Review of Business Internet Tutorials

Aussie Internet Marketer Michael Cobb recently released a new collection of instructional Video Tutorials called “Internet Business Tutorials”.

I had a chance to review these tutorials and I have to tell you I was really impressed.

When someone first hipped me to this site, I thought to myself, free? Yeah right. I’ll probably be shown one or two crappy videos with just enough information to get my interest, and then it’ll stop. You’ll get the rest of information once you sign up for whatever subscription price. You’ve seen those deals before.

Imagine my surprise when this didn’t happen, I kept waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t.

But what I did get from Business Internet Tutorials was free access to 23+ full-color videos. I could watch them online immediately or download them for viewing later once I activated my free membership. Say what?

I watched them and I started putting what I learned into action faster than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest (No offense to one-legged men who may be in kicking contests.) I learned how to put something on my blog automatically that I’d been doing manually each and every time I made a post. If you have a Blogger blog, do you know what all those tabs are for in your settings? With these free videos, you will now and learn how to use them effectively. If you scratched your head because you didn’t know what a Blogger blog was, you need these videos.

All I can say about Internet Business Tutorials is, if you’re struggling to make your Internet Business profitable or you are just starting out and you don’t know how to perform the more “techy” stuff, these videos are for you.

Even if you already have a thriving internet marketing business, these tutorials will help you kick it up a notch, and dramatically increase your profits.

I highly recommend these videos. They teach you the right way to set up each aspect of an Internet or Website business. They don’t leave you hanging. They also have an affiliate program that’s not too shabby.

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