your existing WordPress website is that it is very likely that you’ll find tons of AMP errors in your Google Search Console account just after the integration.

But don’t panic and keep in mind that AMP initiative is in its early days and the official AMP plugin isn’t meant to be an all-in-one solution for your AMP pages.

In fact, it just creates a basic AMP layout for your WordPress website. Due to the fact, you may need to find the causes of AMP errors manually and fix them.

As AMP pages are served only through AMP consumers like Google search, fixing all those SEO errors is an essential task in order to ensure that your AMP pages get indexed on search engines and cached on AMP CDN. This CDN also helps third-party websites like Twitter to easily discover and distribute your AMP page quickly to your site visitors.

You can always find AMP errors by logging into Google Search Console account. Once logged in, navigate to Search Appearance> Accelerated Mobile Pages to find errors.

There are a couple of different ways to validate your AMP pages to fix SEO errors:

  • Browser developer console: Simply append #development=1 to your AMP URL and open it in your browser. Once done, you can check validation errors in Chrome DevTools console.
  • Web interface: Alternatively, go to Enter your AMP page URLs and find errors.

Refer to this official guide to get the complete list of AMP validation errors and how to fix them.

Final Takeaways

The primary goal of a search engine is to help users discovers the right solution to their pertinent questions as quickly as possible. This is one of the main reasons why Google pushes page speed as their top priority.

Although Google hasn’t marked AMP as a ranking factor yet, 90% of publishers are already seeing higher CTRs on SERPs for their AMP pages. So if you haven’t implemented it yet, you should be.

Below are a few additional tips that you’ll find helpful when integrating AMP with your site.

Advanced AMP customization: For adding Google Analytics and further tweaking your AMP template, do read this read me page of AMP plugin.

Speed test and validate: While you can always customize AMP templates to a great extent like adding videos, ad banners and so on, always speed test your AMP pages with various speed testing tools and ensure it doesn’t affect your page speed. In addition, check for errors on Google Search Console on a regular basis after every customization.

Optimize your post for AMP: Since users can easily navigate to more pages on SERPs by simply swiping the pages, the average attention span on AMP pages will be shorter than usual responsive pages. Try including hero images on top of your blog posts, which is a sure-fire method to aesthetically please your visitors.

Another thing you need to test on your AMP pages is interlinking your existing blog posts in the intro copy of your blog posts. This practice may help users to stay on longer on your website by navigating to other pages.

I hope now you get a detailed idea about implementing AMP on your WordPress website. If you have any questions, feel free to share them by dropping a line below in the comments section.

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WordPress Website Templates – Creating Websites Made Easy


Starting you own blog has never been easy with WordPress website templates. These templates are available both in free and paid options. This platform offers numerous designs to match your preferred theme or niche. It is also easy to use and navigate, so creating your blog or website is effortless.

Using WordPress website templates is one of the most practical things to do if you want quality website done in few days. In fact, if you know basic html and css codes, you won’t need any website developer or programmer. This platform is user-friendly and is equipped with numerous plugins which you can use to optimize your site.

WorPress is the most popular platform as it exudes the following advantages:

Installation is Quick and Easy

Say you have just bought a domain, just log on to your cPanel and click Fantastico or simple scripts. You just fill up the necessary tabs and boxes, and you are one step closer to your most awaited blog or website. These two applications support WordPress website templates.

Constant Updates

Since search engine optimization process constantly changes, WordPress also updates its themes, plugins and overall functionality. It often shows new versions of almost all its templates to stay up-to-date. This leads to a friendlier platform and SEO-ready websites.

Providing Professional Websites

Aside from being user-friendly, WordPress website templates also offer some of the best web designs. It allows you to choose the most suitable theme for your website or blog. All its themes look professional, so your site can compete with those websites done by certified web designers and programmers. If you have your own logo, you can place it on the header and customize it according to your preferences.

Everything that you want to place in your website is possible. You can change the font color, background and overall appearance of your site. You don’t have to worry because everything is done with few clicks on your mouse.

Websites should not be expensive. Just get yourself a domain and install WordPress website templates, customize it a little – and you just created a great website.   




Have You Considered Using WordPress For Your Small Business Website?

Even if you run a bricks and mortar store, having a small business website is extremely important. There are many people that search for things online and then go out on the town and shop locally for what they found. I understand that you are on a budget with little time to spare, but that’s why you should be considering WordPress as a software option for running your website.

WordPress is an easy to learn and modify content management system that is open source and continually being upgraded. Open source software is free and usually supported by a fanatical community of users. These users are not only making updates in the code, but they are constantly building plugins and themes which are free or very low cost, this makes the modification of WordPress extremely easy.

