How to Use WP101 Videos to Train Your WordPress Clients

WP101 videos are simply the best way to learn WordPress, but did you know they can also be used to teach your own clients WordPress?

In this post we’re going to show you how easy it is to use our growing library of WordPress tutorial videos to provide more value to your marketing and development clients.

The WP101 Difference

Effective training videos are easy to understand, and communicate clearly from start to finish, not only explaining HOW to accomplish a task, but WHY the steps are important. The best training videos also show careful attention to detail and add value throughout. Good content is not enough if the audio quality is poor or if the presenter is hard to follow.

WP101 videos have been widely praised as the “gold standard” in WordPress training, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Professional audio and video production. Crisp, clear sound and visuals.
  2. Meticulously scripted. No awkward pauses, “uhs” or “ums” here!
  3. Regularly updated with every single WordPress update since 2008.
  4. Closed-captioning for all videos. Plus translations coming soon!
  5. Additional Training: WP201 videos and dedicated courses for popular plugins.

The high production quality of WP101 videos means you can provide solid WordPress training to your clients without sacrificing the integrity of your own brand.

3 Options for Offering WP101 Videos to Your Clients

It is easy to make our quality WordPress training videos available to your clients so they can learn WordPress at their own pace. Below are the three options we offer.

1. Purchase a membership to WP101 and gift it to your client.

This is as simple as it gets. You can easily purchase any of our courses for your client and then provide them with the login details. This allows them to learn at their leisure. Choose from the following course options:

  • WordPress 101 Course: Includes our most-popular 20-part video series and access to the members-only Q&A Forum.
  • The Yoast SEO Course: Includes 13 videos that teach your clients how to utilize the Yoast SEO Plugin (p.s., if you haven’t installed the Yoast SEO plugin on your client’s site, go do it now!).
  • Lifetime Membership: Includes access to all our current — and future —videos and training content. This is by far the best value, since it includes all our current and future content, ensuring your clients continue to receive the best training available for years to come.

If you’d like to purchase subscriptions in bulk for multiple clients, get in touch with us for a bulk discount coupon code.

Get Your Bulk Subscription Discount Code

2. The WP101 Plugin

Featured-Laptop-960x700Ask yourself this question: “How much is one hour of your time worth?”

If you spend even one hour each month teaching clients how to use WordPress at a basic level, then the WP101 Plugin will more than pay for itself. Here are just some of the benefits the plugin offers:

  • Includes the full 20-part WordPress 101 video tutorial series and the 13-part Yoast SEO Plugin tutorial series.
  • Videos play right in your client’s WordPress dashboard.
  • White-Labeling: The WP101 videos do not contain any logos, making them the perfect branding tool to add value to your service offerings.
  • Videos are streamed from the cloud, making for exceptionally fast load times.
  • Choose which videos you want to show clients and which you do not.
  • Add your own custom videos to tackle areas not covered in the series.

Many WordPress developers use the WP101 Plugin to provide training to their clients even before the project is complete. This not only provides value up front, but also enables the client to become familiar with WordPress basics while the project is still underway.

“The WP101 Plugin is a huge benefit to my business. Whenever I start a project, I send the client to a private server that is running the WP101 Plugin so they can watch the videos and become familiar with how WordPress works. Many of my clients have never used WordPress before and aren’t very tech-savvy. Before WP101, I’d often spend hours explaining how to manage menus or upload images to their site.” — Bill Erickson, Web Developer

Starting at just $ 99/year for installation on up to 100 client sites, the WP101 Plugin is an absolute must for any developer or marketer who wants to boost their value to clients.

Go To

3. License Our Videos

WP101 Videos on Your SiteOur videos. On your site.

Our licensing program is the best way to provide our WordPress training videos to your clients while reinforcing your brand. Our Distribution Licenses allow you to upload our WordPress training videos to a password-protected area on your own website so you can offer them to your clients as you see fit.

Imagine being able to offer your own comprehensive, white-labeled suite of WordPress training videos on your website alongside your development or marketing services!

Here are some additional benefits to licensing our videos on your own website:

  • Videos encoded in H.264 .MP4 format at 1280x720p, the best quality for streaming video online and on mobile.
  • Receive an invitation to download updated video files whenever we re-record them for every major WordPress update.
  • Choose your own video player. Though we use (and highly recommend) Vimeo PRO, you can select whatever video player or host you like*.
  • Create up-sell opportunities by charging for access to the videos on your own site.
  • Perfect for WordPress companies who want to provide valuable WordPress training alongside their own products and services.

Starting at only $ 247/year for a Standard License that includes the WP101 logo in the intro/outro. Or, choose the White-Label License, which start at just $ 497/year and includes no logos or branding of any kind.

Either way you choose, you can renew your license for additional consecutive 12-month terms at a 50% discount!

Note: Due to our licensing agreements with our partners, we’re unable to resell white-labeled versions of the Yoast SEO series or other future videos. The licensing program only includes the 20-part WordPress 101 video tutorial series.

Check Out Our Licensing Options

Free your time to do what you do best!

You probably spending hours every month teaching your clients WordPress basics. But what happens when they need a refresher two or three months from now, or have forgotten what you taught them? Why not put the WordPress 101 videos to work for you and you clients today?

Using our videos for your clients can expand your current service offerings and reinforce your brand to your clients. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our course offerings, the WP101 Plugin, or our licensing program.

Happy training!

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