WordPress Development: Get Customized WordPress Blog

The term WordPress has become synonymous with blogging. There is a big data of individual users and fortune 500 companies who are using WordPress when it comes to the perfect blogging solution. It is free, user-friendly and most importantly it is highly customizable which makes it so popular among users. You can give your personal touches to the blog to make it represent your views and thoughts perfectly. Most people hire the services of professional WordPress developers to get customized blogs. It is very important to have a distinctive looking blog as it adds to the marketability of the blog.

Tips to Get Customized WordPress Blog

Design in Paper – The best of the ideas come out when you design the blog in a piece of paper. Designing the blog on paper gives you much more creative freedom as you aren’t bound by graphical limitations of a theme or confused by too many themes that you see on the screen. You can make quick changes and additions on the paper. Once you are done with the design which you created on paper can be instantly developed into a theme on the PC to meet your needs.

Theme around Yourself/Business – The best thing to get a customized WordPress blog is to theme it around your personality in case of a personal blog or your business. This helps you add that uniqueness to the blog as you or your business will definitely have some niche characteristics. Include things which people easily identify with the business such as logo, color or tagline etc.

PSD to WordPress – A professional WordPress designer will design the blog in Photoshop after which the PSD file can be converted into HTML/CSS and can easily be incorporated into WordPress admin and finally into a customized blog. The blog will be hand coded using semantic coding technique which ensures that blog ranks high on the search engine results pages. It will undergo W3C validation which ensures better performance on the search engines as well as cross browser compatibility on browsers.

Use Third Party Plugins – In WordPress plugins are one of the most used tools to get customized blogs. Third-party plugins add features and functionality to the blog upon installation and make them interactive and attractive. These plugins can also be customized to meet the exact demands of the blog. In fact using plugins is one of the easiest ways to customize the blog.

To get a customized blog with WordPress website development you need to hire professional developers who have expertise in this business. Take a look at their portfolio and see the custom blogs they have developed in the past. If you re impressed you can go ahead and discuss the project with the company.

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Learning WordPress

Learning WordPress can be a great publishing tool that is especially useful in the field of blogging and website management. WordPress integrates great features, easy to use interface, and the ability to integrate multiple platforms into one seamless action of posting. There are many facets to learning WordPress, but you should take some time to familiarize yourself with features such as as the Administration Panel, Theme, and the use of Widgets.

After creating a WordPress account, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Administration Panel. The Administration Panel is presented in sections that include the header, navigation area, work area, and the footer. The header will show the name of your blog and is displayed as a link to your main page. In this section, you will also find your privacy settings, favorites menu, link to your profile, and the Log Out feature. On the left-side screen you will find the navigation menu that has all the administrative functions that can be performed. All features can be hidden or collapsed by hovering over the title area. The largest area is the work area. This area is where your posting ideas are collected and arranged. In the footer, which is at the bottom of the Administration Panel, you can find links to documentation and feedback. Feedback is a useful part of WordPress that allows website viewers to leave valuable opinions that can be used in further polishing your website.

Another feature that you will want to take into consideration is the Theme. In this section, you can customize the look and style of your website. The theme, also called a ‘skin’, comes in packages that include graphics, text, and colors. There is a long list of Themes for WordPress users to select. There is even a Theme Swticher plugin that can help publishers switch out the style with ease and also includes a preview function to view your website. Another neat feature of WordPress is the ease of using Widgets. Widgets are gadgets that can be used for multiple purposes and are easy to incorporate into your website through drag-and-drop user interface. These gadgets can be used to add extra components to your website such as categories, recent posts, recent comments, and even archives. In addition, gadgets that integrate social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, and MySpace can be used to deliver information faster and easier than ever.

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Two Absolutely Key Questions for Achieving Prosperity

Last week, I talked about WHY you should embrace your own prosperity … this week, I want to help you get clarity about the path to prosperity.

Prosperity is a journey. And as with any journey, getting focus and clarity is a key to success. And I want you to succeed.

In the WProsper survey we sent to you, I asked these questions, because if I am clear about them, I can better help you. (The responses have been amazingly helpful, by the way.)

Here they are:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What’s holding you back?

Getting crystal clear answers to these questions multiply your chances for success greatly.

Our time, talent and treasure are limited resources. We need to be laser focused and use them wisely to get to the place we want to be.

And if you are taking off on a journey, but don’t have course direction to follow, or a compass to guide you, you’ll end up lost, wandering aimlessly in the wilderness.

So let’s unpack them … so you can get get clear and focused.

