Freelance Planning Resources for 2015

Our goal is to help you (and your business) go far with WordPress. We know a lot of our freelancer friends are using their holiday break to plan what’s ahead in 2015 for their business.

We’ve compiled a “greatest hits” of our freelancer posts, and if you’re planning for 2015 this week, you’ll want to give these a read.

1. Freelance Business Plan: You Can Plan to Succeed or You Can Expect to Fail

‘Freelance’ is not a euphemism for winging it. It’s not shorthand for lazy person who wears pajamas all day.

Freelancing is serious work—freelancers make up 34% of the workforce—and it demands a serious plan. Do you have a freelance business plan? A road map that shows how you’re going to make your money and not end up broke?

A freelance business plan is big. You need to have one and we can help.

What is a Freelance Business Plan?

More than anything, the purpose of a freelance business plan is to force you to answer all the appropriate questions in running a business. It’s to make sure you’re not taking any shortcuts.

Don’t think of it as burden. It’s not one more thing on your plate. It’s the core of what you do. It’s putting down on paper exactly how you’re going to make ends meet.

A good freelance business plan will answer realistic questions about whether or not you’ll have enough money to buy a computer or how much you need to be charging.

These are questions you have to answer, or you have no business trying to freelance.

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2. How to Use Trello for Freelancers: Let’s Get Organized

Freelancers have to be organized. You’re juggling so many things and most of them are closely tied to you getting paid. So you can’t drop the ball. Project management is huge.

Say hello to Trello.

It’s a free organizational and project management system (with the option for premium upgrades).

So What is Trello?

In a nutshell, Trello is a list of lists. You can organize them in almost any way you want, which is the basis of its appeal. That makes it incredibly flexible—it can work for just about anyone, from freelance developers to teachers.


Trello is a visual system based on cards. A card is the primary organizational system and contains all kinds of details—a description, checklists, file attachments, comments, due dates, members, etc.

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3. WordPress Project Management is Your Friend

Project management is a freelancer’s best friend. You have to be organized and stay on top of your projects. That’s a given. But as a WordPress developer, have you considered doing your project management in the site itself? WordPress project management can be a way to merge your love of WordPress with your need to be organized.

Benefits of Project Management Systems

If you’ve been doing freelance WordPress development for any length of time you understand the need for a project management system. You need something to keep you organized and on track, and generally a post-it note won’t cut it.

Some of the most-loved benefits of project management systems include:

  • Organization – Keep track of what needs to be done when. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks again.
  • Deadlines – Moving a project forward means keeping an eye on the due dates. Juggling multiple deadlines can get crazy, and that’s where project management really shines.
  • Collaborate – Few people work in the same office these days and can share a whiteboard together. Collaboration has to happen remotely and you need an online system to make that happen. Some systems restrict that interaction to your team, while others invite outside clients into the process.
  • Archive – Collaboration is key, but you need to keep track of those conversations. A bunch of email discussions or decisions made in a chat window are great, but it’s hard to find those again when you need them. A good project management system archives those conversations and decisions so you can go back and find them in one place.
  • Reporting – Every client wants to know where a project is at, and a good project management system either lets you know so you can update the client or tells the client directly.

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4. Adding Additional Income to Your Bottom Line Through WP Maintenance


The feast and famine cycle is a constant struggle for the freelance WordPress developer. But you can break that cycle by selling WordPress maintenance to your freelance clients. You get steady, reliable income and your clients get peace of mind. Everybody wins.

Add WordPress maintenance services to your freelance menu and see how it improves your business.

What’s WordPress Maintenance?

Are your freelance clients seeing notices to update WordPress? As a freelance developer, you know WordPress needs to be kept up to date, but often clients don’t bother. Then you get panicked calls about hacked sites. Or some kind of oops makes a site disappear.

We’re talking about offering a monthly WordPress maintenance package to your clients. You take care of the details and your client doesn’t sweat it. To you they’re relatively minor issues, often automated and simple, but to your clients they’re business-stopping nightmares.

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We would love to hear any tips you have for freelancers who are planning out their year. Let us know in the comments or tweet us @iThemes.

