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  1. Mani Sulur
    Mani Sulur says:

    A very good tutorial for this theme I own this theme and found it very
    useful and user friendly…i just downloaded the icons and will use it.

  2. WordpressExamples
    WordpressExamples says:

    Okay, Elegant Themes just broke the world record. Got an answer to my
    question through support WITHIN ONE MINUTE. Not only that… I had TWO
    support members answering my question on Divi 2.0. Fastest WordPress
    service ever. Check out the forum here: http://bit.ly/forumelegant

  3. Levi Nikolausson
    Levi Nikolausson says:

    Hi! I got the divi theme yesterday and i could not find the page builder. I
    does not even shows up as an alternative, what should i do? 

  4. Matthew Morin
    Matthew Morin says:

    Hey thanks for responding…. minute 47:00 they have a bunch of animated
    icons and pretty much throughout the entire video. i was wondering does
    divi 2.0 come with those already installed or do you have to buy them else
    where and then load them into the theme. if so where is a good place to go
    to get these animated icons. thank you!

  5. Kenrie Media
    Kenrie Media says:

    Very helpful tutorial. My question is can I use this Theme as a video
    website? Can I use the slider as videos instead of images?
    Await your reply. 

  6. Luar Chitara
    Luar Chitara says:

    Hello, would it be possible you enable subtitles on your video? Because I
    do not speak much English but I assistilo to apply on my blog with the
    theme Divi.
    Thank you !!

  7. selflovecenter
    selflovecenter says:

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. I’m giving this a try and i like it. How do you use
    the blog as the home page using the blog modules and insert a slider. In
    the blog tutorial i don’t see a button sayin “Use page builder”. Thanks
    again. Dios te bendiga.

  8. Todd Combs
    Todd Combs says:

    WTF?!! My “Full Image Header” image will NOT cover the full size of the
    screen…like in this tutorial…why???????? 


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