Video Marketing Tutorials – Widespread Distribution

Video marketing is quickly catching up with article marketing as a means of generating traffic. The web is becoming more video friendly and many users prefer it to text. A good video marketing strategy can produce enviable results. Unfortunately, many video marketing tutorials fail to discuss one of the most important aspects of building a winning campaign: Distribution.

Many of the guides and tip sheets for successful video marketing explain how to quickly and easily create a video. They provide the persuasive video back story, explaining why video can be successful. They’ll give you hints about length, structure, the equipment you need and many other aspects of implementing the approach. What they often don’t mention, however, is the role distribution will play in terms of getting results.

That’s because many video marketing tutorials begin and end with YouTube. There’s no doubt that YouTube is the biggest online video site, but it isn’t the only one. A variety of other sites get great traffic and have dedicated user bases. There’s absolutely no good reason to neglect distributing your video to these other sites, as well.

The advantage of widespread distribution is two-fold. First, with increased exposure comes an increased likelihood of discovery. In other words, the more the merrier. If you get your video on a few dozen sites instead of placing it on YouTube alone, you’re going to drive more traffic.

Second, most of the video sites that should be on your distribution list are going to give you an opportunity to create a live link back to your site in the video description. In many cases, those links are of the “do follow” variety, too. So, by distributing across the board you secure the added SEO advantage of additional backlinks to your website.

Plus, there are websites that will make submitting the video a one-step process after you set up individual service accounts. If the idea of setting up all of those accounts isn’t attractive, you can find services that will take care of that for you or who will distribute your videos (with your links) under their multiple accounts.

If the video marketing tutorials you’ve been reading seem singularly focused on YouTube, you will undoubtedly want to expand your horizons. You can get better results from your videos by making an effort to distribute them across the larger variety of video repository sites.

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WordPress 101 Tutorials Now Available in Spanish!

We’re proud to announce that our entire 20-part WordPress 101 tutorial series is now available with Spanish subtitles — with more languages coming soon!

WordPress 4.7 was fully translated into 52 languages on the day of release — with more on the way. We share this commitment to making WordPress accessible in as many languages as possible. So today, we’re making the WordPress 101 video tutorial series available with Spanish subtitles.

Let’s try this again!

Some of you may recall that about three years ago, we translated the WordPress 101 videos into Spanish, with a completely localized dashboard and Spanish voiceover.

We released those videos on a dedicated Spanish website with its own membership. Sadly, after more than a year, that site served just a dozen members or so. We were disappointed and puzzled, given the many requests to translate our videos into Spanish. But we remained committed to bringing our WordPress tutorial videos to as many languages as possible.

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Obviously, the ideal learning experience is to offer completely translated videos in Spanish (and other languages). But until we’re able to make another run at that effort, we can at least begin offering our videos with Spanish subtitles.

We continue to receive requests to translate the WordPress 101 tutorial videos into other languages. This “baby step” represents our continued commitment toward that goal. We’d love to translate our WordPress video tutorials into many languages, so we’re starting today!

WordPress 101… and beyond!

The entire 20-part WordPress 101 video series is available with Spanish subtitles today! Over the next few weeks, we’ll also add Spanish subtitles to our other existing video courses — as well as any future courses we release here. Stay tuned!

Watch the Spanish Videos

How you can help…

It takes a significant financial commitment to caption our videos — and then translate those captions into other languages. To continue this effort for future WordPress tutorial videos, we need to know that this is valuable to you! Here’s how you can help:

  1. First, let us know if this is something you find valuable! Feel free to post a comment below.
  2. Second, help us spread the word! Do you know someone who would benefit from WordPress tutorial videos in Spanish or other languages? Send them our way!
  3. Last, in what language would you like to see WordPress 101 next? Respond to the poll below to help us determine which language(s) we should tackle next!

Help us translate WordPress 101!

You can help us translate WordPress 101 into your language. Get in touch to discuss the process and we’ll get you the files you’ll need to translate the subtitles into your language.

WordPress 101 Tutorials Now Available in Spanish! appeared first on WordPress 101.

WordPress 101

Blogging For Profit – Why You Should Use WordPress

If you wish to earn money at home then blogging for profit is an excellent route to take. The good thing about blogging is that you can learn as you go. You do not have to be an expert from the very start. Blogging is worthwhile for everyone- from the most novices to the most experienced web users.

If you are new to blogging then you need to think one word- WordPress. Whether this is your first blog or your fifth, WordPress is one of the best scripts for blogs to be found over the Internet. One of the most thrilling aspects of WordPress is that it is absolutely free to use! But that is not all. Read on for why WordPress is for you and then get it working for your blog right away!