Where do you want to go?

What is your summit, the destination you’re heading toward? What is the journey you on are?

Where do you want to go? Today, this week, this month, this year … and beyond?

It’s essentially asking: What do you want out of life?

And I’ve found the best place to start is actually at the end. 

Specifically, at the end of your life. Then we’ll start working back from there. Yeah, it seems morbid at first. But to make the most of your time on earth, asking yourself where you want to end up, what you want to have achieved and done, who you want to have loved, and how you want to have lived … all these inform the journey.

Otherwise, we will zealously chase things that don’t mean anything. And we’ll end up empty and possibly alone.

So, I ask, at the end of your life, what do you want to be true about you and your life?

Take some time and answer that deeply, thoroughly. The answer won’t come in an instant, so spend enough time thinking, dreaming, pondering this big question.

These exercise will inevitably lead you to ask: Who you are and who do you want to be?

This is one of the reasons I’m always seeking to learn more about myself and asking me these questions continually.

It’s not self-absorption, but more self-awareness. And why I’m always taking discovery tools like StrengthsFinder, or 5 Love Languages and encouraging others to do the same.

I want to make the most of my life. And knowing more about myself helps me understand my unique contribution to the world (or my little corner of it).

Then asking yourself: Knowing who I am (at least at this point), what do I want? And of course if you have a significant other, what do WE want?

The next part of this question is: WHY?

Why do you want those things?

Knowing why gives me inspiration, motivation and encouragement to stay the course. And if a Why doesn’t match up with my values, I correct it because the wrong Why will lead me off course and into trouble. (It always does!)

So I’ll admit … I also ask these questions regularly because I’ve found they change and drift at each stage of life.

My goals and ambitions in my 20s, as a single guy living in an apartment working insane hours, are different now as a 37-year-old father of two. And they should. I have more people to think about than just me!

And let’s face it—life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned it … and I’m actually VERY thankful for that. Every day is a surprise. Typically a pleasant one. But it’s full of twists and turns. And each day that I’ve simply savored the journey and the view, I’ve loved the ride.

So here are some reminders and thoughts as you struggle with this question:

  • Knowing the end informs the beginning and middle. It’s the summit we strive for. And all roads should lead to it.
  • Find the why and be lead, motivated and inspired by it.
  • Know yourself deeply. We don’t spend enough time in thoughtful self-awareness. But it can save us from detours that waste time and energy.
  • Don’t expect clarity even in a moment of thoughtful reflection. It’s ok if the summit is a general direction. But as you move you should see the clouds dissipate and have more and more clarity.
  • Sometimes you have to walk down a path simply to see if it’s the one you really want to be on. As long as you’re learning and clarifying, chalk it up to progress.
  • Things change. And that’s OK. Let me repeat that. Things change. And again, that’s OK. In my professional life, I’ve wanted to be a truck driver, newspaper journalist, church planter … and now I’m an entrepreneur. The journey is mine. If it changes, it changes, and as long as I’m pursuing something bigger that gives me purpose and passion, using my talents and strengths, and making progress on that, making a difference, then that’s the journey I ALWAYS want to be on. Even if it’s changed 50 times. I’m sure mine will.

What’s holding you back?

Now once you’ve gotten a sense of clarity in where you’re heading … what’s in your way?

I know we’ve spent some time on positive things … and this seems almost counterproductive. But in my experience it’s absolutely key to achieving success.

Although I’ve been using forms of this idea for years, when I read The Obstacle Is the Way last year, it fortified the idea that whatever is in my way of success is actually the keys to my success.

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” –Zen parable found in The Obstacle is the Way book

This philosophy is similar to the question I ask often now — How can this fail? But I like this focus even more. It’s an epic formula for achievement and success.

Focusing on the challenges and obstacles that stand in my way and then blowing them up (or using them productively) has been life-changing. And I don’t say that quickly, or without thought and value.

(Here’s a slideshow titled 10 Strategies For Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities from the author Ryan Holiday.)

Now as I list my goals (from question one) and I’ve fully identified and clarified the big things I want to achieve in my life, I instantly started a new list called Obstacles and Challenges. From this list, I began to see what blocks our path … so we can attack, minimize, blow it up, use it against itself.

Let me give you an example.

One of my goals this year is to help you prosper. In order to help you do that, you have to WANT to prosper and you may need help on WHERE to start.

I realized one of the limiting beliefs for myself could also be one reason you don’t commit to WProsper with us. So I wrote last week’s post to tell you WHY you should embrace prosperity. And why I wrote today’s post … to give you ideas on how to get started.

