Psd To WordPress What Is Theme Coding All About

If you have a little bit of knowledge about PSD to WordPress
, then it may be tempting to think that transferring the designs is easy. But it is actually much more complicated due to heavy reliance on CSS and the need to create separate theme files for all the different theme components. The best way to get around this is to simply outsource the process. Design a theme in Photoshop and then hire the services of a company who does this on a regular basis.
I do agree that WordPress is a great platform to work with and we all know that by now. But just because it is easier to use on a daily basis, especially for bloggers, does not mean it is easier to set up. The theme coding while converting PSD to WordPress
is not as easy as it may seem when we first start our work by our own. If you don’t know what you are doing it can be very difficult to create a theme that looks exactly how you want. Of course, you could always buy a pre-made theme, but getting one designed with your exact purposes in mind is a much better way to create a website with individual personality.
A PSD to WordPress
conversion company can ensure every part of your design makes it into the finished product. Can you guarantee something like that to yourself? Be honest. It is just too easy to start working on a theme and find out you just cannot make certain elements work, and instead of putting in some extra hours or nights to figure it out most people will just cut corners and do something easier, telling themselves they have not sacrificed that much in quality. The truth is that cutting one or two corners can quickly add up to a lousy design.
Most individuals who possess a basic knowledge of HTML and rudimentary skills in designing and coding web layouts believe a PSD to WordPress
conversion is an easy task to do. This is not the case. Turning a design into a Word Press theme is not as easy as a conventional PSD to HTML conversion. It is a little more involved due to the fact that the layout is handled mostly by CSS and not tables. Also the header, main content and footer areas are not all contained in one file.
What does this mean to the individual with a unique design? It means your options are very limited. One is to learn how to code a Word Press theme yourself. Another option is to send your design to a friend or relative who has done conversions in the past. Last but certainly not least, is the hiring of a skilled coder or company that specializes in PSD to WordPress
conversions. Most individuals opt for the last choice as these entities are experts at taking designs created in Photoshop, Gimp or Adobe Illustrator and converting them into a functional WordPress theme. is perfect for new designers in the field of web development or web solutions. Their services are ideal for busy web designers. One can even outsource their work to them and get intelligent and work done at affordable costs. They have trained technical staff to suit all budgets and technical needs. To know more about their expertise and services log on to the website

Best Premium WordPress Themes – 5 Quick Tips For Choosing The Right Theme

One of the most debated questions I hear in forums is where to find the best premium WordPress themes, as well as what exactly makes premium  themes that much better to free themes. In this article I am going to provide you with five quick tips to consider when going premium.

Tip 1 – Be Supported!

Most premium themes, if not all, come with a great level of support. This is an advantage these kind of themes bring to the mix. By having theme support you can have peace of mind, that should you need help it will be there for you.

Tip 2 – Get a Professional Design

Best premium WordPress themes are also clearly evident by the way they are designed. Unlike most free themes, the look and feel of premium themes are more elegant, professional-looking and come with a variety of customizable styles. Really good to have if you don’t want your website looking like your typical, run-of-the-mill “template” structure.

Tip 3 – Is it Extensible?

If the theme developer has taken the time to produce a well-constructed and robust theme, then the functionality should be in place to extend the theme as you need it to. Whether it be adding more widgets or customizing the header of your site, check the features and make sure this option is possible. A good indicator is to have these available through the WP dashboard and NOT having to get your hands dirty in the code.

Tip 4 – Search Engine Love

Search engine visibility will be key to your websites performance and ultimate success. Remember to make sure that the theme you’re considering comes “SEO-ready”. By doing this you will make sure that your site will be found by search engines.

Tip 5 – Read Reviews

Remember, that a for a theme to fall under the “best premium WordPress themes” category, you best bet that it would have gained some kind of reputation. Be sure to read the reviews of users that have purchased the theme before you and read carefully the kind of experiences they’ve had with the theme in question. Also, confirm that the developer actually responds to the questions that arise – this will show that they’re active and actually care about their customers experiences.

If you follow the above tips, you will avoid making the wrong decision when choosing the best premium WordPress themes from whichever marketplace you choose to go to.

WordPress Theme Development for the Tech Savvy Profiles

The CMS that has conquered the web development market since 2003 will certainly be WordPress. It has the best user friendly templates and framework for simple blogs as well as complicated websites promoting items online.

