Golf Tutorials For Beginners

Golf tutorials for beginners. Where do you start on this process. Well there is no better place to start than at the beginning. If you really want to take the time and put in the effort to unlock that hidden power inside you, then you must begin on the rewarding path to being a WINNER. This involves setting up discipline routines. Taking time out from other areas of your life to practice and learn off by heart drills and set up stances necessary before addressing the ball. There are hundreds and thousands of golfers who really want to improve their game and they try this technique and that technique. They buy books, videos, take lessons. It is endless the amount of money and effort they will put into looking for that extra edge to help them drop their handicap and be more competitive. They will do anything to find the key to longer and more accurate golf drives. Drives that put them on the fairway not in the rough or worse out of bounds. Do you want to be one of those golfers looking for this elusive and costly magic formula.If you are then let me tell you, it does not exist.

As I have said above golf tutorials can be an imposition on ones lifestyle, but if you really want to progress at golf and reach a certain standard with your handicap, then there is no other way to do it. You must put in the time and the effort to learn all the basic components. I am sorry but that is the truth of the matter. like I said there are no magic formulas. You must seek out a professional who can help you. Golf has so many different aspects to it, that it is impossible to think you can go it alone. There is not, or has there ever been a golfer, male, or female, who had a desire to progress in their golf, and did not seek out professional help.

Golf today has become so technical that if you do not learn the fundamentals of the game, then you will stay at a very high handicap. The downside to having a high handicap is very obvious, no one will want you on their team when it comes to inter club competition. You will find it hard to get playing partners even for a friendly round of golf. So please get the help you need there is lots of help out there, all you have to do is look for it. For your future golf’s sake do it now and begin to enjoy one of the most fascinating sports in the world. Good luck to you.


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WordPress Weekly Recap – July 23rd

The past week has had some crazy debates again about GPL, ethics, underhanded dealings and the like. I feel that there is no need to drag it all back up and if you want to go looking for those stories you are more than welcome to do so.  I’d much rather point people to post that help people succeed like Your Best Possible Self Exercise or How to add WordPress SEO services to a maintenance package plan or 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do or even have a conversation about how Success is an Iceberg.  :)

WordPress News

WordPress Plugins and Code

  • Congrats to our friends over at WebDevStudios for their Custom Post Type UI plugin that finally broke the one million installs.  A very simple way to create a custom post type and taxonomy.
  • For those needing a way to provide charts and diagrams the plugin DrawIt might be the answer.  The plugin interfaces with the website to allow for creation of good looking diagrams that are saved as a PNG or SVG version to then be served to your WordPress site.
  • So you want to build a local site and need a way to integrate with the powerful OpenWeatherMap API?  Okay, here’s a plugin that will handle all your weather and forecasting needs.

Web Design Tips and Tricks

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – Free Webinar with Author Amy Morin Aug. 5

Join 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do author Amy Morin, LCSW, as she discusses mental health and being mentally strong in the context of entrepreneurship with iThemes Founder & CEO Cory Miller.

“After the response I got from sharing my journey in mental health via my blog and also my talk at WordCamp Denver recently, I wanted to keep the momentum going for our community and the greater WP community,” said Miller. “I found Amy’s book after all that and because it’s a rich resource I wish I had before I reached out to her to share her experitise and experiences with our community.”


13 Things Mentally Strong People
Don’t Do

Free Webinar with Author Amy Morin
Wednesday, August 5, 2015
3:00pm – 4:00 pm (CDT)

Reserve your seat

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Review of Business Internet Tutorials

Aussie Internet Marketer Michael Cobb recently released a new collection of instructional Video Tutorials called “Internet Business Tutorials”.

I had a chance to review these tutorials and I have to tell you I was really impressed.

When someone first hipped me to this site, I thought to myself, free? Yeah right. I’ll probably be shown one or two crappy videos with just enough information to get my interest, and then it’ll stop. You’ll get the rest of information once you sign up for whatever subscription price. You’ve seen those deals before.

Imagine my surprise when this didn’t happen, I kept waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t.

But what I did get from Business Internet Tutorials was free access to 23+ full-color videos. I could watch them online immediately or download them for viewing later once I activated my free membership. Say what?

I watched them and I started putting what I learned into action faster than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest (No offense to one-legged men who may be in kicking contests.) I learned how to put something on my blog automatically that I’d been doing manually each and every time I made a post. If you have a Blogger blog, do you know what all those tabs are for in your settings? With these free videos, you will now and learn how to use them effectively. If you scratched your head because you didn’t know what a Blogger blog was, you need these videos.

All I can say about Internet Business Tutorials is, if you’re struggling to make your Internet Business profitable or you are just starting out and you don’t know how to perform the more “techy” stuff, these videos are for you.

Even if you already have a thriving internet marketing business, these tutorials will help you kick it up a notch, and dramatically increase your profits.

I highly recommend these videos. They teach you the right way to set up each aspect of an Internet or Website business. They don’t leave you hanging. They also have an affiliate program that’s not too shabby.

WordPress Weekly Recap – July 9th

It is good to be back to writing the WordPress Weekly Recap posts again.  Last week iThemes Training was teaching our multi-day WordPress Developer Course and I’m excited to say that after 5+ years of providing high quality WordPress, Business/Freelance Development, Design, and Coding training we not only successfully completed our 13th WordPress Developer Course but we now have over 600+ hours of recorded live training events.

