The Easy Way to Turn Your WordPress Into a True CMS

WordPress is becoming a very popular blogging platform by each day. Now a days it is used not only for blogging but large scale business content management systems. You can do almost anything with WordPress if you really have good knowledge of WordPress.

There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress but sometimes you need to have a unique design for yourself. The easiest way to create a theme for WordPress is to use some online theme builders.There might be many online WordPress theme builders tool but you may have never seen such a tool.

WPThemeBuilder is not only just a formatting tool but can also build premium WordPress themes. Here are some good things about WPThemeBuilder

You can do all formatting and styling up of elements like all other online theme builder tool does.
Theme background formatting with built-in image manager and ability to upload your own graphics (best for designers)
Rounded corners support for layouts (browser compatible feature)
Customize almost every part of your WordPress themes including theme background, wrapper, header, sidebar, content column
Custom Home Page (Rocking Feature): Now you can create a custom home page that will have different look than all of your other site pages.
Archive Layouts (Another rocking feature): Create themes from simple blogging style to complex magazine based styles by choosing an archive style from a big list.
WordPress CMS Widgets : These widgets are a part of your home page. You can add/remove these widgets to your home page. This is a big help for business oriented websites. Once you added any of premium widgets to your home page , its control panel will be automatically built and embedded in your WordPress admin area.. These widgets are of many types such as text widgets, photo gallery widgets, content sliders widgets, slide show widgets, multi-column magazine widgets, sticky post widget, tabbed content widget and a lot more.
Drop down menus in your hands: Now you can also create drop down menus for any page or categories list. These drop down menus can also be configured from WP-Admin and you can add/remove menu items in these menus.

In short, WPThemeBuilder is an excellent product and it can defeat the popular rockers very easily such as WP-Remix, thesis, revolution and all theme clubs. Because those themes and clubs does not gives you a unique end-product but WPThemeBuilder does…. And it have better flexibility over them.

Best for those people who manage a lot of sites and don’t want to pay extra cost to the developers.

Internet Marketing For Artists – WordPress Fun!

WordPress is the hottest blogging platform out there today. What is a blogging “platform”? That is a service that provides the tools, sites and templates to create your own blog so you can have your own website up and running in minutes. Blogging is a powerful tool for spreading information and networking with others…and it’s totally free. Have you discovered the fun and profitability of blogging yet? After you read this, you will.

On a recent poll I read, 60% or more of people that surf the web get their information from blogs. The reason for this is the popularity of blogs and their inclusion in the search results of the search engines. Google loves blogs. Why? Because the search engines need to provide their customers (searchers) with the most up to date material they can or they will search elsewhere. In other words, Google loves fresh content! Who wants to visit a website with 3 year old information?

Blogs by their very nature have the freshest content. Most blogs are posted anywhere from once a week to everyday, giving the latest in news, fashion, celebrity gossip, images…you name it! Google knows that this is the kind of activity that makes the Internet fun and relevant. When you have your own blog, you too can quickly get a piece of this activity. You can promote your art, teach others techniques or even sell your art right on the blog.

Learning to blog is pretty easy when you know what to do. The proper training can have your blog up in minutes and starting to reach people from all over the globe the same day. There are secrets to making blogging as effective and active as possible that anyone can learn for next to nothing as an investment. Investing in the proper training will avoid wasting your time and turn any part time artist or hobbyist into a full time online money maker.

Whether your a newbie to Internet marketing or have been making money for years, there are always new updated techniques to creating an online business being discovered every day. Learn to make money with Alka Dalal, an expert internet marketer and public speaker for over 25 years.


3 Must-Have Image Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Images are a critical part of your website, no matter what platform you use. A good website demands high-quality, relevant images be delivered to your visitors quickly and easily. Unfortunately, high-quality images take up a lot of server space, can often increase website loading times, and are sometimes difficult to present in the format you want.

Out of the box, WordPress makes it easy to manage images for your website, but there is still room for improvement.

In this post, we’re going to cover three image plugins that tackle the most common issues and requests associated with WordPress and image management. Basically, these plugins can make your WordPress website look and perform a whole lot better.

Special Note: These plugins are all easy to install and simple to use, but if you’re looking for basic information on working with images in pages or posts, check out Part 9 of our WP101 video series, “Adding Images”.

envira gallery logoEnvira Gallery Lite (Free)

Envira Gallery Lite is the free version of the Envira Gallery premium plugin. The premium version has more features and functionality, but for a basic blog or photography website the free version of Envira Gallery provides all the features you need to easily create beautiful, responsive image galleries.