These all came about because I asked myself … in the pursuit of our goal, what are the obstacles for people truly committing to it?

The obstacle is the way. Get clear on what, who, where they are … and use them.

Again, it’s why we asked in the WProsper survey — What is holding you back?

Your responses have been so helpful. And exciting, honestly. Why? Because I know we can help you and I’m thrilled to be able to do so.


Your Homework / Challenge

Get clear(er) on these two questions … take some today, this week, to answer:

  • Where do you want to go this year?
  • What’s holding you back?

Write your answers out. Then print them off and post to your mirror or desk. Send them to someone you trust to support you (my wife is my biggest supporter and when I commit to something she’s the first person I tell about it). Or  … if you want others to see, post them in the comments here. (And of course you can always email them to me at cory at ithemes dot com).


WordPress Designer – Joomla Versus WordPress

Both Joomla and WordPress are established web design applications used by millions of websites across the world. Web Design Companies and web designers have in general supported various open source software for developing websites. Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular ones and have established communities on the internet. There are hundreds of quality forums and blogs dedicated specifically towards the use of Joomla and WordPress for designing websites. Other web design and content management systems including Drupal and Typo3 have also proved popular and effective. However WordPress and Joomla seem to have an edge over the others in terms of global popularity and use.

WordPress v/s Joomla


WordPress probably scores higher in terms of usability, both from an end user as well as developer’s point of view. Due to its simplicity WordPress is easy to learn and get acclimatised to. However this is also due to the fact that Joomla offers many more features than WordPress and offers more advanced functionality. The new version of Joomla, the 1.5x version has made significant improvements in usability.


WordPress is better described as a blog software whereas Joomla is an advanced content management system. WordPress is excellent for publishing content. Joomla on the other hand offers many powerful features. There are Joomla components that target almost every industry and market.

Search Engine Cptimization

WordPress is known for its search engine optimisation advantages. By default WordPress is search engine friendly and webpages tend to rank high on Google. On the Joomla needs some customisation in order to target the full benefits from search engines. With the right customisation however, Joomla websites are equally capable of ranking high on search engines like Google. Any expert Joomla developer will design a website to be SEO friendly.


Joomla is easily scalable. Joomla can be used to design small websites as well for developing complex functionality on websites. WordPress is great out of the box and will work excellent if the only purpose of the website was to publish informational content. WordPress is great out of the box but limited somewhat for developing complicated web applications.


Joomla has clear advantages with regards to extending and integrating the website with other third party applications of software. Joomla has a well formed and powerful API that developers can use to extend the software or integrate with other systems as required. Joomla websites can be easily integrated with other sources or websites.

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Web Design for WordPress

WordPress is being used for more and more corporate web designs and there are an almost limitless number of additional functions, plugins and customisation available today.  WordPress has developed from its beginnings as a simple blogging tool to a versatile and – quite often – easy to use content management system (CMS).

WordPress makes a distinction between “pages” and “posts” and there are many ways to display and integrate the functions of “pages” and “posts”.

Pages are generally best used for your non-dated main navigation items such as “about us”, “our services” or “contact”. You can create multi-level pages (for example: “consultancy” can be a sub-item of the main page services) but you will need to physically link to the sub item pages if your main navigation bar is not setup to automatically populate drop-down menus.

Posts on the other hand are ideal for sections of your WordPress web design that will be contain a growing number of sub items. WordPress Posts have been developed with built in auto-archiving features and can be sorted by month, year, day, category, custom keyword tags or by author. This makes WordPress posts ideal for news updates, articles, case-studies, portfolios, product updates and similar. The feature of posts that most often impacts your web design would be the categories function.  You can file posts under multiple categories and you will need to decide early on if your developer needs to pull custom posts from different categories onto pages or if all your categories will be fine displayed alongside each other.

For example you may wish to create the impression of a dedicated case studies area by pulling only the case studies posts onto a page whilst all other articles and news updates posts get filed in your “latest updates” section. If you are able to consult an experienced WordPress web designer at this stage they should be able to point you to the most versatile solution and to show you examples of existing projects to help you visualise the final result.

Common pitfalls of WordPress Web Design:

Too many custom blocks and theme areas limit the efficiency of future design updates. In order to create custom blocks and layouts the WordPress developer quite often has to customise or ‘hack’ the website code. This is fine in its own right but it also means that you will most likely not be able to take advantage of the switchable nature of WordPress themes on your next design update. With a simple web structure you will often be able to just load a new theme and activate it. If there is too much customisation it might take longer to get the new theme to fit in with the complex structure.

