Important Tips to Choose Between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress

When we talk about CMS the first thing comes to our mind is ” System to create user friendly website or blogs” as it manage the content of whole website and overall system. There are some CMS web development systems which you can use to create your website or blog but it depends that which content management system you are going to use for your website or blog.

Here we have some CMS like Drupal, Joomla and wordpress. All these three are very popular CMS used to create website or blogs. other. There is the most common question in the mind of many, who want to use CMS, that if all three are popular then how they should choose one of them for their use .Obviously there are some factors which differentiate them from each.

DRUPAL: When we talk about Drupal, It is free & open source content management system written in PHP programming language and distributed under general public licensing. About 1% of all the websites used Drupal as back end system and also used as a knowledge management .The basic features of Drupal are its user account registration & maintenance feature, menu management & also RSS feed is there in Drupal. Moreover, this CMS is very sophisticated programming interface for web developers & it will work on any platform where the web server able to run PHP and database to store contents of websites & its settings also. As its one of the feature is menu management, so many themes can customize the way you want. For this just choose your required theme from menu. When we talk about its template framework then it should be noticed that good understanding of template system should be there to create beautiful website. It is best suited for advanced PHP web developer.

JOOMLA: Now as we come to Joomla, it is also written in PHP & stores all data in MySQL database. Its main features are RSS feed, page caching, blogs, news flashes and many others. As this CMS is written in PHP, so it can also run on any platform where the web server able to run PHP .You can use other websites also for the deployment of Joomla as hosting sites. Joomla is not that much complicated as compare to Drupal but it is not that much easy that new user can use it effectively.

WORDPRESS: Word press is one of the most popular CMS solution used to create & manage websites. It is very easy to access because of its simple features. Two main features of wordpress are its plug-ins design & template framework. It is also operated by PHP & MySQL. If you want to use any template then you can use it with no help of any webmaster or wordpress developers or if you want to use hosting sites then there is plug-in design for you in Word-press CMS.

So, after all these factors we came on the conclusion that when you are going to make your choice of CMS, it is best to understand about everything about your website that you are creating. Choosing the wrong CMS at the start can cause a very serious lose of your business. For complex sites with unique features Drupal is recommended. For simpler sites it’s best to go with WordPress while Joomla should be used when your website is neither too complex or too simple. When its medium then it is best to go for Joomla.

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