Per the plugin’s page on, Envira Gallery and Envira Gallery Lite have been downloaded over 300,000+ times, making them one of the most popular image gallery plugins available.

Plugin Features

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Lightbox image presentation
  • Fast loading and optimized for SEO
  • Select number of columns
  • Pagination
  • Image proofing

Why We Like It

  • envira lightbox example

    Envira Gallery’s Lightbox feature in action.

    Lightbox Features: Envira image galleries all come complete with Lightbox functionality, which makes for a much more smooth, pleasing image experience. With Lightbox, visitors can click on your images to see them in a larger format.

  • Easy To Use: Once you’ve installed the plugin (see Part 17 of our WP101 video series to learn how to install plugins) you simply go to “Add New”. Then you upload or drag/drop your photos in, adjust the gallery and Lightbox settings, and your gallery is created.envira gallery main menuThen head over to your page or post and click on the new “Add Gallery” button. Select the gallery you want to add, and you’re done!envira gallery add
  • More Options Than Default WordPress Gallery Functionality: The default image functionality in WordPress allows you to insert a gallery into pages or posts, but Envira Gallery provides you with more customization options (such as column and row sizing) and insures that your images are mobile-friendly and have Lightbox features.

wp smush logoWP Smush (Free)

Images take up a lot of space on a webserver and can slow down your site’s performance severely. WP Smush is a free plugin that reduces (or “smushes”) image file sizes through compression and improves your website’s load time, a major SEO performance factor.

According to the plugin page, WP Smush has been downloaded over 400,000+ times, making it the most popular image compression plugin available.

Plugin Features

  • Optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.
  • Set maximum width and height and large images will automatically scale before being added to your media library.
  • Auto-smush your attachments on upload.
  • Manually smush your attachments individually in the media library, or in bulk 50 attachments at a time.

Why We Like It

  • Very Easy To Use: Once the plugin is installed, you really only need to push the “Bulk Smush Now” button in order to compress all of your images. The default settings are correct for nearly all websites.wp smush it interface
  • No Loss In Image Quality: The plugin compresses your image sizes without reducing the image quality, causing pixelation, or cropping your images.

responsive lightbox logoResponsive Lightbox (Free)

Responsive Lightbox allows you to add mobile-friendly Lightbox functionality to all images on your site, making for an improved image experience for visitors to your site on both desktop and mobile devices.

The plugin has over 200,000+ downloads, making it one of the most popular Lightbox plugins out there.

Plugin Features

  • Automatically add lightbox to WordPress image galleries.
  • Automatically add lightbox to WordPress image links.
  • Automatically add lightbox to WordPress video links (YouTube, Vimeo).
  • WooCommerce product gallery support.
  • Option to set gallery images title from image title, caption, alt or description.
  • Option to conditionally load scripts and styles only on pages that have images or galleries in post content.

Why We Like It

Loads Of Options: Responsive Lightbox has more options than any other Lightbox plugin available, particularly the ability to add Lightbox functionality to links and the option to enable the Lightbox on only certain pages.

Adds Lightbox To All Images: By default, WordPress images do not have Lightbox features. If you use Envira Gallery Lite, Lightbox features are enabled for images in galleries only. With Responsive Lightbox, you can add Lightbox features to every image on your site, whether in a gallery or not.

Wrap Up

Images have always been a challenging part of running a website, but WordPress and the community at-large are always working to improve the platform in any way they can. We hope you try out these image plugins and see improvements in the performance and use of your WordPress site.

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Using WordPress in Creating a Website

As the popular proverb says, “We must keep up with the times to ensure excellence.” This saying can be readily applied to what we are experiencing nowadays. The modern technology we are now enjoying has really made our lives easier. Perhaps the most defining invention this century has is the birth of the World Wide Web, or simply put, the Internet. Born from the interconnected computers from a science laboratory, the Internet has made our world smaller and has opened us to the global community.

The Internet has opened the information super highway that provided us with quick details about something. The Internet also redefined how business and trade are done. Online shops are now mushrooming and businessman can now deal with their clients spanning thousands of miles of waters and land. To keep up with this technology, one would find it very necessary to create a new website. Whether it will be used for business, providing information, blogging, or simply for pleasure, having a website of your own can be very useful. The process of creating a website itself must be fun and hassle-free. If you want to create one in no time at all, then WordPress is the best way.

