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If you’re putting together a sales page for a product, you will spend as much time, energy and money as necessary to create a winner. You realize that your sales page is the stem of the funnel, the place where people either buy or go away. You can’t afford to have a less-than-optimal money page.

Strangely, though, many marketers and the squeeze page tutorials upon which they rely fail to apply that same solid logic to squeeze pages. They are funnel stems, too. You either get a sign up or the prospect “walks away”. It can be your last shot to turn a visitor into a lead and, thus, a future customer. Nonetheless, the importance of good copy on squeeze pages is often completely overlooked or, in the best case scenarios, treated as an afterthought.

Can you get sign ups by quickly offering a freebie as an inducement and supplying a few bullet points? Of course. However, you’ll get a much higher response rate if you create a squeeze page that features persuasive copywriting.

Many squeeze page tutorials will break down the process of generating leads in great detail. They’ll discuss everything from autoresponder integration to page design. They won’t, however, discuss how to write something on that page that will really convince visitors to fill in those all-important blanks.

So, what’s the secret? It’s the same secret used in the best sales pages. Good copy. We’re talking about a properly-structured, persuasive message that makes it close to irresistible for the prospect to take the desired action. The exact structure and format of that short message will vary based on numerous factors, of course, but a good copywriter will find the right angle to improve your page’s performance.

If you’re doing your own copy, you’ll want to look at other squeeze pages for ideas. Don’t settle for what you get in the squeeze page tutorials, make an effort to see great examples in action. You’ll want to combine that research with a very succinct and well-organized persuasive message unique to your product or service.

If you rely on professional copywriters for your sales page, you may very well want to turn them loose on your squeeze pages, too. Remember, the money is in the list. You want a big list. And an integral part of maximizing sign ups is the presence of good copy.

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