Five Steps to Sell a Product with iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is our free ecommerce plugin, designed to get you online and selling fast. Setting up your online store shouldn’t have to be complicated. Here are some basic steps you can follow to sell your products online using iThemes Exchange.

Be sure you’ve downloaded and installed Exchange on your WordPress site.

1. Select Your Product Types and Choose Payment Gateways

After you activate Exchange you’ll be taken to the iThemes Exchange Setup screen. From this screen you can choose your product type(s), shipping options, and payment gateways. We recommend PayPal and Stripe for secure payment transactions.

iThemes Exchange Setup Product Types and Payment Gateway

Note: to select a membership product type, you’ll need the membership add-on.

We have tutorials on payment gateways:

If you scroll down the iThemes Exchange Setup page you can adjust settings like the currency you would like to use and which email address system notifications (like sales!) should go to:

email settings iThemes Exchange

Once you’ve set these items, you’re ready to start adding products to your site!

2. Focus on SEO

Before we get to adding products, you’ll want to make sure your site is set up so that search engines can find those products you’re adding.

You want people to find your products when they’re searching for them on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Adjusting your permalinks in the WordPress dashboard is a great way to set up your site to be SEO friendly, driving more traffic to your site.

To update permalink settings, go to Settings in WordPress and turn on permalinks. It’s helpful for people to find the product names that are on the product pages also in the URL. For example, if I’m selling an ebook entitled “How to Set Up Your First WordPress Site” I want the URL to include keywords like “Set Up First WordPress Site”.

Permalink Settings in WordPress

You’ll want to use any of the settings that include the post (or page) name for best SEO results.

3. Add Products

Time to add your products! When you hover over Exchange in the WordPress nav, click Add Product to get started. In this example, we’re adding a Physical Product.

Add Products in iThemes Exchange

From the Add Product screen you can add all the details about your product including images, product description and even more details in the Advanced section of the product details.

Add New Product in iThemes Exchange

After you’ve added all details, click Publish and you’ll be able to see your product in your live store.

4. The Checkout Process

Do you want to have a Buy Now option? Or would you like to direct users to purchase from a cart page? In this example I want shoppers to use a cart to check out (so I can use the Abandoned Carts Add-on to recover sales) so I changed the purchase button label to match the action.

Exchange purchase button edit

For even more flexibility with your purchase buttons, check out the Purchase Buttons Add-on in the Pro Pack.

5. Don’t Forget Customer Messages

Be sure to change the email address so that the emails are sent from the store owner/manager that way if there is a reply it will go to the right person.

There are several customer message opportunities built into Exchange. You can edit after purchase messages per product, the welcome message users see when they log in, and more.

The message your customer see when they purchase a product is important and you have the ability to customize that email notification right from your Exchange settings.

In this screen we added a special after-purchase message to this shirt on

iThemes Exchange Customized After purchase message

Watch the webinar tutorial to learn more about setting up your online store with iThemes Exchange:

BONUS: More Ways to Learn Exchange

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