WordPress started in 2003 originally intended to help people build and write blogs. To cater to the growing demands of the consumer, it has evolved into a full content management system. It is the successor of the b2/cafelog. Their publishing system was built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. Although WordPress may be considered young in the field of webmaking, they trace their roots and development as early as 2001. WordPress is also known for their stability and their capacity to deliver promising and competent results.

WordPress offers a lot more than any other website makers can offer you. It is a hundred percent Open Source, meaning hundreds of people are working and benefits from it because it’s free. It is also user-friendly. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about web making, WordPress will not drive you nuts with dense technical terminologies. Instead, they will provide you with concise and easy-to-follow step by step procedures. When you finally want to beautify your website, you can use their built-in visual editor that is also proven to be user-friendly. Not only that, you could include widgets on your page which could all be rearranged without having to edit the Php or HTML code. Templates are also easy to use here, and they can be customized to fit your taste. If you want to install themes and switch them sometimes, this is still very possible.

With WordPress, the content and layout of your webpage is guaranteed to be separated. It offers integrative link management, and with fast and accurate search engines. WordPress even provides you the freedom to assign multiple and interconnecting categories to the articles that your website may contain. WordPress also backs up the TrackBack and PingBack standards, in case you want to display links to other sites which are related or linked in an article. Finally, WordPress contains a rich plug in architecture that allows users, as well as the developers, to customize its functionality. This enables you to perform tasks that are needed by a certain webpage.

So if you are planning to create a webpage but aren’t sure how to do it. Don’t worry, because you can let WordPress do most of the work. With all of its amazing features, we are sure that your webpage will be something that you will be proud of.

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Why You Should Choose WordPress Blog Templates

Creating blogs is one sure way of promoting your business to the next level much more if you are choosing WordPress blog templates. Since it is very easy to use and install even a non-techie individual can create professional-looking blog. It’s just a matter of changing the blog templates and tweak its plugins, and you have new version of your blog.

When you create blogs, you have to set a standard of uniqueness and quality above all. You can select from the numerous free templates and customize it in a way appealing to your target readers. You can also use of the latest WordPress blog templates that are made with few SEO features, promising a more visibility and ranking in search engines.

How do you design WordPress blog templates?

You can actually make fun out of it yet retaining all relevant information inside. Selecting WordPress blog templates is like choosing which color of your dress to wear each day. Depending on your mood you can select it manually then test for about a week or two and see how it appeals to your target readers. Most of these themes are free as you can download them online and use it for product presentation for your business. There are specific instructions too that you have to follow to successfully install new theme for your blogs.

Advertisement for Free

Doing online business can become a great challenge to beginners. They used to find it hard to advertise online because of financial constraints. Good thing that WordPress blog templates are free to use for everybody. Blogging can help your business attract web users by linking keywords back into your website. Create an outstanding image by using your business logo or customized header.

Since WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform in the world today, you are assured that your blog is presentable and competitive. You can take advantage of its many features to optimize your blog and build a good ranking.



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Why You Need a Self-Hosted Site Over a Free Site

You’ve decided after a great deal of research and recommendations from friends that you’re going to use WordPress to power your personal website. So you head over to, excited at the possibilities.

As you begin going through the setup process, you start noticing tiny details that you didn’t notice before. For example, your site exists at rather than the domain you bought. You may also learn that in order to use that domain, you’ll need to pay WordPress $ 8.25 month on top of the domain name costs. Then, once your site is running, you notice that you can’t install plugins or customize your theme.

What is going on?

In this article, we’re going to cover the key differences between and We’re also going to show you why is the best choice for setting up your WordPress website.

How is Different from

If you’re looking to build your own WordPress website, the most important difference between and is the ability to customize almost anything. lets you do it, does not. That’s it.

What is is home to the original, customizable content management system (CMS) itself, commonly referred to as “self-hosted WordPress”. is where you go to actually download the WordPress files to use on your site. When people refer to having created their site “using WordPress”, they are usually referring to

Since the WordPress CMS exists on your own server, you are free to customize it as much as you want. You are also responsible for installing and hosting the WordPress platform on your own server, that you pay for. This includes installing any theme you want (free or paid themes are available), installing any plugin you want (free or paid options as well), and customizing any code.

What is exists on and nowhere else. You do not control the server or hosting, which is why you cannot customize a site beyond choosing from a selection of free themes.

This is also the reason why default sites contain advertising and exist on what is known as a “subdomain”. A subdomain is effectively a part of a primary domain. For example, is a subdomain of the primary domain, does offer a Premium package that starts at $ 8.25/month. It includes some features that make it somewhat more customizable, but nowhere near the level of a self-hosted site.

