WordPress Plugin Roundup – September 2015

This month’s list of 10 cool, powerful and useful (oh, and free!) WordPress plugins include everything from an easy way to clean your WordPress Media Library of unused files to an SSL quality checker. To make this list, plugins must have been recently added to the WordPress.org Plugin Repository.

iThemes Training members can check out the September WordPress Plugin Roundup webinar replay hosted by Nathan Ingram here.

1. Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log

With the Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin, you can take control of your outgoing email with a modern, friendly and #1 rated SMTP Mailer for WordPress.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Replaces the standard wp_mail() function
  • Delivers WordPress transactional email using authenticated SMTP which should help to increase deliverability.
  • An excellent alternative to Mandrill, which is no longer a free solution.
  • Uses OAuth 2.0 for connection to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.
  • Never asks for your email password like many WordPress SMTP plugins do, and does not store your password in the WordPress database.
  • Slightly complicated setup process, but it’s explained well in the plugin FAQ.

2. Email Popup by Optin Cat

The Email Popup by Optin Cat plugin helps you create an email popup in less than 2 minutes.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Nice simple popover for email subscription offers.
  • Includes a delay trigger and redirect.
  • Works with most major mailing list providers (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.)
  • Requires pasting in the list provider’s generated HTML form for your list
  • Easy to use customizer for colors and text
  • Pro version offers more build in styles and additional features starting at $ 29/year

3. SVS Pricing Tables

The SVS Pricing Tables plugin is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and publish beautiful pricing tables using a wizard and a visual builder.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Quite possibly the best free pricing table creator I’ve seen to date.
  • Several attractive built-in pricing table styles.
  • Super easy drag and drop interface.
  • Nicely responsive

4. Gallery Lightbox

The Gallery Lightbox plugin displays all gallery images into a lightbox slider in just a few seconds.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Just enable the plugin and all standard WordPress image galleries have a nice lightbox effect rather than linking to the attachment page or media file.
  • Helpful how-to video, although the plugin is very easy to use.
  • Works nicely with its companion plugin Image Carousel.

5. Video Grid

The Video Grid plugin offers beautiful responsive video grids with responsive lightbox.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Easy to create a nicely styled grid of YouTube or Daily Motion videos by pasting in the URL. The plugin grabs the video title and thumbnail with a click.
  • Custom thumbnails can be uploaded as well.
  • Videos play in a lightbox, and everything is responsive.
  • Only one grid per site in the free version.
  • Pro Version available ($ 17.13) that adds unlimited number of grids, effects, and support for Vimeo and Metacafe videos.

6. New User Dashboard Widget

The New User Dashboard Widget plugin adds a dashboard widget for Displaying New Registered member in your site.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Creates a dashboard widget that lists the newest users added to your site with date, username and role.
  • Helpful as a bird’s eye view for membership site admins.
  • Just install and activate. No settings.
  • Developer needs spellcheck.

7. Media File Cleaner

With the Media File Cleaner plugin, you can clean your WordPress Media Library and Uploads directory from files which are not used.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Powerful tool to remove media files which are no longer linked to any content.
  • Free version will allow you to delete one media file at a time. To bulk delete, the pro version is required ($ 15 for 3 sites).
  • Be sure to backup ALL THE THINGS first.

8. SSL Quality Checker

With the SSL Quality Checker plugin, you can ensure your SSL certificate is valid and your server is configured for best security practices.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Brings the excellent Qualys SSL Labs test tool to the backend of WordPress
  • Set scans for SSL quality for daily, weekly or monthly interval.
  • Adds a backend notification and sends an email to admin if the quality is below a threshold that you set.
This Month’s Obligatory Google Maps Plugin

9. Responsive Styled Google Maps Simplified

With the Responsive Styled Google Maps Simplified plugin, you can easily display a responsive Google Map (classic map or black & white map) using an incredibly easy shortcode.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • One of the easiest simple Google maps plugins to use. Only requires a shortcode.
  • Example: [resmap address=”Eiffel Tower, France” style=”2″ zoom=”14″ height=”500px”]
    • Address: the address you wish to show
    • Style: “1” for a classic map or “2” for a black&white map
    • Zoom: a number between 1-19 (Google’s parameter)
    • Height: in pixels, for instance 300px, or 400px
  • Commercial version available on Code Canyon with more features, color themes, etc. for $ 16
  • Nicely responsive. Fills 100% of its container’s width and allows manual setting of height in the shortcode (height defaults to 500px).
This Month’s Copyright Infringement Enablement Plugin:

10. LH Add Media From URL

With the LH Add Media From URL plugin, you can surf the web and add content to the WordPress media library via a bookmarklet.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • While this is an interesting plugin concept, it’s a bad idea to add any image to a website unless you are certain you have rights to use it.

