New in Exchange: iThemes Security reCAPTCHA Integration, Transaction Activity Timeline & More

The latest version of iThemes Exchange includes some handy new features to help protect your site and to make managing customer orders even easier.

Secure Your Exchange Login and Registration Forms with iThemes SecurityNew!


If you’re using iThemes Security Pro to protect your WordPress ecommerce site, iThemes Exchange now includes a new core add-on that integrates directly with iThemes Security’s reCAPTCHA.


Activating the iThemes Security add-on allows you to start securing your customer login and registration forms with a reCAPTCHA. You’ll just need to configure your reCAPTCHA settings from iThemes security (here’s a tutorial on how to set up reCAPTCHA in iThemes Security).

Once you activate this add-on (and once you have turned on reCAPTCHA in iThemes Security Pro), users on your site will have to complete the CAPTCHA to log in or register. Adding this reCAPTCHA is a great way to protect your site from spam and abuse.


See Payment Status Updates & More with a New Visual Timeline New!


Now, from the Payment Details page, you can see a handy (and real-time!) timeline of order activity. See activity like when the order was placed, if the status of the payment changed, when a refund was issued, notes, etc.


Allow Customers to Add Notes To Their Orders New!


From the Add-ons page, you’ll see a new Customer Order Notes add-on in the list of available add-ons. By activating this add-on, you can now allow your customers to leave a note when placing an order.

After activating, customers will see an extra field before checking out that allows them to add notes about their order, such as delivery instructions or customizations.
Again from the Payments, page you’ll be able to view these notes in the visual timeline for the order.


Make Backend Notes on OrdersNew!

Support for internal order notes

In addition to allowing customers to add notes to their orders, you can now make internal (back-end) notes as well. From an individual Payment Details page, click the drop-down on the right side of the screen. You can add notes from there. All notes will be displayed in the new visual timeline.


Sell Your Digital and Physical Products from Your WordPress Site with Exchange

If you still haven’t tried iThemes Exchange, our free WordPress ecommerce plugin, you can download it for free here or on the Plugin Directory. Exchange also offers a ton of premium add-ons to extend the capabilities of your WordPress store, including Memberships, Invoices and Recurring Payments.

In addition to these features, you can check out the rest of the the iThemes Exchange 1.34.0 version changelog here.

Download Exchange now

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