WordPress News

  • StackExchange revealed that this week they switched from WordPress to Jekyll for their company blog.  But the crazy thing was that many of their complaints about WordPress could have been fixed if they had simply visited  Plus to see them trash WordPress and trash Discus as being low performance and difficult to use seemed juvenile and also revealing about the abilities of the StackExchange team considering many much larger, higher trafficked, and more complex sites run with WordPress and for that matter Discus.  There were some interesting comments on WPTavern.
  • BuiltWith reported that during the first six months of this year WordPress has risen in market share by 7%.  Not a bad half-a-year when you add over 1.1 million new domains that are powered by WordPress.
  • Before WordPress 3.6 there were huge debates about the necessity of adding Post Formats to the core of WordPress.  But a strong contingent was adamant it be added to core.  Now a new trac ticket has shown up that removes Post Formats from the core of WordPress saying that its better left to a plugin (and/or theme) to implement this feature.  I’m wondering where that original strong contingent of supporters went?
  • The culture in the WordPress ecosystem is strong and warrants many types of responses.  Tom McFarlin has a good post looking at the current state of the WordPress Culture.

WordPress Code & Plugins

  • Do you use Slack for team or development communication? Or maybe you have utilized the power of BuddyPress to create a social network with WordPress.  Now you can combine the two by sending BuddyPress notifications to Slack channels using BuddySlack.
  • For those that love WordPress Shortcodes you will be pleased to hear that some future enhancements/developments may be on the way.  In the meantime check out the Shortcake plugin to see some of the potential new features.
  • I’m always on the hunt for a good WordPress calendar system.  There may be a new option available with Event Calendar WD.
  • Do you feel you don’t pay enough attention to tags and keywords for your WordPress posts?  You might enjoy the help that WP Auto Tagging provides in looking at your current and prior posts and auto tagging posts.

Web Design Tips & Tricks

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and we will see you next Thursday for another full slate of posts, news, tools, and tips on our WordPress Weekly Recap.

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Important Update on VirusTotal Malware Scanning Feature in iThemes Security

Last year, we rolled out malware scanning integrating the third-party service, VirusTotal, in iThemes Security. VirusTotal recently alerted us that they have discontinued their services to all WordPress plugins. 

Because this is a third-party service and unfortunately out of our hands, we’ve been forced to remove the malware scanning feature from iThemes Security and iThemes Security Pro in the latest version update (4.8.0 free & 1.16.0 PRO).

As VirusTotal has discontinued their services to WordPress plugins, the malware scanning feature has simply stopped working. We reached out to VirusTotal to avoid having to remove the feature, but VirusTotal is a free service and we respect their policies.

What We Suggest in the Meantime

You can still manually scan your URLs through VirusTotal’s website. We also recommend using Sucuri’s free website malware and security scanner.

What’s Next For Malware Scanning Integration in iThemes Security

We hope to have a malware scanning integration added back to iThemes Security very, very soon. We are exploring our options for other services and will get you an update as soon as possible.


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Independence Day: The American Idea

American Independence Day. Flat design

Earlier this week I caught U2’s latest tour in Chicago. Despite being Irish, U2 is a band with a constant admiration for America. That respect isn’t without criticism, but the band pushed me to consider America as we approach the Fourth of July and Independence Day here in the U.S.

After a blistering version of “Bullet the Blue Sky”—a critique of U.S. interference in El Salvador in the 1980s—the band transitioned to snippet of “The Hands That Built America” where lead singer Bono spoke eloquently about the idea of America. Then U2 launched into “Pride (In the Name of Love),” that triumphant ode to Martin Luther King Jr.

Bono challenged the audience to live up to the idea of America—that all people are created equal. Our democratic ideals embrace hard work, ingenuity and creativity, and it makes America unique in the world.


Even though they are Irish, the American spirit is evident in U2’s work. They’re constantly pushing the envelope of creativity and technology. For more than 20 years they’ve experimented with stage designs that allow them to interact with an audience, turning 20,000-seat arenas into intimate spaces.

The current tour was no disappointment, including a video divider that doubled as a catwalk, allowing the band to interact with gorgeously animated video clips.


It might be a stretch to call WordPress an American invention (it was created by an American and British developer, forked from a project by a French), but it still embodies those ideas of creativity and empowerment.

WordPress gives you the freedom to do what you want with your website. There’s also an persistent growth and development in the WordPress experiment that continually incorporates new ideas and makes the whole thing better. That’s pretty American.


Finally, the American spirit is entrepreneurial, and that’s something we embrace here at iThemes.

It’s why we’re doing WProsper this year, focusing on how you can find prosperity in your work. Not because we’re greedy, but because you can’t keep doing what you love unless the bills get paid. And you can’t pursue those dreams without freedom.

That’s why we embrace prosperity.

Happy Independence Day

We celebrate that spirit this weekend with Independence Day. Wherever you are in the world, we hope you have the freedom to chase your dreams, the creativity to achieve those dreams, and the tenacity to see it through.

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Building and Leveraging Your Reputation [Webinar Replay]

In this webinar, join Aaron Campbell as he reprises his WordCamp Miami talk on the idea that your “reputation” does NOT equal your “portfolio.”

Aaron’s Tips for Building Your Reputation

  • Do what you enjoy
  • Make a plan
  • Remember: Reputation is more than a portfolio
  • Look outside your work too

View the Slides


Aaron Campbell has over fifteen years of web development experience. He has been a regular contributor to WordPress for the last eight years, and even co-lead the WordPress 3.6 release. He’s committed to writing quality code that is both fast and scalable, and has a knack for translating ideas and goals into functional sites. Aaron has worked with clients ranging from small local businesses to Google, Yahoo, Disney, and Harvard.

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