Sell Group Memberships with Multiple Users – New Umbrella Membership Add-on Included in Exchange Membership 1.17

The Membership Add-on for iThemes Exchange now includes a new bundled add-on: Umbrella Memberships. This new “core” Membership Add-on allows you to extend the basic Exchange membership product to sell group memberships with multiple users (or members) from your WordPress site.

All current Membership Add-on, Exchange Pro Pack, Plugin Suite and Toolkit customers will find the latest version of the Exchange Membership Add-on (1.17) available as an update from the WordPress dashboard (for licensed sites) or as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel. Save time updating multiple sites by logging in to the Sync dashboard to update all your sites now.

Once you’ve installed (or updated) iThemes Exchange and the iThemes Exchange Membership add-on, you’ll see the new Umbrella Memberships add-on in the Exchange > Add-ons page. Click Activate to get started.

How Group Memberships Work

Group Memberships allow customers to purchase multiple “seats” for different users when they purchase a membership product.


When a customer purchases an “Umbrella Membership” product, they’ll be presented with a configuration screen to add additional members of their team.


If they ever need to remove or replace access for a membership slot, they can do so from their membership dashboard as well. Best of all, if their team expands, purchasing more seats is as simple as buying another membership. Their team members will be transferred over in the background. All of this can be managed by your customers, without you ever needing to get involved.

More Umbrella Membership Features

  • “Smart Defaults”: just activate and go
  • Customizable notification emails: customize the invitation email, invitation and new user email, removed email and expired emails
  • Built-in template tags for emails
  • Purchase quantities: Allow customers to modify the quantity of seats (or members) they wish to purchase
  • Maximum seats: set the maximum number of seats for any umbrella membership product
  • Works seamlessly with other add-ons such as Quantity Discounts, PayPal & Stripe

Learn More About Setting Up Group Memberships with the Umbrella Memberships Add-on for iThemes Exchange

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Taking Stock With WordPress Freelancer Sarah Pressler

We’ve been talking with WordPress freelancers, taking stock of how far they’ve come.

sarah-presslerToday we’re talking with Sarah Pressler. She founded together with Cindy Kendrick in 2015, though they’ve been doing WordPress since 2003 and coding since 1996.

One of their projects is the “professional life wrangling” plugin, OptimaList. Sarah also does project management for SeverPress and PlainMade, volunteers with the WordPress Developers Club,  and has spoken at recent WordCamps.

“I’ve learned that discernment is one of my strongest personal gifts, and I need to trust it.” -Sarah Pressler

The conversation covers finding the right project for you, trusting yourself and focusing.

What was your greatest success as a freelancer?

Standing up for myself. We had a potential client email us with terms that were undesireable and his budget was low. I basically said, “I see your terms, negate them, and double the hourly rate.” He signed a contract four days later, and we’ve had a lot of fun working together.

The other greatest success was walking off a lucrative project manager job for a huge project for a state government site. Within just a few days of the initial scoping call, I knew the project was not the right fit for me. But walking away from it meant saying goodbye to a contract over $ 10,000 for just project management. That was hard to do—but as soon as I did it, I felt so much better about everything at hand. I thought about all the things I’ve heard from other successful freelancers about the power of saying no and the importance of doing so. I trusted in their wisdom, and it turns out they were right. Two days after walking away from that project, we signed a $ 15,000 retainer agreement.

What was your greatest failure as a freelancer, and what did you learn from it?

When I first started freelancing, I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust my gut. I didn’t trust my instincts to lead me to the right clients, right projects, right coworkers. I jumped into every opportunity, and I saw the world with rose colored glasses. I’ve learned that discernment is one of my strongest personal gifts, and I need to trust it.

Looking ahead, where do you need to grow as a freelancer?

Cindy and I are really focusing on getting focused on the OptimaList plugin for WordPress. We started this last year, but client work took precedent. has large clients, and we have a responsibility to make sure they are taken care of. That is good for the bank account too, but it has caused a significant delay in our ability to launch the plugin. We’ve crowdsourced enough money to cover all the operating costs associated with the build, but we could use a good $ 10,000 injection of cash so Cindy could take three months completely off from client work to focus on the build. Bootstrapping a product is hard, but we are determined to get it done in 2016!

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Get Practical With WordPress Pro Jesse Petersen

We’ve been talking with WordPress professionals, exploring some of the practical tools they use every day. Today we’re getting some quick insights from Jesse Petersen.

jesse-petersen-circleJesse started using WordPress in 2005 and today runs Petersen Media Group, a company he founded to offer WordPress services. He’s a frequent WordCamp speaker and is also a former iThemes employee—we’re proud to call him an alumnus. Jesse and his wife have also fostered 34 children and counting, and are currently in the process of adopting their second child.

Freelance—there is nothing free about what pros do.” -Jesse Petersen

We’re going to talk about the ubiquity of WordPress and some of Jesse’s favorite tools:

Why do you love WordPress?

It’s so ubiquitous at this point. You can install it on just about anything and get support and experts everywhere. Being one of those experts is a pretty good income tool.

What are your favorite freelance tools?

While I hate the term “freelance”—there is nothing free about what pros do—my favorite business tools are Tweetbot, Buffer, MacBook Air, Slack and my various hosts. Oh, and iTunes movies, Netflix and VuDu to keep up background noise.

What are your favorite coding tools?

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