WordPress Training

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This post is based on the September Plugin Roundup webinar by Nathan Ingram. In this webinar, Nathan covers all 10 of these plugins plus 3 more bonus plugins to add to your free plugin arsenal. Be sure to check out the entire series of monthly WordPress Plugin Roundup posts here.

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Referrals: The Best Way for Freelancers to Get More Clients

We recently spoke with a number of WordPress freelancers about their first and best clients. Across all those interviews, we saw a clear theme: the best clients come from relationships and referrals.

Client Referrals

So how can freelancers generate referrals and form solid relationships with clients?

We went back to those WordPress freelancers to find out. Here’s what we learned about generating referrals:

Treat Clients Right

“Treat people well and do good work and you’ll have a customer for life.” -Carrie Dils

One of the most common responses was simply to treat customers right.

“I’m a big believer in the idea that if you treat someone right they will treat you right,” says Brad Williams of WebDevStudios. “This holds true for clients as well. Working closely with a client through their project, helping them understand the process, overall project development and how you can help them succeed is a very important part of our overall process. Forming this strong relationship with our clients is a big reason we see so many client referrals.”

It’s a pretty basic idea, but sometimes we’re too busy looking for gimmicks and tricks. Don’t. Just do the right thing.

  • Brad Williams: “We don’t set out to ‘be nice’ to a client in the hopes that they refer us to their friends, family and colleagues. We set out to be nice to the client because that’s what they deserve. When you are nice to people, good things will happen.”
  • “Everyone, even clients,  just want to feel like they matter, like they are cared for, valued and appreciated. If you can make your clients feel like that, you’ll have no problem attracting new clients and referrals.”
  • Carrie Dils: “Be genuine. Be helpful. Be courteous. I know those sound trite, but those are foundational for any relationship, not just customer relationships. I wrote an article on customer service skills a while back, but the same principles still hold true. Treat people well and do good work and you’ll have a customer for life.”

“When you are nice to people, good things will happen.” -Brad Williams

Notice a trend there? Treating clients right is important, but part of treating them right is delivering good work.

Which leads us to the next way to encourage referrals.

Do Good Work

“Great work speaks for itself, and a great experience makes referring new business to you a no brainer.” -Jennifer Bourn

Yes, more of the obvious: Generate referrals by doing good work.

“The best thing is to do good work and be professional while doing it,” says freelancer Jared Atchison. “This provides clients with a great working experience and builds a strong relationship, which are both key to generating referrals.”

Yep, obvious. It’s not rocket science. The single greatest thing you can do to bring in referrals is be amazing at your job.

“Simply do great work.” -Bill Erickson

Again, there are no shortcuts.

“Honestly I don’t have any specific systems in place for encouraging referrals,” says freelancer Bill Erickson. “I’ve found the best approach is to simply do great work, so that when they or a friend needs a new website, you’re the first person they think of.”

And no gimmicks:

“So many people focus on tricks and gimmicks and marketing tactics to get referrals, and I think they often forget that if you do amazing work, the referrals will come naturally,” says Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative. “Great work speaks for itself, and a great experience makes referring new business to you a no brainer.”

Look Out for Your Clients

“Clients value my expertise and don’t want a ‘yes man.’” -Jared Atchison

Part of doing good work and treating clients well is looking out for your clients’ interests. This should be a standard part of your service.

“Always look out for clients from the beginning,” says Jared Atchison. “If the client is on the verge of making what I think is a bad decision, I’ll at least give them my opinion. I don’t just take their money and run. Regardless of money, if I think a feature requested isn’t cost effective or needs to be rethought, I’ll speak up. Clients value my expertise and don’t want a ‘yes man.’”

“Referrals happen when you’re top of mind,” -Carrie Dils

But looking out for your clients doesn’t end when the job does. A huge way to build credibility and respect with a client is to continue to connect with them, and look after them long after they’ve paid the final invoice.

“The key to building long-lasting client relationships is to stay in touch with them and show them you value the relationship,” says Jennifer Bourn. “This could be as simple as reaching out to past clients to let them know a WordPress update was released and that they need to back up their site before updating.”

