Business Blueprint: How to Sell iThemes Products and Services to Your Clients

When you win, we win. This webinar was created specifically to help you make money using iThemes products and services. Our goal is to make people’s lives awesome. We aim to do this every day with our plugins, themes and training.

Check out how you can sell iThemes products and services to your clients and make even more money than you are presently.


There are several ways you can use BackupBuddy to offer more services to your clients and increase your bottom line. One of the ways is by simply providing clients with consistent backups (what we like to call the Peace of Mind Package). With BackupBuddy you can send backups directly to remote destinations of your choosing. You can send backups directly to the client on a timed schedule, immediately providing tangible value. Having solid backups enables you to offer restoration or migration services down the road – another way to provide service to your clients.

BackupBuddy Monetized

BackupBuddy is like insurance for websites. Business owners who understand business will appreciate and understand the need for backups.

Check out the webinar to see what The Professor suggests charging for a Peace of Mind Package.

iThemes Security

You can easily wrap security into a Peace of Mind Package. No one wants their site hacked, so security is something that really sells itself. But as a WordPress expert, you’re offering a lot more. Other security features to offer: site health checks, two-factor authentication, malware scanning, temporary privilege escalation for users and tons more.

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iThemes Exchange

Ecommerce sites are a great product to offer clients, or an upgrade to an existing site. Pro tips:

How to Make Money with iThemes products and services - ecommerce

Ecommerce sites are more complex, adjust your prices accordingly.

iThemes Sync

If you manage more than one WordPress site, Sync is your best friend. Sync gives you the ability to log in to one dashboard and make changes and updates to all your sites at once. Update plugins, themes, install new themes or plugins, monitor ecommerce sales from Exchange, the list goes on. Sync frees up your time so you can take on more projects or relax knowing that your sites are sitting pretty.

iThemes Sync monetized

Learn More Ways to Make Money with iThemes Products

Be sure to watch the entire webinar to learn even more ways you can use iThemes products and services to make more money as a freelancer. What are ways you make make using iThemes products? Tell us in the comments below, we want to hear from you!

Other way to monetize iThemes products

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