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  1. ihatelogons
    ihatelogons says:

    Thanks James, I’m going to be devils advocate here .. You are very
    knowledgeable, you are pushing a lot of content in a relatively short
    amount of time and you have a clear speaking voice so I did not go to sleep
    once !, however the main problem is that the screen is mostly out of focus
    so it is very hard to follow what you are doing especially now that
    revisions have moved on and other softwares may be in place so essential
    judgement of what you are doing is difficult at best. Occasionally you turn
    your head away from the mic so you appear to drop out. Sometimes you jump
    through what is obvious for you but not so for a beginner whom is your
    audience and once again makes it difficult for the young player. Some of
    the plug-ins you use are either not necessary on modern themes or not
    compatible and therefore confusing for the beginner, I now understand that
    each theme is different in control layout but only once towards the end do
    you point out that you should be able to find what you are trying to
    achieve in any theme due to WordPress conventions in theme programming even
    if it looks a little different.
    Lastly the title mentions “nothing but free tools” yet you change to a paid
    host in the beginning and that the end change to the premium paid for
    product ..
    Otherwise great stuff ! I can’t wait for a jetpack tut, a woocommerce setup
    tut, and a wooCommerce jetpack tut Cheers !

  2. D Mac
    D Mac says:

    I just finished watching this video, and all I can say is “Wow!” Being
    totally “untech” savvy I’m so grateful your video explained and
    demonstrated so much, and helped me more than words can express. I haven’t
    started building my website yet, but this gives me the motivation to get it
    started. Now I can’t wait! Thanks a million!

  3. Laurie Sampson Brooks
    Laurie Sampson Brooks says:

    This was the best informational video for someone with no css or html
    experience! Thank you! I now have a website that is oh-so-professional! The
    web designers I contacted all wanted $2000 plus to do what you showed me
    how to do in one hour. Granted, the actual work takes longer, but for
    “free” I can do it! Never would have believed it! Thanks!!

  4. Sahara Dawn
    Sahara Dawn says:

    if I bought the domain name on wordpress do I still need to get one with
    host gator as well to have more options?

  5. Dick Whittington
    Dick Whittington says:

    Hi James,
    Thank you for an excellent video with easy to follow, step-by-step
    instructions for setting up a WordPress website. I’ve looked at a bunch of
    instructional making many of the same claims and your’s is definitely the
    best I’ve run into so far. I was able to follow your lead and build a
    partial site in parallel without any prior WordPress knowledge…and I hope
    to finish up and publish the site tomorrow or Wednesday. As a result of
    this experience, I will subscribe to your YouTube channel and make time to
    watch future videos. 

  6. Fred Denby
    Fred Denby says:

    James, I am in the process of trying to startup a new online business, and
    almost everything that I dream of having built into my business website you
    addressed each feature. Great tutorial, thanks a million.

  7. Laurie Sampson Brooks
    Laurie Sampson Brooks says:

    Apparently the discount code you give is no longer valid?
    savenowwithonepenny isn’t working for me. Did gator change things? I am
    trying to build another site and the code will not validate.

  8. u4man
    u4man says:

    I’ve hesitated in making the move to WordPress sites for fear of the
    learning curve. Now through this video I see it is no more than I already
    know and I see how my customers and my own websites will achieve better
    conversions when I update them all going into 2015. Thanks buddy,
    excellent video! 

  9. Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams says:

    Hi James,
    Do you think you could have made this blog a bit more effective? I love
    that you can make a blog for free and this one is amazing, but it is not my
    style, could you do a different font for the cover… Great website and I
    will check it out on WordPress but just not for me.

    I totally understand that it is your type of blog and you will love it, and
    I love it, just if you could do another video on this – and see if you can
    do it in a more “modern” font.

    Not being offensive or any of the above…

    And another queer I have James, is, is there any more free features that
    you didn’t mention?

    Thanks for your help,
    Please think about the things I said…


  10. WP Coaching School
    WP Coaching School says:

    Hi James,

    Great tutorial and very informative. It is great you are sharing how to
    build a website using free tools.

    I bet a lot of so called website experts are cursing you…

  11. Sladi B.
    Sladi B. says:

    Nice, informative tutorial and easy to follow. I am about to start my own
    website and this helps a lot. Thanks James!

  12. Jeffrey Jackson
    Jeffrey Jackson says:

    This was very helpful and thanks. There’s a lot of commotion being made
    about TK Explosion Easy Website Builder. I’ve heard it also helps and is
    easy to use.

  13. Mohamed Elshakh
    Mohamed Elshakh says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!
    Can I use WordPress in my hosting company to build a site for a client and
    then send him the files to upload them with his own hosting company?

  14. devin peral Smith
    devin peral Smith says:

    hello i have built many websites before! if you would like me to make you a
    website. all i charge is 25$ US. and just reply under my comment if you
    want me to make you one! hope you take advantage of this! all transactions
    are made via PayPal

  15. bstbody
    bstbody says:

    Q: ” Why all these tutorials use Host Gator ?… ”
    A: ” Host Gator is the business behind the phoney web pages of tutorials
    ….. ”
    Q: ” What to do ? ”
    A: ” If you see anything with Host Gator , … cut and go somewhere else
    … “


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