Why should you choose to use WordPress for your blog? The first reason is the plug ins. WordPress is full of plug ins and these plug ins can be downloaded at no cost to you. If you are worried about the installation process then do not be. It is very simple to do. All you need to do is upload the plug in and then activate it on your blog as required. Whatever plug in you are looking for, WordPress is sure to be able to deliver.

WordPress understands that everyone wants to have a blog that looks individual and original. Customizing your blog is very simple when you use WordPress. The blog host offers hundreds, even thousands of themes that come in any number of colors and styles. Whether you want one column or two, the color pink, red, black or blue, WordPress can deliver.

If autoping is something you want to be able to do, then you will be pleased that you chose to use WordPress. Some free blog hosts are such that you have to do the pinging process yourself every time you write a post. WordPress takes that concern away so you can concentrate on what is most important, which is creating the most special blog that you can create. This will save you as much time as possible.

The trackback feature that is a part of WordPress is an excellent addition to invest in. The way it works is if you choose to link a post of yours to a post of some other one who also uses WordPress, a comment will be made in the other one individual post, compliments of WordPress.

If you like blog hosts that are easy, uncomplicated and no frills then WordPress is for you. This is the most user friendly blog host you will ever come across. If cpanel is something that you know how to use then you are off to a great start. Cpanel makes it possible to install WordPress by only one click. To set up a blog by WordPress you do not need prior knowledge or any special computer savvy. Just a bit of common computer sense is beneficial and the desire to create the best blog possible. Now off you go to use the wonderful WordPress on the web!

Day Trading Tutorials For Starters

When you want to enter the day trading business, you should be prepared. Just like in a battle, day traders only want one thing and that is to succeed. Success in the trade means earning big profits. Being a trader is not very easy as you think. It takes experience, luck and right strategies in order to gain. Perhaps you’ve read from magazines various individuals doing well in the business. They’re probably experts and know what they’re doing. You can’t be an expert overnight even though you will read many books related to the field. Before you start as a trader, it’s advisable to enroll in day trading tutorials.

What’s good with the said tutorials is you’ll learn much stuff which you will need. There’s no question on the money you will be investing but you should be aware of the trading effects. Even if you have enough capital, you can never tell whether your transactions will be a success or a failure. Let’s face the fact here, day trading is a very risky business. You don’t know what will happen next in the market. In an instance, the market can be in your favor but with just a blink of an eye, it can go unfavorable too. Day trading involves quick decision-making on your part because you need to trade your commodity before the market close in a given trading day.

It’s not only about luck-you should have skills. Some says it’s like a gamble for traders will never know the result of the trade. It’s really important to have day trading tutorials. Like starting a business, you must understand first how the industry works. In the tutorial lessons, you will be familiar with the trading stuff. Essential in the trade is the strategies you will do to realize a profit. Losing is a very common thing especially to those amateur traders. Most starters are still learning and it’s just normal to incur losses. Another thing, traders wanted to earn big profits in an instant.

They don’t have any patience and wanted to trade right away even when it’s not yet the right time. Many failures occur because most don’t have the proper skills and just depend on pure luck. In order to avoid losing, day trading tutorials can really be a big help. You will know what it takes to win in the trade rather than lose your hard-earned money. Education is such an integral part of the trade. As you go doing with your transactions, you will know much about the business. However, when you are still starting, better concentrate first in day trading tutorials.

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand some terminologies used in the trade. You need to study the different terms used so as not to be an idiot once you’re already doing your own dealings. You must be familiar with the financial instruments traded like stocks, currencies, and others. In day trading tutorials, it will teach you how to trade intelligently. Focusing on the winning side and make profits you desire.

Photoshop Tutorials – The Number 1 Photoshop Tip

When I first looked into PhotoShop, I said to myself, “no way, too complicated.” I didn’t take the time to look at the tutorials offered at the time to help me. Eventually, I wanted to enhance the graphics design on my website, so I went back. This time, I watched the tutorials and kicked myself for not doing it sooner. This made it much easier and everything became crystal clear for me.

Now I could spruce up my website and compete with the big dogs. Photoshop is not difficult at all and it gives you professional style tools to do your work. I have enhanced personal photos, made amazing videos for my family and done some great logo work for online income. The best advice I could give someone is not to shy away from the tutorials. Do not just jump in there and start fiddling around with controls and features.

Obviously if you are an advanced techie, than by all means hop right in. For the average computer user however, I find the help of visual aids and tutorials an immense benefit. I have used PhotoShop for almost all of my graphics work and my family albums. I have given wonderful gifts to friends and family due to the beautiful photographs I have made. You are able to do all this as well. If you use the videos to help you along, you will learn Photoshop very fast. You can learn shortcuts and cheats, how to perform every single operation and most importantly, I think, is the tutorials are constantly updated. So if anything changes, you know about it. So many of my friends have steered clear of this program because they think it is too complicated.