Adding new content to your WordPress website is a piece of cake. With the click of a link in your admin section section, you will have started creating a new post or page. I would recommend using your posts to write about new products in stock and temporary sales and I would use the pages to post about more permanent specials and coupons.

If you don’t have a mailing list, WordPress can take care of that for you as well. You can offer your customers a place to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed by email through Feedburner and then every time you post, you readers will have your post delivered straight to their inbox keeping you towards the front of their mind. This isn’t the best option for maintaining an email list for your customers, but it is free with WordPress and it can be pretty effective.

I hope you have figured out by now that starting your small business website with WordPress is simple and easy on your budget.

Using WordPress in Creating a Website

As the popular proverb says, “We must keep up with the times to ensure excellence.” This saying can be readily applied to what we are experiencing nowadays. The modern technology we are now enjoying has really made our lives easier. Perhaps the most defining invention this century has is the birth of the World Wide Web, or simply put, the Internet. Born from the interconnected computers from a science laboratory, the Internet has made our world smaller and has opened us to the global community.

The Internet has opened the information super highway that provided us with quick details about something. The Internet also redefined how business and trade are done. Online shops are now mushrooming and businessman can now deal with their clients spanning thousands of miles of waters and land. To keep up with this technology, one would find it very necessary to create a new website. Whether it will be used for business, providing information, blogging, or simply for pleasure, having a website of your own can be very useful. The process of creating a website itself must be fun and hassle-free. If you want to create one in no time at all, then WordPress is the best way.

WordPress started in 2003 originally intended to help people build and write blogs. To cater to the growing demands of the consumer, it has evolved into a full content management system. It is the successor of the b2/cafelog. Their publishing system was built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. Although WordPress may be considered young in the field of webmaking, they trace their roots and development as early as 2001. WordPress is also known for their stability and their capacity to deliver promising and competent results.

WordPress offers a lot more than any other website makers can offer you. It is a hundred percent Open Source, meaning hundreds of people are working and benefits from it because it’s free. It is also user-friendly. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about web making, WordPress will not drive you nuts with dense technical terminologies. Instead, they will provide you with concise and easy-to-follow step by step procedures. When you finally want to beautify your website, you can use their built-in visual editor that is also proven to be user-friendly. Not only that, you could include widgets on your page which could all be rearranged without having to edit the Php or HTML code. Templates are also easy to use here, and they can be customized to fit your taste. If you want to install themes and switch them sometimes, this is still very possible.

With WordPress, the content and layout of your webpage is guaranteed to be separated. It offers integrative link management, and with fast and accurate search engines. WordPress even provides you the freedom to assign multiple and interconnecting categories to the articles that your website may contain. WordPress also backs up the TrackBack and PingBack standards, in case you want to display links to other sites which are related or linked in an article. Finally, WordPress contains a rich plug in architecture that allows users, as well as the developers, to customize its functionality. This enables you to perform tasks that are needed by a certain webpage.

So if you are planning to create a webpage but aren’t sure how to do it. Don’t worry, because you can let WordPress do most of the work. With all of its amazing features, we are sure that your webpage will be something that you will be proud of.

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Using a WordPress Blog in Your Website Design

Some business owners start blogs to increase the amount of content on their website while others begin with a blog. To maximize the online impact and ability to make money with your website you need both static content (information that doesn’t change much) and content that is updated regularly (news, specials, tips, etc). The updated content (blog) builds interest, traffic and authority, helping make you the one people trust. The static pages convert that interest and trust into sales.

For most companies, there is no need to have both a website and a blog, you can use the blogging software, WordPress, as both. WordPress uses ‘pages’ for your static content, (like the description of your business) and ‘posts’ for dynamic content and news. Pages can have pages and subpages, allowing you to create easy site navigation for your visitors. Categories and tags make it easy for your visitors to move around your site, finding the things they’re most interested in.

Content for Static Pages

Every website should have the following:

Information about your offer; your services and products
Benefits; how do you help your customers?Why should they choose you?
Examples and testimonials. Do you have happy customers? Tell everyone!
Frequently asked questions – what do most people ask about your product or service?
Contact information. Where are you? How do people reach you? Maps are always welcome. Ordering information. Don’t make it hard for people to buy. Can people book appointments? Can they buy your products? Don’t bury this, this should be foremost in your planning.

Satisfaction guarantee. If people don’t know you, why should they do business with you? The dynamic pages of your blog can be used for relationship building with your customers and potential customers.

For your blog pages, think about:

Are you running a special promotion? Has anyone new joined your business? Do you have any tips you can share? The amount of things you can share to build relationships is limitless. You don’t have to be a great writer, just be yourself.