Why Over

There are several reasons why we strongly advocate hosting your own WordPress website from over a blog:

1. Complete Theme & Plugin Control

Select and customize any WordPress themes and plugins you like. You can install free themes and plugins or use paid premium themes and plugins. Then you are free to modify and customize those themes and plugins in any way you like.

With you are limited to only a select set of free WordPress themes. You are not allowed to modify any fonts, colors, styles, or layouts on your site.

Once you have your self-hosted site set up, we highly recommend taking advantage of these premium WordPress theme creators:

  • Elegant Themes87 beautiful, premium WordPress themes for only $ 69!
  • ThemeForest — The largest selection of premium WordPress themes!
  • The Genesis Framework — The first and most popular theme platform for WordPress.
  • WooThemes — One of the largest selections of professional WordPress themes.
  • Headway Themes — Drag and drop theme builder for WordPress.
  • Array16 of the most gorgeous, best-designed WordPress themes for just $ 89!

2. Marketing Control

Whether you plan to launch an ecommerce site or a simple blog, you are going to want to market yourself somehow to grow an audience, traffic, or customer base.

Marketing a website can mean many things, including sign-up forms to get people to subscribe to your blog posts or newsletter or account creation capabilities to allow people to purchase your products.

With a self-hosted site, all of these options are available to you via theme features and plugins. With a free website, your options are extremely limited, mostly to a small blog subscription or contact form.

3. Size & Speed

By hosting your own WordPress site, you can select the best web hosting for you. This means you can choose how much space you want to purchase for your site, how fast your server will be (site speed is vital for SEO), how you want to handle your email, and how secure your website will be.

An additional benefit is being able to set up WordPress managed hosting. Managed hosting provides servers built for WordPress sites, 24/7 security, updates your version of WordPress and your plugins, backs up your site automatically so nothing is ever lost, and repairs problems if they ever arise.

We recommend the following WordPress managed hosting providers:

  • WP Engine — The best all-around WordPress host. Read why we trust WP Engine to host this site!
  • GoDaddy — Easy hosting for beginners with stellar support and the lowest cost at just $ 3.99/month!
  • Flywheel — Built for designers and creatives, with developer tools for just $ 15/month.
  • Media Temple — Premium WordPress hosting. Use coupon code: WP10125 to save 25%!
  • SiteGround — Great support and developer tools for just $ 14.95/month.

4. SEO

As we mentioned earlier, using’s free site option means your site is going to be on a subdomain like rather than a primary domain you own such as

Data shows that subdomains and free website platforms do not perform as well as primary domains. Think about the last time you saw a subdomain ranking on a search engine for any keyword as opposed to a primary domain? While having a free site as a subdomain on the network does drive traffic to a site thanks to the exposure the domain brings, it is rare when a subdomain out-ranks a primary domain website.

Additionally, a self-hosted website can be fully customized. Meaning you can optimize every single page on your site to make it more attractive to search engines for the keywords you want to rank for. With a free website, you are not able to customize at that level.

5. Make Money From Your Site

Free sites do not allow you to place any advertising on your website until you reach 25,000 pageviews per month. Even then, you are limited to using the WordPress Ad Control feature, which has few options and allows for little control of the advertising shown on your site.

With a self-hosted site you can advertise in any way you wish. You can place Google AdSense ads or any other type of text-based, link-based, or display advertising anywhere you like. The ability to implement this type of advertising can offset hosting and domain costs, making your website more profitable.

Reminders When Choosing to Self-Host

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding to self-host your website:

  1. Paying for your site: Domain costs, web hosting, email, third-party marketing costs, etc. All of these services are generally very affordable, but keep in mind that they can add up. If you are planning to self-host, make sure you have the funds necessary or have a plan to monetize your website through selling products, services, or through advertising.
  2. Development may be needed: Though you can choose from many amazing themes and plugins on a self-hosted WordPress site, customization is almost always needed. If you are not comfortable working with code like PHP or CSS, you may need to consider budgeting for a WordPress developer to help take your site to the level you are aiming for.

Wrap Up

We hope this post has shown you why a self-hosted site is preferable over the free version. Our entire WP101 training series is based on self-hosted sites, after all.

If you are interested in creating your own WordPress website, we cannot stress enough how vital it is to learn how to purchase your own domain, hosting, and how to monetize your website, in addition to learning the ins and outs of WordPress.

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