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  1. Ishar Ghani
    Ishar Ghani says:

    Hi… am new to hostgator and first time trying to make my own website my
    self.I have registered with hostgator and instal the wordpress and got my
    password to my mail but even its more than 24hrs for now my sample site not
    uploaded and working. anyone can help me to find the problem???

  2. Nhung Nguyen
    Nhung Nguyen says:

    Hi Tyler, hope you are doing well. Thank you for all the video, I have
    learnt basic wp by following your lessons, they are absolutely helpful.

  3. MrEricOgren
    MrEricOgren says:

    i downloaded black bird but when i open it up I dont have any of stuff on
    the page you have, no circles, no beach pic. i have this whole right bar
    full of menus like, recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories,
    and meta. The thumb nail had it but once i installed none of it was there.

  4. harry gambhir
    harry gambhir says:

    for some reason my theme homepage is coming out as a blog and i don’t know
    how to make it normal . I realized it once i created a blog page . How can
    i make my theme page come out normally like you do ?

  5. Lize Rall
    Lize Rall says:

    I need help with the theme “Discover”. I’m a beginner user and did play
    around with WordPress but still needs lots of help.

  6. sagayaraj joseph
    sagayaraj joseph says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I am a beginer to the web design, it
    is really useful for me and i learned so much from your tutorial. if you
    have any another tutorial in you tube pls. send me the link. Thanking you
    in advance


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