Starting a webpage online with WP Template can maintain the blog or website. The and forms of this management platform can make desirable change in the way your website deals in business. Users can choose the ideal one for their web profile development. is free for use to everyone, whereas requires additional software and host providers for posting content online. There is ample flexibility with Customizable WordPress Themes development.

You can also choose to update and regularly modify your website without any issues. The benefit of using is that it is simple to setup and free of cost. The backup for automatic saving process is effective. Extra traffic is part of the blog of day approach.

You just have to install it and everything else is taken care of. Right from backups, spam, upgrades and security options all is done by the management platform.

When you deal with web development allows uploading of themes and plug-ins. You can use your technical knowledge for changing the code. The domain name can be chosen here so outcome is more probable. The WordPress version will allow you to make profits through your website. You can publish your content regularly and use this open source software for excellent quality web marketing.

There are endless options from the Best WP Themes to be selected online. The global internet market needs edgy websites. Large community and helpline of this open source gives users relief from troubleshooting and website errors. With the right AJAX WordPress Theme development you are bound to get heavy organic traffic and profit from your site.

As you plan to launch a website, make sure to do it with WordPress to get maximum visibility with conveniently navigable site. PHP Development is the necessary segment of website management. In case you cannot deal with the regular posting and updates for your website, opt for hired facility. Website Development firms will take care of your requirement and give you the desired outcome.

CMS platforms are many and you can get comfortable with this platform without any hassles. Choose the most nominal cost and Commercial WordPress Themes for your online property. Being present and active in the international market is now possible for one and all.

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WordPress AdSense Theme – First Impression is the Only Chance

Choosing the proper WordPress AdSense theme for your blog can be a crucial decision to the success and profitability of your site. With the millions of blogs on the web, the competition is fierce and most blogs are lucky to get one chance at grabbing a surfer’s attention before they move on. This is why the right WordPress AdSense theme is so important.

WordPress has been around since 2003 and was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a branch off the original b2. This is a templating type system written in PHP and HTML codes where widgets can be moved about without it being necessary to edit the computer code. This system was built to be search engine friendly that could sustain permalinks with a variety of article categories. One of the better advantages of this system is with the ease at which the plugins can be added and utilized. A great example of this is the AdSense plugin. Once this is installed a blogger can import their AdSense code into the plugin and it will be automatically configured and written into the computer code for the site. This makes getting started easy and simple, especially for the novice blogger.

Since WordPress is already set up to be search engine friendly and additional plugins to optimize this process are available to increase traffic, the next step is to keep the web surfer on your site. This is when the decision of which WordPress AdSense theme is made. Getting web surfers to make the decision to stay usually happens within the first 5 seconds from initial contact. If the background, colors and appearance are not conducive to what the surfer expects and is looking for, they will move on.

The right WordPress AdSense theme is your first glance recognition tool that will keep the web surfer looking for more on your site.

Socrates WordPress Theme examine

You’ve got constructed an awesome website net website for the WordPress blogging platform. You have invested an incredible cope of time developing and generating up the theme substance. The problem is, employing a no price of expense WordPress theme, your website publish would appear like a fantastic cope other folks these days for the marketplace who’s planning to be performing with precisely the identical theme.

You should stand out. (Like an NBA player inside the Go-Kart race.)

Nevertheless, by functioning which includes a leading high quality WordPress theme it is often ordinarily genuinely uncomplicated for making customized modifications in the direction of the unit, or glimpse, from the world wide web internet site. Transform the header image, the font and url shades, and also the background with just a volume of clicks. Persons are amongst the characteristics to look for in a very as well very prime very good high quality theme.

The image that stretches all through the ideal out of your sheet is normally referred to since the header image. Seem to acquire a finest outstanding theme that arrives which incorporates a library of header photos. These could assortment from venture opportunity and notebook procedures, strength and finance, to video game titles, wellness and property wildlife, and also other specialized market lessons.

Obtaining explained that, if you are handy with photo and graphic modifying software program application along with PhotoShop, Paint Checklist outlet Pro, or understandably the absolutely totally free graphic software package method Gimp, it is doable to build and upload your individual private customized header and really make the place your own personal. Glance to the high quality WordPress theme which will come that has a developed in personal computer software program to upload and install your own personal header image with out editing any code.

Also glimpse in your top quality theme which will appear by using a library of background photographs to come to a decision on from. It is best to have the opportunity to create them with the other person with the mouse mouse click of the button. After much extra, in the event you may well well use a customized background image you’d like to build use of, see but if your excessive leading quality theme has an upload laptop or computer software program that assists let it for being uncomplicated.