Too many additional scripts and image heavy web design often come into play when one realises just how many options there are out there. While many features such as interactive flash games, weather updates and currency converters do add something to a website it needs to be noted that code and image heavy websites tend to load very slowly. Fast loading websites get better results with users and search engines alike. Resist the urge to add on too many features and if possible get a usability test done to identify which features your users will find the most useful.

 Little or no consideration to Search Engine Optimisation on the WordPress web design. Make sure that your WordPress developer installs search engine optimisation plugins that allow you to add custom meta data to each page/post as well as to generate search engine friendly sitemaps. Additionally your developer need to take advantage of the URL rewrite function (permalinks) which will allows you to create custom page names that can incorporate target keywords (which display in the Address bar of your internet browser.)

 It is best to start a WordPress web design process that takes full advantage of the built in functions in the WordPress CMS. 

Music With Piano Tutorials

Music is the peace of soul. In fact, it is the food of our soul. That is why no one can stay alive and animated without music at all for the reason it has been injected into our lives, hearts and souls as a magical light forever. Music is an art which needs to be learned professionally as well as dedicatedly. But learning music needs you to get familiar with the fundamentals of music, piano, lyrics, poetry, and composition on the dot. Generally music is consisted of many unique forms and shapes such as western music, eastern music, Asian music, French music, Japanese music, Chinese music, Indian music, Italian music, Pakistan music, Turkish music, Egyptian music, and many more. In order to learn music, you will have to immediately get familiar with piano tutorials because they include the fundamentals of piano and music art. Great news is that online piano tutorial industry makes available the best piano tutorial services to its most valuable and friendly customers worldwide in a thoroughly professional and dedicated manner.

When it comes to the piano tutorials, they are basically called as the lecturers which are comprised of various tutorials, articles, lessons, videos, clips, and songs of music. If you are a novice, then it is absolutely mandatory for you to become master of piano art professionally. How can it be possible for us to become master of piano art? Well all we have to do is to just take few online piano tutorials from a professional online piano tutorial company so that we may be successfully able to get our job done in style. Bear in mind that if you do not play a good piano you cannot be able to become master of music at all. That is why it becomes of the essence for the novices to dedicatedly learn the art of piano under the teachings of someone else. As a result, you will be surely able to become familiar with music and piano songs forever. Company offers the best piano tutorials to its valued customers worldwide cost effectively.

Read different kinds of newsy articles, books, news and short stories on music and piano tutorials on the internet as they will definitely lend a hand to you to get familiar with piano songs and music art easily. Finally we have to say that there are a lot of positive influences of piano tutorials into our personality for example increased self esteem, improved style, enhanced confidence, peace of mind, and removal of depression. Therefore if you need any assistance regarding the piano tutorial, please feel free to contact with us online. We shall provide you the best piano tutorial services worldwide dedicatedly.


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Five Steps to Sell a Product with iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is our free ecommerce plugin, designed to get you online and selling fast. Setting up your online store shouldn’t have to be complicated. Here are some basic steps you can follow to sell your products online using iThemes Exchange.

Be sure you’ve downloaded and installed Exchange on your WordPress site.

1. Select Your Product Types and Choose Payment Gateways

After you activate Exchange you’ll be taken to the iThemes Exchange Setup screen. From this screen you can choose your product type(s), shipping options, and payment gateways. We recommend PayPal and Stripe for secure payment transactions.

iThemes Exchange Setup Product Types and Payment Gateway

Note: to select a membership product type, you’ll need the membership add-on.

We have tutorials on payment gateways:

If you scroll down the iThemes Exchange Setup page you can adjust settings like the currency you would like to use and which email address system notifications (like sales!) should go to:

email settings iThemes Exchange

Once you’ve set these items, you’re ready to start adding products to your site!

2. Focus on SEO

Before we get to adding products, you’ll want to make sure your site is set up so that search engines can find those products you’re adding.

You want people to find your products when they’re searching for them on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Adjusting your permalinks in the WordPress dashboard is a great way to set up your site to be SEO friendly, driving more traffic to your site.

To update permalink settings, go to Settings in WordPress and turn on permalinks. It’s helpful for people to find the product names that are on the product pages also in the URL. For example, if I’m selling an ebook entitled “How to Set Up Your First WordPress Site” I want the URL to include keywords like “Set Up First WordPress Site”.

Permalink Settings in WordPress

You’ll want to use any of the settings that include the post (or page) name for best SEO results.