More Ways to Get Referrals

“When you specialize and become known for doing one thing amazingly, referrals increase because people know exactly what type of business to send your way.” -Jennifer Bourn

Here are several ideas you can implement to encourage referrals:

  • Be connected: Send your clients media mentions or like/follow/retweet them on social media. “Let them know you’re looking out for them, and that you’re paying attention,” says Jennifer Bourn.
  • Share the love: “I send work to friends (like Andrew Norcross) that fit them better than it fits me,” says freelancer Curtis McHale. “There is plenty of work to go around, so I just try to focus on the clients that best fit me.”
  • Refer to your clients: Sharing the love can go both ways. “Refer others to your clients when they need the services or products your client provides,” says Jennifer Bourn. “When appropriate make a personal introduction.”
  • Say thanks: “At minimum, thank those who refer business to you with a handwritten thank you note,” says Jennifer Bourn. “Depending on the size of the referral, you may also want to send them a personal thank you gift. Our family has an organic Satsuma Mandarin Orchard, so each year, we send boxes of hand-picked mandarins to all of our clients to say thank you for choosing us.”
  • Walk in their shoes: “Try to put yourself in their place,” says iThemes developer Aaron Campbell. “What would you want? How would you want to be treated? What things would you like to know ahead of time? These things will be different from client to client, but understanding your client is the only place to start.
  • Create a system: “I use Contactually to remind me to follow up with client leads as well as colleagues,” says Curtis McHale.
  • Specialize: “When you do a little bit of everything or too many things, people don’t know what to refer people to you for, because they aren’t sure which thing you are the best at,” says Jennifer Bourn. “When you specialize and become known for doing one thing amazingly, referrals increase because people know exactly what type of business to send your way.”

“Understanding your client is the only place to start.” -Aaron Campbell

“Referrals happen when you’re top of mind,” says freelancer Carrie Dils. “Even if I’m not actively engaged in work for a customer, I stay in touch via social media and email, doing things like promoting their business or sending them relevant articles. Those small gestures help me maintain an ongoing relationship with clients, which means that when they think ‘web services,’ they’ll likely think of me.”

Just Ask

“The best way I’ve found to generate referrals is to simply ask.” -Curtis McHale

When you’re trying to get referrals, sometimes it’s best to just ask.

“Ask your best, happiest and most favorite clients for referrals,” says Jennifer Bourn. “They will love to help you out, and often will be happy you asked.”

Curtis McHale sends clients an email that looks something like this:

Hey $ client, thanks for an awesome project. I very much enjoyed it.

As I’m sure you know referrals are very powerful in bringing in new business. A big help to my business would be if you would provide a referral to anyone you know that could use my services.

Would you be willing to send a short introduction to me and one (or two) of your colleagues that you think could benefit from working with me.

“The best way I’ve found to generate referrals is to simply ask,” says Curtis McHale.

Referrals: All About Relationships

In the end, generating referrals is pretty simple. It all comes down to relationships.

“Referrals and relationships go hand-in-hand,” says Carrie Dils. “When you have good relationships with customers and consistently deliver for them, they’ll refer you to others.”


Read further interviews with our WordPress freelance experts for more insights on their first and best clients:

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7 Lessons I Learned from Creating WordPress Backups

There is a saying in the web business regarding WordPress backups… “If you haven’t had problems with your website, you are either lying or you just started.”

wordpress backups

Okay, I made that up. But the honest truth is at some point in the life of a WordPress website, a backup will be needed. After operating websites for more than 25 years, I’ve compiled a list of lessons I’ve learned from creating backups for WordPress sites as well as other websites.

1. Backups allow a good night’s sleep.

I now can rest at night knowing that if anything does happen to my site I have an easy restoration process. I remember one client who had a WordPress site that generated new content multiple times a day. They called me one Thursday to let me know the site had “problems.”

Sure enough, the server’s hard drive had failed and, at the time, I had been relying on the hosting company’s backup capability. This proved to be a poor choice because the backups the hosting company created were only on a weekly basis and took place on Sunday. So not only did I have to struggle getting the backup from the hosting company restored, (at one point there were three copies of the same site on the server), but I had to chase down all the content that had been written on the site that week.

Enter BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy provided the ability to schedule both full site backups as well as a basic database backup whenever I want so that I can almost guarantee I’ll never have to scramble to find content or wrestle with site reconstruction projects when something goes wrong with my WordPress sites.

