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Niche Blogs 101

In this internet era, creating profitable niche blogs offer a new way to earn money online. The one main reason why niche blogging can be a viable option for any income hopefuls is its simplicity in creation. Such sites are easy to create, and suitable for anyone regardless of his or her online marketing or […]

Freelance Productivity: How to Tame the Whirlwind

The life of a freelancer can be a constant swirl of busyness. Projects and tasks and urgent needs are all vying for your attention. Freelancing is a whirlwind. Freelance productivity is the solution. You’re not alone. We all deal with this vortex wrestling for our attention. The less-than-cheerful news is that the whirlwind never goes […]

WordPress Plugin Roundup – March 2018

In this post, we recap the newest cool and useful (oh, and free!) WordPress plugins added to the WordPress Plugin Directory. Recent Changes to the Plugin Directory The WordPress Plugin Directory has changed the warning for “old” plugins to show a version-based warning rather than a time-based warning. Instead of showing a warning like “this […]

TIG Welding 101

It is like a rising superstar in this day in which we live. The art of TIG welding has been around for some time but is becoming an ever popular application for welding. It is drawing upon the curious side of someone already interested in the field of welding. TIG welding is a very unique […]

WordPress Wizard 2.0 – A Complete Review

Have you ever considered the idea of being able to make money online? Chances are if you have, you have probably thought about the idea of making money with a blog. Many people do make money with blogs, and good money too. The problem is, is if you are new to Internet marketing and blogging, […]