Intro to WordPress Web Design [Webinar Replays]

If you missed our Intro to WordPress Web Design Workshop, here are the webinar replays of all six sessions. This course covers everything from the history of WordPress to how to set up your site correctly, to how WordPress displays information and how that process can be modified and much more.

Session 1 – What is WordPress?

Understand what WordPress is, where it came from, why everything is a “post”—and who exactly is Dolly?

Session 2 – Setting Up WordPress Correctly

Unlock your WordPress site – learn how to set up your site the right way

Session 3 – How to Display content in WordPress

Unmask WordPress – learn the basics of how WordPress displays content for your site

Session 4 – All about Plugins

Supercharge your WordPress site with plugins

Session 5 – Managing WordPress & Tips/Tricks

Simplify your life with WordPress management tools and tips

Session 6 – Continuing the Learning

What to do to take your knowledge of WordPress to the next level

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