With WordPress, it’s easy to design and build a professional website with very little money. There are thousands of free website designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits you and your business perfectly. You’ll have your website making money for you in no time.

WPForms: The Easiest Way to Add a Contact Form to Your WordPress Website

One of the most common questions we get asked here at WP101 is how to easily add a simple contact form to a WordPress website. Despite WordPress being one of the easiest ways to build a website, adding a contact form has always proven to be a challenge to beginners and a hassle for WordPress professionals.

Until now. 😄

wpforms drag and dropWPForms is a brand new plugin that provides simply the easiest way to add a contact form to your WordPress website.

We took the new WPForms plugin for a spin and now we’re going to show you why, as a WordPress beginner or even a WordPress professional, you need to install it immediately.

Why Create Another Contact Form Plugin?

There are currently over one thousand contact form plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. So, why create yet another contact form plugin in what is apparently such a saturated market?

Syed Balkhi, the creator of the plugin, explains:

My inspiration for WPForms was to create the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin in the market. A plugin that’s EASY for beginners, marketers, and business owners who are not tech savvy. A plugin that I can recommend to churches, non-profits, and startups who don’t necessarily have a budget to afford a premium plugin. WPForms Lite is 100% free and has all the basic features that you need.”

Syed runs, so he comes face to face with the challenges and confusion WordPress beginners experience when it comes to contact forms.

Syed and his development partner, Jared Atchison, decided to focus on this common WordPress user pain point and set out to develop WPForms.

What Sets WPForms Apart From the Other Popular Contact Form Plugins?

Put simply, WPForms has all the functionality you need in a contact form plugin and is easy to use. That is what sets it apart.

Currently the most popular contact form plugins are Contact Form 7, the “Contact Form” tool within the Jetpack plugin, and the Gravity Forms plugin. While each has their benefits, they all lack the flexibility and usability that WPForms offers.

For example, the Contact Form 7 plugin advertises that it is “Simple but flexible”. Yet creating a form using its interface is anything but for a WordPress beginner:

contact form 7 interface

The starting point for a creating a new form in Contact Form 7. If you were new to WordPress, would this look simple?

As for Jetpack, the difficulty with using the plugin is that you have to connect your site to and configure whether you want to use all of Jetpack’s other 25 features or not. Once all of that setup is complete, the Jetpack Contact Form itself is light on features and functionality.

Gravity Forms is the most popular paid contact form plugin on the market and is well known for its flexibility and amazing amount of features. However it is definitely a developer-focused contact form plugin and lacks the intuitiveness and ease-of-use that WPForms offers.

The WPForms Difference

It’s important to note that there are two versions of the WPForms plugin: A paid version and the free “Lite” version.

The following are just some of the features we found available in both the free and paid versions that set WPForms apart from other popular contact form plugins:

  • Pre-Built Form Templates: The plugin comes complete with five pre-made form templates that are ready to use immediately, including a Simple Contact Form, Request A Quote Form, Donation Form, Billing/Order Form, and a Newsletter Signup Form.

wpforms templates

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: That’s right. Build any kind of form you like without even seeing a line of code. Just click on the field you want to add from the field selection and drag it into your new form.


  • Edit Fields With Ease: Change field labels and formats to make your form look exactly how you want it to.

wpforms edit fields

  • Simple Settings: It is ridiculously simple to set up where form notifications are sent to, what those notifications will say, and what type of confirmation a user will see once they submit a form.

wpforms settings

  • The Most Simple Form Integration Ever: This is usually the most complicated part of a contact form plugin, but we found that WPForms makes it dead simple:
    • Once you’re done building your form and save it, you are given a unique shortcode for your form.


    • Simply copy and paste it into the page or widget of your choice.

    wpforms paste shortcode

    • And your form is now live!

    wpforms contact form

  • Every Field You Need: Radio buttons, dropdown menus, file upload options, address/phone fields, checkboxes, payment fields, etc. Every field you need for your forms is available.
  • Smart Conditional Logic: You can choose to show or hide fields in your forms based on how users answer previous fields.
  • Mobile-Ready, SEO Friendly, and Fast: All forms, whether you create your own or use a template, are 100% responsive, meaning they work on mobile, tablets & desktop. Plus, they conform to SEO best practices and work lightning-fast.

No other contact form plugin provides the same level of features combined with an easy to use interface for building your forms.

Check out the full list of features in the paid version of WPForms on their website below.

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Head over to now and enter the code “WP101” for 20% off any paid plan.

That’s a savings of up to $ 68 off a lifetime plan!

Get 20% Off WPForms Now!


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