Pulling your customized type and layout and form along with matching font and backlink colours specifications turning out to be straightforward within of your excellent WordPress theme that you just’re laying out some bucks for. Look at and see in case your theme can occur by working with a handful of produced in shade schemes which you will hold the selection to decide on although using mouse click on inside mouse. Nevertheless, it seriously is best to also possess the ability to add your personal fixed of font and backlink shades easily by modifying the shade codes. A colour choosing resource could possibly be an extraordinary characteristic.

This may also permit it staying seriously straightforward to modify the hues inside your AdSense code so the adverts mix nicely with the many word broad word wide web web site in case you appear to a decision to run the adverts.

Employing an awesome top quality WordPress theme with lots of layout and styling possibilities is certainly an exceptional answer to separate your blog post like a consequence in the pack.

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Finding the Right WordPress Theme For Your Blog

The world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress, has given the power of instant online publishing into the hands of people who may or may not be technically skilled. When the blogging phenomenon started in the 1990s, it was typically a tool used only by computer programmers and web designers because they were the only ones capable of understanding the intricacies of publishing on the internet.

All of that has changed with the help of WordPress and other blog software. But it came at a price. Suddenly there are so many people blogging about countless topics or niches that it became too hard for anybody to be heard and noticed, even if the information they are sharing are of great value.

Now to stand out from the crowd, not only should the content of the blog be of importance, the overall look and feel of the site itself should be appealing. Especially to casual visitors who just stumbled on your blog and didn’t intend to read your posts.

A beautifully designed WordPress theme is a blogger’s first line of offense in grabbing the attention of his or her visitor. It must be understood that a theme is a continuous work in progress and seldom that a blogger can find the right look for his blog on his first try.

The best thing to do is create your own theme, or if you are not skilled in web design, hire someone who can. This way you can include all the design and features that you would like to see on your blog.

But if hiring a web designer is beyond your budget, there are free WordPress themes which are also beautifully designed. You can definitely find one that will suit your needs.

Just remember to tweak the design a little bit if you are using a free theme. This will help create a bit of a personality for your blog. It will make your blog memorable and easily identifiable.

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wordpress theme designs

Word press is a prominent free open source blog publishing application and Content management system. Word press itself has many inbuilt functionalities, which enables the bloggers to use it more freely. Blogspot and blogger are considered to its siblings. Word press application has in built widgets in it, they can be rearranged and placed without editing the code. There are several themes available in WordPress, the users can choose the theme which fits in their criteria. More over there is a provision for the users to modify and rework the existing theme. The advanced word press users can download the themes and install them in their blogs by using a file server.


The Word press offers choice for its users. The users can either sign in for a free account and own their blogs with the initial The users are given access to all features like the theme, widget, modifying the existing code etc, but they are not granted permission to install a new theme developed by an outsider, they have certain restrictions. On the other hand the paid version blog can be identified with the initial as domain They are developed with additional features, in turn they pave way for the users to modify and own their blog as per their wish. Word press always keeps a check on its users. Word press application has certain rules and norms, when the blogger adheres to it, everything goes on perfect. When the blogger goes against, the word press developers warn them, in turn they have the rights to ban their account.


The dominant features of Word press are they are search engine friendly, have clean Permalink Structure, Multiple article catergory, Integrated link management multiple author capability, automatic filters, connecting social media  etc. On the whole, Word press is composed of rich plug-in architecture, which allows the users to extend the functionality of the features beyond the basic install, and helps them to use it according to their need. On the other hand, some users exploit word press by using it only for Ad sense with commercial interest. Word press application is either built on  a PHP code or Html code. It gives opportunity for the uses to modify and rework the code to fit into their criteria. In the recent year Word press had developed apps for iPhones and iPod Touch. This apps successfully works in and Word press owns the pride of owning apps and updating itself with the technology.


Since word press has gained enough popularity all over the world, the designers have figured out to make money by designing colourful and vibrant word press Themes. Word press also owns a theme directory and plug in directories, for the users to select and make best use of  use the applications.  


Word Press MU (multi user) is another feature which helps people to own any number of blog in a single installation. It give different permission access for different blogs. It brings in about millions of page views per day. This feature is ideal foe newspapers, Universities, Blog networks, Niche blogs etc. On the whole , when the term Word press is taken, there is no full stop for its applications ,features and development.

Introducing Builder Theme Anderson

Introducing Anderson, a bold new Builder theme. Perfect for freelancers and business owners, Anderson features customizable page layouts, built-in Exchange styles for ecommerce and a mobile-responsive design. Anderson makes it easy to spin up a custom WordPress website in no time–so it’s perfect for your latest website or client project.