3. Add Products

Time to add your products! When you hover over Exchange in the WordPress nav, click Add Product to get started. In this example, we’re adding a Physical Product.

Add Products in iThemes Exchange

From the Add Product screen you can add all the details about your product including images, product description and even more details in the Advanced section of the product details.

Add New Product in iThemes Exchange

After you’ve added all details, click Publish and you’ll be able to see your product in your live store.

4. The Checkout Process

Do you want to have a Buy Now option? Or would you like to direct users to purchase from a cart page? In this example I want shoppers to use a cart to check out (so I can use the Abandoned Carts Add-on to recover sales) so I changed the purchase button label to match the action.

Exchange purchase button edit

For even more flexibility with your purchase buttons, check out the Purchase Buttons Add-on in the Pro Pack.

5. Don’t Forget Customer Messages

Be sure to change the email address so that the emails are sent from the store owner/manager that way if there is a reply it will go to the right person.

There are several customer message opportunities built into Exchange. You can edit after purchase messages per product, the welcome message users see when they log in, and more.

The message your customer see when they purchase a product is important and you have the ability to customize that email notification right from your Exchange settings.

In this screen we added a special after-purchase message to this shirt on iThemesSwag.com

iThemes Exchange Customized After purchase message

Watch the webinar tutorial to learn more about setting up your online store with iThemes Exchange:

BONUS: More Ways to Learn Exchange

Get Exchange Now


WordPress Developer Andrew Norcross Shares Business Lessons

WordPress Developer Andrew NorcrossAndrew Norcross is a passionate WordPress developer. You’d have to be to tattoo the WordPress logo on your hand.

Norcross isn’t much for the traditional. He’s tried the 9-to-5 life and keeps coming back to his own business, Reaktiv Studios. They do custom WordPress development as well as products with Design Palette Pro.

Eager to give back to the WordPress community, Norcross creates free plugins, is a conference regular, organizes WordCamp Tampa and makes WordPress core contributions.

We talked to Norcross to glean some business insights:

What was your first breakthrough in business that made you successful and how did it come about?

I don’t think there was one big “breakthrough” event, but rather a series of small wins and lessons.

I was fortunate to get involved at a time when WordPress was growing, but wasn’t the crowded space it is today. I put in a lot of time and effort and made a lot of mistakes, but was lucky that I could recover from them.

It also helped that due to some things in my personal life, I had begun freelancing without much (none, really) of a safety net so I had extra motivation to make it work.

Can you share a few of those mistakes and what you learned?

Oh wow, there are so many it’s not even funny.

But a few core ones that took more than a few times to grasp:

  • Learning client red flags.
  • Listening to my gut when something didn’t seem right.
  • Only promising what I can actually deliver.
  • When I mess something up, owning it 100%.

You have a WordPress tattoo, so clearly WordPress means a lot to you. What is it about WordPress that’s impacted your life so deeply you wanted a tattoo?

Well, I’ve got a lot of ink—about 120 hours total. So while I’d love to say that it was something really deep and meaningful, it just happened to work well into the coffee cup tattoo I was getting on my hand.

But to the question itself, WordPress does mean a lot to me. It’s what pays my bills and supports my family, and it’s provided me with a fantastic community of people that I’d otherwise never have met.

WordPress Developer Andrew Norcross and his WordPress Tattoo

You’ve worked full time jobs as well as running your own business, Reaktiv Studios. What keeps bringing you back to running your own business?

I worked for two companies for a total of 18 months in the middle of my now 8-year career. It was a combination of being exhausted running my company solo, wanting to purchase a home and getting married, which brought two more kids to the family. So the insurance, steady pay, etc., was nice. It also gave me a chance to work on some cool projects that I wouldn’t have gotten as a freelancer.

But ultimately I’m just not that good at working for other people, as I’ve never done well with authority. So when I re-launched Reaktiv full time, my wife took on the management side of the business while I focused on the development side. It’s worked out amazingly well.

What’s your best advice for working with clients?

First off, do the work.

It seems odd to say, but so many issues are avoided by just delivering on your promises.

From there, it’s a matter of communication. Let them know what’s happening. Get them involved when they need to be (and push them out when they don’t). And most importantly, be the professional.

You’ve switched from custom development to selling products with Design Palette. How has that changed your business?

Reaktiv does both. We still do at least 50% client work, if not more. But moving to the product space was a combination of having a marketable idea, and knowing how to build it. It’s been nice in terms of revenue, but also to see a project through over the long haul and watch as it matures and evolves. It’s given me more insight to managing a project, as most client work is simply build/ship/repeat.