On the contrary, it is extremely easy to use. Just follow along and go back to the tips when you get stuck. This is by far the best advice I can give you in regards to Photoshop and learning it fast.

Hire WordPress Developer For Best And Affordable WordPress Development Services

Samiflabs is one of the best and pioneer WordPress Development Company provides every WordPress Development services at affordable cost. We mainly concentrate on WordPress development and Customization Services. We are experts in doing any kind of WordPress Development services. We are also known as Web Development India and experts in developing E-Commerce Websites, Small Business websites, Flash Websites, Social Networking Websites, etc. In a very short span of time Samiflabs has the opportunity to work with a diverse range of industries and clients. We have implemented more than 250 successful WordPress development projects in the last 3 years itself. Our highly skilled WordPress Developer team and best practice delivery methods ensure each project is delivered on time, to specification and to budget. You can Hire WordPress Developer from Samiflabs with different hiring strategies such as Full Time Hiring, Part Time Hiring or Hourly depends on your requirement.

Hire WordPress Developer at a very reasonable cost from Samiflabs. Our WordPress Developer has extensive knowledge and experience in developing mission critical WordPress websites and WordPress applications. You can Hire WordPress Developer or a dedicated team of WordPress Web Developers from Samiflabs at very affordable cost.

As we have an expert and skilled team of WordPress developer who are known for providing best, affordable, ace and eye catching WordPress development services all over the world. Some of Our main WordPress Development Services includes: WordPress installation and configuration, WordPress website maintenance, WordPress hosting development, WordPress CMS development, WordPress Plugin development, WordPress theme development, WordPress template design and development, WordPress module customization, WordPress theme customization, WordPress Widget Development and Customization, WordPress programming, WordPress custom theme development and integration etc.

By hiring WordPress Developer from Samiflabs one can cut trim over expenditure incurred through development cost. Reduce burden without spending much money. At Samiflabs, we deliver our clients well structured web portal developed by using hi-tech blog publishing platform WordPress.

If you are looking for a WordPress developer or a WordPress development team, please feel free to Contact us at with your detailed requirements and we will get back to you with the right solution.

Contact: –
Samir Vohra
4th Floor, Gokul Complex,
Ahmadabad -380001
Ph: +1 213-814-7892

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WordPress Help – How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Blog

Have you tried adding YouTube videos to your blog?

If you haven’t, try it. YouTube videos add value to your content. They make your website more interactive, and they anticipate the needs of your audience. Even if you do not know for a fact that your website has visitors with very short attention spans, you may find it rewarding in the end to add videos to your website anyway. A video can reinforce the points you made in your entry. Or, it can add humor to an otherwise boring post. Or, it could be the preferred media of some visitors, who do not have the time or the interest to read long paragraphs.

But do you know how to post YouTube videos to your blog?

That is where WordPress help in the form of guides enter the picture. If you’re new to the platform and need WordPress help to bring a YouTube media to your blog, know that there are many ways to get the job done. You can download plugins that will automate the posting or edit your profile settings. What I’m about to share with you, however, is the simplest way to do it. Shall we start?

Go to the video you want to add and look for the Embed code.
Copy the code.
Log in to your WordPress account. Go to the area where you normally make new posts.
Look for the word HTML (found slightly above the area for your post) and click on it so that whatever you write will appear to you in HTML view.
Paste the Embed code you copied and publish your entry. Don’t forget to add a title, some tags, and a keyword to optimize the posting for the spiders.

There! Wasn’t that the easiest thing you’ve done?

The next time you need WordPress help, you can look for tutorials that show you the simplest way to get things done, like this one.

Psd To WordPress Conversion: WordPress Coding Techniques For Custom Post Type

In the web development industry, the demand of PSD to WordPress conversion is incredibly gaining momentum. The reason is simple – this CMS comes with advanced multi-functionalities. As per market reports, it has been outlined that blog publishing app WordPress is often used by majority of web developers to manage their website content through custom post type. What does custom post type stands for? It is an amazing technique seamlessly used by WordPress programmers to create post types according to their needs.

First Glance at some useful WordPress coding snippets for custom post type through high-quality PSD to WordPress conversion:

Individual Style Post: Style blog post individually by using ” post_class() function ” and the post ID. Simply open single PHP based file and replace the loop.

Use thumbnails to display recent post: Say yes to thumbnails for displaying a list of all the related blog posts below latest post to offer online readers something extra.