Here’s to a prosperous and productive 2015! 


Webinar Replay: Getting Started with iThemes Exchange

In a continued effort to make WordPress ecommerce as easy as possible, here’s the replay of our recent webinar on how to get started with iThemes Exchange.

Elise Alley, Lead Support for Exchange, walks us through how to download (free!) and install Exchange as well as which settings to pay attention to first, like payment gateway, email notifications, currency settings and more.

Watch the full webinar now! Best part, the webinar is under 30 minutes.

What You’ll Learn:

Other iThemes Exchange Resources

If you want to learn even more about iThemes Exchange we have a video tutorial series and documentation in the Codex.

Need support? Check out the Community Forum, which is moderated by our dedicated support team.

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Business Blueprint: How to Sell iThemes Products and Services to Your Clients

When you win, we win. This webinar was created specifically to help you make money using iThemes products and services. Our goal is to make people’s lives awesome. We aim to do this every day with our plugins, themes and training.

Check out how you can sell iThemes products and services to your clients and make even more money than you are presently.


There are several ways you can use BackupBuddy to offer more services to your clients and increase your bottom line. One of the ways is by simply providing clients with consistent backups (what we like to call the Peace of Mind Package). With BackupBuddy you can send backups directly to remote destinations of your choosing. You can send backups directly to the client on a timed schedule, immediately providing tangible value. Having solid backups enables you to offer restoration or migration services down the road – another way to provide service to your clients.

BackupBuddy Monetized

BackupBuddy is like insurance for websites. Business owners who understand business will appreciate and understand the need for backups.

Check out the webinar to see what The Professor suggests charging for a Peace of Mind Package.

iThemes Security

You can easily wrap security into a Peace of Mind Package. No one wants their site hacked, so security is something that really sells itself. But as a WordPress expert, you’re offering a lot more. Other security features to offer: site health checks, two-factor authentication, malware scanning, temporary privilege escalation for users and tons more.

iThemes Security monetized

iThemes Exchange

Ecommerce sites are a great product to offer clients, or an upgrade to an existing site. Pro tips:

How to Make Money with iThemes products and services - ecommerce

Ecommerce sites are more complex, adjust your prices accordingly.

iThemes Sync

If you manage more than one WordPress site, Sync is your best friend. Sync gives you the ability to log in to one dashboard and make changes and updates to all your sites at once. Update plugins, themes, install new themes or plugins, monitor ecommerce sales from Exchange, the list goes on. Sync frees up your time so you can take on more projects or relax knowing that your sites are sitting pretty.

iThemes Sync monetized

Learn More Ways to Make Money with iThemes Products

Be sure to watch the entire webinar to learn even more ways you can use iThemes products and services to make more money as a freelancer. What are ways you make make using iThemes products? Tell us in the comments below, we want to hear from you!

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PSD to WordPress

If you have worked on photoshop, then you must have some knowledge regarding PSD format. In Photoshop, you work in layers to build image and when you save that image, it saves in PSD format. Usually the image size in psd becomes too large. The actual problem comes, when you are going to upload the image. There are so many things which need to be taken care while designing of websites like, website uploading should not take much time. PSD files cannot be uploaded in your website because it is not compatible to the website and that can be hazardous for your website to upload psd files in website. This is the reason that PSD files are converted to HTML or Word press, so that the images could easily be uploaded without any hazard to your website. Hence, it is very necessary to convert PSD to HTML or PSD to wordPress.

When we talk about the PSD to wordpress conversion, it is very difficult task and without having sound knowledge, skills and experience, it is not easy to do for any web designer. This is reason of taking PSD to HTML or PSD to wordpress services from outsourcing company. For a web designer who has expertise in PSD to HTML or PSD to wordpress conversion, this task is very easy for him. But for a beginner, this task is really very difficult to perform efficiently and effectively. So, here are some tips to keep in mind before PSD to wordpress conversion.

Semantic Coding- Semantic Coding is very crucial process where your wordpress designer needs to match the html tags with content. Like if header, body and footer are designed in distinct format then this semantic coding is required to make the whole data more relevant and legible. Then, visitor can also easily find the data in your website.

