Reasons Why WordPress Is Great for Anyone

WordPress is a very easy to use, popular and free Content Management System (CMS); so what is a Content Management System or CMS, it is a software system which provides website owners the ability to write, collaborate and administer their website without the need to know any programming languages.

There’s no need to know any HTML or PHP, everything in WordPress or any good CMS’s should be pretty much laid out. The truth is we would like to think all CMS’s is great, but that’s not true, before our WordPress days, we tried many different CMS’s but we fell in love with WP from the first time. Currently we still experiment with new software whenever they are requested but this is definitely the way to go for anyone who wants a start a website that they can easily manage and keep updated for years to come.

A Quick Run Down of How it works

All content managements systems have two main parts working together, they consist of the file system and the database. In this case we’re using a MSQL database and the files are in PHP. To give you a quick run down of how it works, the file system doesn’t store anything pertaining to the user information and content, that’s the purpose of the database, the file system is a like a skeleton frame doing all the work while the database stores all the information like the brain.

One great thing about using a database is that your information can never be accessed by anyone, it is password protected and stored else where, only information that you release through your CMS will be visible to visitors.

Reasons why people love worpdress

perfect for small businesses, blogs, publishing companies, hobby sites, affiliate marketing, e-commerce websites, custom projects, etc
Any type of website can be designed using WordPress
10% of all websites on the internet use WordPress (news release Mar 2011).
It is easy enough for a beginner and still advance enough for any techie
Easy to setup, it is famous for it’s five minute installation.
Google loves WordPress, so does all the other Search Engines
Unlimited amount of pages and posts
Ability to store media and content online securely for future use.
Thousands of free plugins available to search from within the administration section
Easy to upgrade to new versions
Easy to install new themes
Easy to find web design support for WordPress
the software is free

If you’re thinking about investing in a website, invest in quality website and get a WordPress website. 10 years ago everyone had static websites, those days are over, web 2.0 platforms have changed the way how businesses operate, everything is dynamic and can be changed with a single click.

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