In another interview you were asked about the first question you’d ask a developer in a job interview, and you said you’d want to see their code before a word is spoken—and if they didn’t have public code, they wouldn’t be a good candidate. Why is having public code so important to you?

I know there are a few scenarios where there isn’t public code, usually when someone works for a company that doesn’t allow them to push things live. But it’s still important to see public code.

First off, it shows they are involved with the community at some level.

But in detail, it gives me insight into the person as a developer. Do they follow best practices? Do they cut corners? If there’s enough code to review, has their skill set grown? These are things you can’t get in a verbal interview.

What books have helped you build your business?

I don’t read a lot of business books, too many are either so high level/theory based that it’s not actionable info, or so hyper focused that it’s only relatable to the writer’s experience.

But the books by Mike Monteiro and Erika Hall from Mule Design are fantastic, and I’d strongly suggest everyone read those:


WordPress Training


Concept of communication of information by display through websites, blogs and world wide network has revolutionized the trade at all levels. It has become a way of life in developed world. It has made successful ingress in the developing world. It is worth noting that developing world is many times larger than developed world. Therefore it is not wrong to conclude that there is immense scope of adoption of e communication in times to come. The race is already on. One can feel left behind if one does not board the band wagon today. We must prepare ourselves for it by proper training. 
A stitch in time saves nine. WordPress training works like a magic wand to close the gap created by time lapsed. It immediately puts you in step with the world in this race. Acesoftech Academy You can design your website of international standard and launch it to promote your business. Having acquired the status of a professional after training with Sohanasoftech you can make websites, launch and manage for others and can earn a handsome living.
Sohanasoftech has carried out thorough analysis about the training of WordPress for the present and future users. Knowing your day to day commitment, pocket size and educational back ground we have devised short courses that can be sufficient to give you a start in the field of web designing and managing. You can build upon it by taking additional courses as per your requirement. It is important to take the first step in practical business. Your indulgence in market will dictate you its requirement. You would like to brace yourself with additional knowledge of WordPress to prepare yourself for the competing market. 
Sohanasoftech has solution to train you for all levels of expertise of WordPress. At higher levels we will make you understand the theme, philosophy of WordPress along with its technical integration with other soft wares and hard wares that make things happen. Our aim is that you learn to optimize WordPress to the best and be a cut above others when your website appears on the net. Finesse in your design, lay out, approach toward theme given by the customer and ease of use of website should speak for itself. 
If you are keen and ambitious to learn WordPress leave rest to us. We promise to chisel you into an expert. 

Android Development Tutorials

Android is actually an absolute operating environment based upon the Linux V2.6 kernel. In the beginning, the actual operation target for Android was the particular mobile-phone arena, in addition to smart phones as well as lower-cost flip-phone devices. On the other hand, Android’s full range of computing services and wealthy functional support has the actual probable to pull out away from the mobile-phone market. Android can be helpful for other platforms and applications.

The actual Android platform may be the creation associated with the Open Handset Alliance, a group of organizations working together to build a better mobile phone. The actual group, led through Google, includes mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, component manufacturers, software solution and platform providers, and marketing companies. From a software development standpoint, Android sits smack among the open source world.

This particular tutorial is expected for anyone attracted in beginning Android development on Eclipse while using the Android development tools plug-in. It offers insight into the particular salient features associated with an Android app, along with a brief explanation of the basic components.

Android is undoubtedly an open-source software stack made for mobiles and other devices. It truly is combines as well as portions of several dissimilar open source projects. Typically the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the preserving and a lot more expansion of Android. Many device manufacturers have brought to market devices running Android, and perhaps they are readably available everywhere.

Android may be the major Os for developing applications in today for assorted reasons. The principle reasons currently being that it must be Start Source and also spontaneous. Furthermore this uses Java with regard to development, that’s somewhat a good effortless language in order tooted also develop in.

You cannot run standard Java bytecode on Android as it uses a special virtual machine. Android supports 2-D and 3-D graphics while using OpenGL libraries and supports data storage in a SQLite database.

The operating system controls the life period of the application. At any time the Android system may stop or destroy your application. The actual Android system defines a life cycle for activities via pre-defined methods.

By providing an open development platform, Android presents developers the facility to construct awfully rich and ground-breaking applications. Developers are free to take good thing about the product hardware, access location information, run background services, set alarms, add notifications in order to the status bar, and much, way more.