Manual coding of markups- There is no comparison of hand coded markups and coding through software, when you need a quality website. The programmers can add and delete according to the requirement. Programmer can give such a grace to your website which software can never.

W3C Compliance – It is also very important factor to create a structured website. It checks out the error if there is any in the website regarding the structure.

Browser Friendly- Make your website browser friendly, so that it could be easily run on any browser. Cross browser compatibility is very important for every business web design, otherwise you may loose your valuable customers.

Guitar Tutorials

For a beginner, there are many styles and ways to learn how to play the guitar. There are some books in the market that you can buy that gives you the correct guide lesson for your practice and development. In our modern world, internet is so vast but you can easily find the right lesson for you if you don’t have the time to have an actual session.

Tutorial lessons, in some way, are the best way for a beginner to start learning about the guitar. It does not differ whether it is actual or done online. Because tutorials have very good trainers or online instructors who can assist you in every step in your guitar playing lessons.

It is very easy and fun since the student can simply follow the given instructions with the help of the instructor. It is easier than learning by your self because teaching on your own leaves no one to guide and teach the proper ways of learning the different chords and strums of the guitar.

Here are some reasons why tutorial classes are recommended:

1.Tutorial lessons are interactive. A beginner will realize that learning the guitar is so much fun. There are instances where there will be group sessions. Students are able to meet other new students whether in online classes or traditional classes. Playing the guitar with some new friends can be fun and enjoyable.

2.Although there is an instructor assisting the person, it is important not to forget that the student should be the one in control of his learning. Once he realizes that he is interested in the class, he will be more focused and determined to learn.

3.Tutorial lessons will help a person to be more organized. The proper way to learn to play the guitar is by starting with the basics before tackling the more complicated chords. Master all of the subtle things that the instructor will teach before going to a higher level.

4.Tutorials will teach you to give importance to the whole aspect of the guitar and its music as well as the other benefits the instrument provides.

5.A student should develop his talents by creating his own soloing techniques on the guitar. By learning the right executions he will be taught how to incorporate them his own knowledge of the guitar.

Tutorials can really help the person a lot, but sometimes, it is not for free. So you must be ready to pay for the lessons and each session anytime. It is very effective rather than just strumming and picking the basic patterns all by yourself.

Arcview Tutorials

ArcView GIS 3.2 tutorials are the important learning chances for users to start working with the spatial data. Geographic information system is one kind of system of computer software programs, data, personnel, and hardware which helps you to display evaluate and to print the spatial information and details. Arcview tutorials help many business people. With the help of arcview tutorials, they are able to know about the details. If you want to use the arcview tutorial, you can easily download this and can benefit. You can begin with arcview GIS 3.2 software by double clicking the arcview icons.

You have to click the view button twice to include blank view in your project. Now it is ready and you can include any kind of information and details or themes to the map projects.

Themes are available in three data kinds like polygons, lines and points. You can also have examples for this type such as national boundaries, roads and cities. To have a theme, you have to click your mouse add theme button, it will provide the add theme navigation screen. You have to Navigate to the “esri\esridata” directory to load details and information which comes with the ArcView GIS 3.2.

To understand the location, you can click a polygon theme like national or state boundary. If you include this, you have to click the ok button. The boundary theme will appear on the screen on the left side of the arcview GIS 3.2 tutorials. To include in the roads, you have to click add theme once again. You have to check and make sure that the boundary, roads and cities files are appearing .With the help of ArcView GIS 3.2 symbology, you can change the theme by adding, removing the fill or inside color of the polygons and you also have the facility to adjust the thickness of the line, color and style. You can alter the line theme by double clicking in the table or contents. Arcview tutorials allow you to draw themes in descending order. When you want to check the layout, then you have to click view option in the arcview GIS 3.2 toolbar and choose the layout. Now you are able to view charts, tables, in to one layout for printing. If required you can resize the legend and you can make a clean border to your layout which makes your layout appear neat. Now you can click print setup to print your map.