Multiple Sidebars: Sidebars are mostly used to display large amount of information such as related posts, author info, a blog roll etc. Unfortunately, different sidebars become very busy and readers unable to find what they are looking for. To make multiple sidebars available simply duplicate sidebar php file then include information to be post and save file as sidebar > content > php.

Drop-Down Menu For Tag Navigation: It is always good have tags to categorize content but displaying cloud tags is the biggest challenge. Therefore, it is advisable to create drop-down menu of easy navigation of the tags on particular web-page.

However, converting PSD to WordPress template for custom post style by using the above mentioned WordPress coding techniques is not so tricky for people with solid understanding of HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups. On the other hand, if you are unaccustomed with HTML/XHTML codes then it is advisable to hire WordPress developer otherwise digging around code can really become nightmare for you. Ease down the entire process of PSD to WordPress conversion bit by considering the above discussed WordPress coding snippets.

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WordPress Blogs – The Quickest Way to Make Money Online

Blogs are one of the best and easiest ways for you to make money online. You can set a blog up within minutes, get in indexed in a couple of hours and then turn your attention to traffic generation and earning.

Many people turn to free blogging platforms to host their blog, not realising they are putting the fate of their business in the hands of another …

Whereas it may never happen to you, it has happened to other people. The free blog companies will delete your blog first and ask questions later if they think you are even slightly in violation of their terms of service.

This can be a serious problem – your earnings could disappear over night along with some very valuable data.

You can mitigate against this problem by hosting a WordPress blog on your own domain. The costs of this is minimal. A domain will cost you under $ 10 a year and some webspace is well under $ 10 a month.

Yes, this is some investment, but you end up looking professional and have complete control over your blog. You can install additional plugins that will allow you to earn even more money from it. You have more flexibility and can do anything you want with the blog to make it your own. There is no big corporation staring over your shoulder making sure you tow the party line.

Whenever anyone sees a free blog the instant assumption is that it is an individual blogging. When they see a domain name and a self hosted WordPress blog they no longer know that – it could be a company, a guru, or anything.

This obviously puts you in a better position of establishing yourself as an expert in the field and in earning.

Once you have created one WordPress blog that is earning you money, it is very quick and easy for you to create more – you have the domain name and webhosting so you can start creating an empire of money making blogs.

Through this, you are on the road to financial freedom.

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WordPress Design Allows Blogging to Be Simple and Easy

The WordPress design is a publishing system that makes starting any blog a piece of cake. All you really need is a hosting account, domain name, some type of FTP client software that permits you to upload files directly to a server, and the WordPress application will make the rest easy.

For the sake of argument I will assume you have a Hostgator account. This is not the only hosting company out there but they are reliable, very customer service oriented, and inexpensive. Any hosting service that uses a cPanel Linux Control Panel is fine as well. I will also assume that you know how to go to GoDaddy, Namescheap, or any other internet domain registrar and get a domain name. Once you do that all you have to do it set your nameservers and point it to your hosting account. If you need to be walked step by step on how to do this call your hosting company and ask them. This is what I did and they are good at guiding anyone through this seemingly daunting yet really in fact very easy process.

Next you need to log into your control panel. Cpanel makes uploading the WordPress application onto your server really easy and a matter of minutes! You go to your control panel and go the “Fantastico De Luxe” section. Click on “WordPress” button and click “New Installation.” It will ask you for some simple information, like the title you want your blog to be, and then it will automatically install the platform.

The rest is easy. WordPress makes posting any content you want on your blog a breeze. And its set to automatically “ping” so within a week Google will most likely find you. I have found that any new WordPress blog I set up is indexed within a couple days even without one single link pointing to it.

To add a new post, surprise, surprise, all you have to do is go to “Posts” and then go to “Add New.” If you need to add a picture from another URL or your computer its extremely easy to do that. You press on the “add image” tab and you can either enter in a URL image address or upload it onto your blog from your desktop. When you get done with a post you press publish and the application automatically makes your permalinks and puts your newly published post on your main home page. You can designate how many posts you want on your home page but its recommended by most experts you have no more than three. More than that leads to information overload for your readers.

The whole template is easy to use and virtually self explanatory. Once you navigate your WordPress control panel for 30 minutes to an hour I am sure you will have mastered all the basic principles of running your WordPress blog. Its made to be so easy to run an elementary school aged child could do it. It was launched in 2003 and has been the catalyst for the blog explosion of the later part of this decade. There are millions of people using it and its extreme ease of use is a huge reason. Takes advantage of this publishing system to make the blog of your dreams and if you make great content you will possibly attract 100s to 1000s of visitors wanting to read what you have to say every day.

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