2. Simply having a WordPress backup isn’t enough. You need to be able to use the backup for whatever situation presents itself.

I learned quickly that simply having a backup is not the important part of the equation. I can schedule and make backups 24 hours a day, but if there’s no easy way to get the data out of the backup or to restore the site quickly, the security WordPress backups provides is wasted.

When deciding on your backup solutions for your WordPress site, you need to take three factors into consideration:

  1. Can I quickly restore my complete site in just a few seconds?
  2. Can I recover an individual file from the backup in just a few moments?
  3. Can I transfer my site to a new server, domain and/or location at the drop of a hat?
WordPress backups

BackupBuddy provides WordPress backups that can restore, migrate, and backup.

If you can answer yes to all three of these questions, then you have a quality backup solution. For WordPress sites, you will be hard pressed to find anything coming close to the power of BackupBuddy. In addition to answering yes to those three questions, BackupBuddy can do so much more.

3. The process of making a backup doesn’t have to slow your server or take up your working time.

It is surprising how many people I’ve talked to over the years who say they do not have the time to do backups on their site. They claim they are too busy and backups take too much time. I have even heard people tell me that they don’t do backups because when they start a server backup during working hours they slow everything down in the office and co-workers get mad at them.

Over the years I have learned that we need to make our WordPress backup solutions work FOR us and avoid putting ourselves in situations where the WordPress backup solution makes US do the work.

Two of my rules of WordPress backups are:

  1. Always schedule backups to occur automatically so forgetting isn’t an option.
  2. Take advantage of “slow” times on your site to make your backups. (Even if that means 3am on a Sunday morning.)

4. Knowing when you need a backup is not a difficult decision if you follow these simple rules.

Rule #1 – All content (posts, pages, ‘things you write in the WordPress admin area’) are stored in the database. If you write a post you need a database backup.

Rule #2 – A full site backup must include plugins, themes, files on the server, or additional folders that may or may not be part of WordPress. Any time you upload a new theme, add/update a plugin, modify the functions.php file of the theme … you need a full site backup.

If you follow these two rules you will NEVER be left with lost content when something goes wrong with your WordPress site.

5. Choosing a storage location to use for WordPress is not as important as choosing how many locations to use for the backups.

It happens way too often that someone comes to me asking for help with their WordPress backup because their server is down and when I ask them where their backup is located they tell me its on the same server. The usefulness of a backup goes to almost zero if it is stored in the same location as the site it is backing up. In fact, simply sending that backup to one other location may not be the best solution either.

Here’s a scenario that may be all too familiar:

You have an important client that is about ready to launch their brand new website you built for them. The morning of the launch, their hosting company is having troubles. So you quickly go to grab the backup files so you can transfer the site to a new server but Amazon S3 is down for maintenance because Netflix got hacked. Now there is no way to get a copy of the backup files and you are stuck at the mercies of other companies.

WordPress backups

Multiple locations for WordPress backups are key for creating security when things go wrong.

Having backups stored in multiple locations, even physical burned CD copies of the backups, can make the difference between successfully navigating the storms of a broken site and sitting around waiting for hosting company’s support tickets to be answered.

6. WordPress backups are not just for restoring hacked websites.

A WordPress backup does not have to be a virtual storage of bits and bytes on some cloud storage device. It can be a physical deliverable in an ongoing contract with a client. For many freelance web developers the idea of a physical deliverable as part of a milestone-based contract can be very foreign.

A physical copy of a backup can also serve as an easy method of keeping the communication channel open between the client and the developer. Many freelancers have stated that they find it difficult to stay in touch with clients after the initial development/design finishes. Having the ability to physically mail a burned CD of the “monthly” backup to the client along with a short letter about the status of the site (data points, basic analytical stats, etc.) can keep that communication line open. I had one client who had no clue what to do with the backups but he kept them all in order on a shelf in the office and he admitted that it made him feel safe that at any time he could grab the latest copy of the site and take it with him.

7. Most people don’t realize they need a backup until they need a backup.

What is one of the primary purposes of having insurance? Car insurance exists to financially protect IN CASE of an accident. Life insurance exists to provide for those that remain IN CASE of something happening to the insured. Business insurance policies exist to protect the continuance of a business IN CASE something outside of normal operations occurs. In all these cases the key term is “IN CASE” something happens. Therefore, would it not make sense that our website carries some sort of “insurance policy”?

Have you learned any life/work lessons regarding WordPress backups?