View the Anderson Demo

Mobile-Friendly Design

Anderson includes a mobile-friendly or responsive design, important for staying at the top of Google’s mobile-friendly update. Anderson automatically adjusts to visitor screen sizes to optimize viewing from desktop, tablet and smartphones, so you know your website will look great on any device and you can pass the Mobile-Friendly Test.


Built-in Ecommerce Styles for Your Online Store

With Exchange, our free ecommerce plugin, you can easily spin up an online store from your WordPress site. Out of the box, Exchange can handle selling both digital and physical products, and offers additional add-ons for unique products like Memberships, Subscriptions and Invoices.


Anderson features built-in styles for your Exchange-powered store, including individual product pages, checkout (cart) pages, customer login/account pages and the cart super-widget. Check out the demo site to see Anderson’s store design.

Build Your Own Page Layouts with Builder’s Layout Engine

Anderson runs on Builder’s Layout Engine, so you can easily add different modules to create custom page layouts (or templates). Builder then allows you to apply those page layouts to any page or website view (like archive pages, 404 pages, search results, post types & more).


Customizable, Fixed-Background Image Header

Anderson features a customizable header with a fixed background image. To use this module style in your layout:

  1. Add a header module to your layout with the alternate style “Image Background (with optional menu)”
  2. Use the built-in WordPress Customizer located in Appearance > Customize to upload your background image.

Additional Theme Features

  • Full-window Images: Easily add full-width images to your page layouts with the Builder Image Module.
  • Mobile Navigation:  Anderson automatically changes to a mobile version of the navigation to make navigating the site easy on smaller devices.
  • Alternate Module Styles: Mix up your page layouts with different design elements by using Alternate Module Styles for the Header, HTML, Widget Bar and Image Modules.
  • Built-in Layouts: Builder themes come preloaded with easy-to-use page layouts to get your site going quickly.
  • Gravity Forms Styles: If you’re a Gravity Forms user, Anderson automatically styles your forms to match the rest of the theme design.

Custom Styles for More Advanced Customizations

The Anderson demo site includes several examples of custom-styled modules (like the home page and email subscription signup in the blog sidebar). Check out these tutorials on the demo site for instructions on how to add these custom styles to your own site.

Get Anderson Today for Your Next Website Project

Anderson is available for purchase as part of the Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit. Anderson is also available as a stand-alone iThemes Builder theme.

All current Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and Toolkit members will find Anderson available now for immediate download from the iThemes Member Panel.

Get Anderson now

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WordPress Theme Designers

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, but what makes WordPress development special, is the variation and the uniqueness that it offers. WordPress developers have the ability to create unique websites by modifying existing themes or creating new ones from scratch. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available and with third-party plugins readily available, you have millions of options. For this very reason some of the best blogs and websites that you know run on the WordPress platform.


For your custom development, you can easily outsource this job to an offshore development center and concentrate on your core business process. Here experienced developers create absolutely unique websites or blogs for your business. This is also cost effective as you will be able to hire programmers based on your exact needs. These centers give you the option to hire developers on flexible basis – hourly, weekly and monthly.


Tips to Design WordPress Themes

Create a blue print of your website based on your genres. Will it be a corporate website, ecommerce website or a web gallery? All these have their own uniqueness and developers need to keep in mind these minutes while designing the themes.
One of the best ways to go about WordPress is to redesign an existing free theme unless you are an expert. This will give a solid platform to design your theme and also save valuable time.
Remove the unused CSS and PHP files from the function files as these are of little use and will make your website heavy. Consolidate your Javascript whenever possible, as this makes your website look classy.
Use proper navigation button like Home, About Us and Contact Us etc. Many websites fail on this count, as some themes don’t have this. This will frustrate the viewer as they will have to use the back button continuously, which is irritating.
Do not overdesign. One of the common mistakes that people make in designing WordPress themes is that they tend to overdesign by adding a lot of third-party themes and applications. This makes the websites look clustered and acts as a turnoff for the visitors.
In WordPress or any other web development, the size of the page is an important consideration to keep in mind. Although different elements might make your website look good, visitors usually don’t like websites which take a lot of time to load.


If designers and programmers keep these simple tips in mind they can design unique themes, which will attract the visitors and keep them engaged in the website. Remember in the ocean of Internet, the look and the feel of a website matters most. To get your own WordPress site developed, visit