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  1. TheUnkownSoldier
    TheUnkownSoldier says:

    Hey i was wondering you could create a WordPress website without hosting?
    And if I like the website I created and think it is wroth uploading then I
    could get hosting and domain? thanx

  2. Bryan Hanson
    Bryan Hanson says:

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your video. I almost
    gave up on WordPress because it was overwhelming, as well I was trying to
    use themes that lacked in features. Following your instructions step by
    step got me right where I needed to be and confident as well!

  3. Inthisar Mohamed
    Inthisar Mohamed says:

    thank you bro itz really cool and u too …. am stile not finish my web
    site …has soon am finish it thank u aging 

  4. Beau Gaskell
    Beau Gaskell says:

    Good job Martie. how can we get an associated email address? are they
    usually already included with hostgator’s domains they sell?


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