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WordPress Weekly Recap – September 10th, 2015

Earlier this week, I was taking my morning walk to a local coffee shop when I started noticing a trend.  I was watching motorists get increasingly angry at having to stop behind a school bus.  I saw people shouting at the inanimate bus, cursing at the time lost on their commute now that schools had started up again, and even saw a driver violently shaking in anger.

Yet just one street away was a clear parallel roadway that didn’t have any buses on it.  How often are we as web site owners so entrenched in our routines that when something doesn’t happen in the manner we are accustomed to we simply get angry?  Why not just adjust our routine and keep the anger towards things we can’t really change out of our daily working lives?

WordPress News

  • This past week there was the rumblings of security issue at WPML (language localization/translation plugin) because customers received an email containing their new password in plaintext. The team at WPML have stated that there was no security issue or breach but rather an attempt to force all their users change to a more secure password. Read more about their response on the WPML blog.
  • After a long discussion took place recently about a proposed change to the WordPress Shortcode API, the team looking into the next version of the Shortcode API has gone back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas and integrate the responses they received.  To get a bigger picture of what has been taking place head over to the WPTavern post on the Shortcode API discussion.
  • Love it or hate it the Jetpack plugin (3.7) has received an overhauled UI to make it more streamlined and simpler.  I appreciate the effort designers undertake to make their administrative interface more user-friendly.
  • Is your WordPress website starting to slow down for visitors?  You might want to check out this blog post on setting up the W3 Total Cache plugin.
  • Are you ready for WordPress and PHP7?  Regardless of whether you are ready or not you should check out the discussion taking place over on make.wordpress.org.

WordPress Plugins

  • Do you run a WordPress site that allows users to register?  You will want to take a look at this new widget that showcases the most recent registered users. New User Dashboard Widget plugin
  • I seem to be always on the hunt for new and unique ways to showcase social media engagement on WordPress websites.  A new one that crossed my desk was the Juicer plugin which aggregates many different social networks into one good looking display on your WordPress site.
  • Do you want to start EARNING MONEY on your WordPress site that has something to do with travel?  Now you can integrate a “booking” system for flights and hotels using the Travelpayouts plugin.

Web Design Tips and Tricks

  • Looking for some reading material?  Check out this free 2015 Web Design Trends ebook.
  • Pantone Factory photos look amazing.
  • Are you looking for an awesome to grow your email subscriber list?  Consider NoiseTrade as a way to “give something away for free” in exchange for someone’s email address.

I also wanted to thank those of you who write me and let me know about plugins, news, tutorials, and other pieces of content many of you create. I love adding that type of information to our WordPress Weekly Recap posts. You can also let me know about things you come across by emailing benjamin @ ithemes.com. Until next week … have a great day.

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Dedicated WordPress Developer For WordPress Customization

Why to hire dedicated expert for custom WordPress theme/ template customization? By means of customization and integration, a person can build a custom website powered by WordPress. However, the proper customization of theme needs a specialized person with an extensive knowledge. This brings skilled WordPress programmer into real picture.

A web developer plays very significant role in customization of web template to build a unique web portal by using incredibly successful state-of-the-art publishing platform and CMS WordPress. A dedicated expert is the most reliable person able to customize and integrate PSD format based files into open source WordPress theme/ template encoded with strong HTML/ XHTML/ CSS mark-up languages efficiently.

The custom web-development is consider most effective solution to design a good quality website. With the help of customization and integration of web template/theme, a professional provide completely different look to particular site. By this way, a web programmer add high level of interactivity, usability, accessibility and functionality in a custom online portal.

Hiring professional from web development company is an important decision because it is directly associated with improved online presence of particular website. A well designed and SEO semantic portal powered by WordPress can bring high traffic rate, positive Return On Investment, immediate brand recognition and so on. Therefore, an individual should carefully select web programmer for custom theme/ template customization.

Some important questions about hiring dedicated expert from web development company which every person should ask for are discuss in brief:

How many projects had completed by particular developer till date?
What is the basic educational qualification of a coder?
Is particular programmer proficient in MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML and CSS?
What is the total cost of hiring and mode of payment?
Is particular expert hold experience of 5+ years in WordPress customization and integration?
Can I have a look to the work done by particular professional?
Is there any quality assurance?
What about availability at the time of emergency?

So, it is advisable to consider all the above discussed questions while hiring dedicated WordPress developer for custom WordPress theme/template customization.

