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StudioPress Sites is much more than just WordPress themes or managed WordPress hosting. It bundles everything you need to run a successful website: mobile-optimized themes, premium plugins, advanced SEO, security monitoring, maintenance, and blazing fast hosting — all in one easy monthly price.

We are ridiculously excited to tell you about StudioPress Sites, the latest offering from the Rainmaker Digital team. This new, hybrid product was purpose-built for bloggers and podcasters, as well as anyone who wants to sell physical products, digital downloads, or even full-blown memberships.

Does this sound familiar? “WordPress is free,” they said.

But then, after you download WordPress, you’ll quickly realize that you also need a host — preferably a managed WordPress host. And that can cost anywhere from $ 3.99 to $ 29.00 per month. But you’re just getting started…

…because you’ll also want your site to look unique — to better represent your personal brand. And that requires searching through thousands of themes. How do you know where to begin? Worse still, maybe you bought a gorgeous premium WordPress theme — only to discover that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to make your site look like the demo. And premium themes aren’t cheap. You’ll pay anywhere from $ 39 to $ 79 for a decent WordPress theme. But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve got WordPress installed and your new theme activated, you may also need to add features to your site beyond what WordPress provides out of the box. There are the basics like social sharing buttons, contact and opt-in forms. But you may also want to sell products on your site. Or create a membership with protected content for paying members only. What then? To add each new feature, you have to purchase a plugin. And how do you know which one is the best?

Finally, where do you turn when you need help setting up all of these moving pieces? If it’s a hosting problem, you’ll need to reach out to that support team. But if your issue is with one of the premium themes or plugins you’ve purchased, well, they’ll redirect you to the support team for each individual product. Or, you could hire a monthly maintenance service to handle updates and resolve bugs for you. But that costs even more.

When the smoke clears, you can easily find yourself spending $ 1,500 or more per year on what was supposed to be a “free” WordPress site!

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

With StudioPress Sites, all of those moving parts are a thing of the past. It’s the first hybrid solution that gives you the ease of an all-in-one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress. All included in one monthly charge of just $ 24/month.

Here’s what’s included in every StudioPress Site:

Showcase Theme1. The Genesis Framework — Your new StudioPress Site is powered by Genesis, which includes optimized code for search engines, airtight security, instant updates, customizable widgets and layouts, and a massive community of developers you can turn to when you need customizing your site. Genesis is the framework that makes WordPress easier. So it’s no wonder it already powers more than 500,000 WordPress sites.

2. 20 Mobile-Optimized Designs — No more scouring hundreds of cheap, poorly-coded WordPress themes with little or no support. You want a gorgeous, professional website design — without having to pay a fortune. StudioPress Sites include 20 mobile optimized, modern HTML5 designs from which you can choose. Plus, you can personalize any of the included themes by tweaking the CSS. Or if you prefer, you can even use a completely custom Genesis child theme!

3. Fast-Loading WordPress-Specific Cloud Hosting — Because managed hosting is also included, your StudioPress Site is already optimized to make WordPress load as fast as possible. You already know that site speed and page load times are important. Google ranks sites in their search results based (in part) by how fast they load. So why would you want your site hosted on a shared web server that’s also hosting hundreds of bloated WordPress websites? Even better, your site will never crash just because you succeed in getting more traffic!

4. No Upcharges for Bandwidth, Storage, CPUs, or RAM — Not only will you enjoy superior speed and performance with a StudioPress Site, you’ll also avoid the hassle of self-hosted WordPress, like surprise expenses for bandwidth up-charges, storage, CPUs, and RAM. Your StudioPress Site will not only remain solid during those surprise traffic spikes, you also won’t pay extra simply because your site is enjoying some well-earned higher traffic.

5. Advanced SEO Functionality — The Genesis Framework is already optimized for SEO, which is why it’s become the industry standard among WordPress developers. But StudioPress Sites takes this even further, with support for the new Google AMP, advanced schema control, XML sitemap generation, robots.txt generation, asynchronous JavaScript loading, enhanced Open Graph output, breadcrumb title control, and more.

6. Automatic Updates — Let’s face it. Getting hacked is an ordeal. And the easiest point of entry for hackers is through outdated themes, plugins, or old versions of WordPress. Now, you can spend $ 79/month or more for an outside service to keep your site updated and safe. BUT, StudioPress Sites takes care of WordPress and Genesis updates for you at no extra charge! That’s peace of mind.

7.24/7 Security Monitoring — Beyond the security features that are already built into Genesis, and the included automatic updates and maintenance, StudioPress Sites also provides 24/7 continuous security monitoring, scanning for malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, and more.

8.One-Click Install of Premium Plugins — No more worrying about which plugins are trustworthy! StudioPress Sites provides one-click installs for the new functions you need for your site. Choose from a growing library of carefully-vetted, hand-picked plugins like: WooCommerce, Design Palette Pro, Beaver Builder Lite, OptinMonster, AffiliateWP, Soliloquy Lite, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, Ninja Forms, WPForms Lite, and more to come!

9.World-Class Support from Friendly Experts Who Love WordPress — First of all, StudioPress Sites has been meticulously designed from the ground up for drop-dead simple ease-of-use. That means less confusion for you. But, when something does go wrong, their friendly support team is standing by 24/7 to help you get back on track. Best of all, you won’t have to reach out to separate teams for hosting, theme, or plugin support. One point of contact for support. That’s a welcome change!

This post contains affiliate links. But remember, we only recommend products we use and think you’ll find valuable.

Is StudioPress Sites right for you?

If you’re overwhelmed by the climbing costs of running a WordPress website, or are tired of spending hours installing WordPress, finding themes and plugins via trial-and-error, and getting little to no support… a StudioPress Site might be the perfect solution for you!

StudioPress Sites are ideal for busy entrepreneurs who want to focus on running their business — not their website.

Check out StudioPress Sites for yourself…
Check Out StudioPress Sites

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