First, Best & Wish You Knew: Curtis McHale

Freelance web developer Curtis McHale lives outside Vancouver, Canada. In addition to building websites, he coaches business owners and enjoys biking.

Curtis McHale Bio picWe get quick business advice for freelancers from Curtis in our new series, “First, Best & Wish You Knew.”

How did you find your first client?

I’m pretty sure my first ‘real’ client I found via my father. He was working with a construction company, and they needed a website. He said his son did that, so they talked to me about it.

How did you find your best client?

My best clients have come in the last two years. They were recommendations from colleagues who didn’t quite match with the client, so they were told to work with me. My first five-figure project was a scenario like that.

What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew more about my value. Really what we do is magic, even if it’s just setting up some plugins. Clients would take weeks or months to learn it and we (WordPress as a whole) need to learn to truly value that and charge appropriately.


“I hate budgeting. But it’s something you really should do if you want to run a viable business.” -Curtis McHale

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WordPress Weekly Recap – June 11th, 2015

WordPress News

WordPress Plugins

  • Sometimes you just need a simple light-box and WP Featherlight might do the trick.
  • If you use the Easy Digital Download plugin you will be happy to hear that the six official themes are now FREE.
  • There is a beautiful pagebuilder plugin called SiteOrigin and now there is a new expansion plugin that opens up a ton of new options. Ultimate Addons.  (Oh and also a great CSS addon as well.)

Web Design Tips & Tricks

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Learn Java With Java Tutorials

One of the simplest ways to acquire Java programming skills is through the use Java tutorials. We have seen a considerable number of people who acquire genuine (marketable) Java programming skills through the tutorials. It is, therefore, truly possible to learn Java with Java tutorials.

The alternatives to learning Java with the tutorials include enrolling for full-time Java programming courses, or buying books on Java programming and educating yourself through those. It is, however, still possible to supplement these learning modes with tutorials (if you opt for the other learning modes). They are not mutually exclusive with the tutorials. If, for instance, you have enrolled for a Java programming course, you can still take the Java tutorials to augment your knowledge. Similarly, if you have opted to learn Java programming from a book on the same, you can supplement what you learn in that way with Java tutorials. There is a very high chance, in the latter case, that some of the Java tutorials will turn out to have material that is not included in the book(s) you use to learn this programming language.

Types of Java tutorials available

There are many types of Java tutorials, all created to help people who are interested in mastering the Java programming language. Those include:

–  Tutorials made by the creators of the Java programming language: these are available from the website of the creators of the Java programming language. The language was created by Sun Micro-systems, which in 2010, was acquired by software giant Oracle.

–  Tutorials made by expert Java programmers: these tend to be highly practical and they omit a substantial amount of the information contained in the Java tutorials made by the creators of the programming language.

–  Tutorials prepared by academics: these are often found in various universities’ web portals. They tend to be very academic in nature (which can be a good thing, seeing that they contain very in depth information on some aspects of Java programming).

–  Java tutorials for beginners: these are introductory tutorials, designed to help people who are new to Java to get (practically) acquainted with it.

–  Advanced Java tutorials: these cover the most intricate aspects of Java programming.

–   Intermediate Java tutorials: these are somewhere in between the Java tutorials for beginners and the advanced Java programming tutorials.

Benefits you will gain by learning Java through tutorials

There are several benefits that you will gain, by opting to learn Java with Java tutorials. Those include the facts that:

1.  You will learn fast: this is because most of Java tutorials are shorn of all non-essentials, making them brief and therefore making it possible for people using them to learn fast.

2.  You will get practical knowledge: most of the Java tutorials focus on showing the people who use them how to get things done using Java, as opposed to burdening them with lots of theoretical, hardly-applicable knowledge.

3.  You will always have the tutorials for reference: this is unlike the case with, say, enrolling for a Java programming course, where you typically lose contact with the instructors the moment you graduate.

Premium WordPress Themes

There are many WordPress themes that one can find and some of them include: – Sport press. This is a WordPress theme that is intended for websites that want to have a feel of a sport magazine. This theme has been developed by WPZOOM and it is an easy to use theme. It does not need that much knowledge to use as it comes with easy to use menus thus any one can customize it to fit their needs. The sport press also has many features and some of them include: – multimedia functionalities, accustom management menu which is makes the work of adding pages and links easy. It also comes with SEO options and a banner management section.

The other WordPress theme is the creations belt. This theme has been developed by Iwak Themes and it is intended for use by business or corporate websites. This theme offers the following features: – many side bars together with a side bar manager, a good home page that can be customized. It also comes with an easy to use administration panel with amazing backend facilities. It also offers social media icons, threaded comments and a grid based design among many other features.

There is also the envisioned theme which is a theme that has been developed by Elegant Themes. This theme is very attractive thus it is good for use on professional websites. It is a good theme for creating sites with multimedia functionalities as it offers an amazing multimedia gallery, good layouts and body colors. The other premium WordPress themes are the posted WordPress. This has been developed by Press75 and it is a theme that is mainly suitable for creating websites that offer bulletin board services. This theme is suitable for sites that deal with job posting, websites that post classifieds and those that post events among many other things. This theme allows one to customize logos, good theme options and an ad placement feature.

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