Hire WordPress Developer For Custom PSD to WordPress Services

At present scenario, a website plays the most important role to get visible in World Wide Web. Everybody is competing for the uniqueness of their website in World Wide Web. Due to this competition, need of web designers and developers has increased a lot. Designers apply different design techniques to create unique web pages. In this race demand of content management system has also been increased. Among different CMS available over internet, wordpress is the most famous. These days most of the businesses prefer wordpress for their websites. People are hiring wordpress developer for many reasons like to create their web portals, coupon sites, forum portal, web directories and most important to create blog sites.

WordPress theming and designing starts with PSD to WordPress conversion. And conversion of PSD files into WordPress theme/template is not a simple task. It requires an innovative and tricky wordpress developer to perform the task. The skilled wordpress designers and developers have capabilities to integrate web layouts of the files based on PSD format. This is done by means of conversion of PSD to WordPress theme or template, more effectively and efficiently. WordPress web developer posses those skills, understanding of the task as well as the required experience to perform the task. So, it is far better to take the services of PSD to WordPress conversion from professional wordpress developer in order to build unique as well as search engine friendly website.

Now the question arises that what are the factors you should consider before selecting wordpress designer to create a unique and perfect wordpress theme or templates. So, we have some important points that must be taken into consideration while choosing wordpress developer for PSD to wordpress services:

a)Wordpress developer must be a qualified professional.

b)Wordpress developer must have sound knowledge of web programming of basic languages like JavaScript, XML and MY-SQL).

c)Total work experience of developer

d)Charge taken by wordpress developer for certain services.

e)Quality assurance

f)Number of projects undertaken and handled by programmer

Outsourcing the services of PSD to WordPress conversion is very beneficial in several ways. By having such service, you will get original, high customized, hand-coded, unique, cross browser compatible with W3C validation WordPress theme or template. Beside this, other benefits are customer service, client satisfaction and minimum turnaround time.

You can find many professional PSD to HTML/Wordpress companies over internet. You can also hire wordpress developer for your project on the basis of full-time, part-time or hourly basis, depending on your business requirement. All these factors must be considered while selecting a professional wordpress developer for PSD to wordpress conversion.

More WordPress Tutorials Articles

wordpress theme designs

Word press is a prominent free open source blog publishing application and Content management system. Word press itself has many inbuilt functionalities, which enables the bloggers to use it more freely. Blogspot and blogger are considered to its siblings. Word press application has in built widgets in it, they can be rearranged and placed without editing the code. There are several themes available in WordPress, the users can choose the theme which fits in their criteria. More over there is a provision for the users to modify and rework the existing theme. The advanced word press users can download the themes and install them in their blogs by using a file server.


The Word press offers choice for its users. The users can either sign in for a free account and own their blogs with the initial name.wordpress.com. The users are given access to all features like the theme, widget, modifying the existing code etc, but they are not granted permission to install a new theme developed by an outsider, they have certain restrictions. On the other hand the paid version blog can be identified with the initial as domain name.org. They are developed with additional features, in turn they pave way for the users to modify and own their blog as per their wish. Word press always keeps a check on its users. Word press application has certain rules and norms, when the blogger adheres to it, everything goes on perfect. When the blogger goes against, the word press developers warn them, in turn they have the rights to ban their account.


The dominant features of Word press are they are search engine friendly, have clean Permalink Structure, Multiple article catergory, Integrated link management multiple author capability, automatic filters, connecting social media  etc. On the whole, Word press is composed of rich plug-in architecture, which allows the users to extend the functionality of the features beyond the basic install, and helps them to use it according to their need. On the other hand, some users exploit word press by using it only for Ad sense with commercial interest. Word press application is either built on  a PHP code or Html code. It gives opportunity for the uses to modify and rework the code to fit into their criteria. In the recent year Word press had developed apps for iPhones and iPod Touch. This apps successfully works in wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Word press owns the pride of owning apps and updating itself with the technology.


Since word press has gained enough popularity all over the world, the designers have figured out to make money by designing colourful and vibrant word press Themes. Word press also owns a theme directory and plug in directories, for the users to select and make best use of  use the applications.  


Word Press MU (multi user) is another feature which helps people to own any number of blog in a single installation. It give different permission access for different blogs. It brings in about millions of page views per day. This feature is ideal foe newspapers, Universities, Blog networks, Niche blogs etc. On the whole , when the term Word press is taken, there is no full stop for its applications ,features and development.