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Helping Veterans With Happy Joe: James Dalman Interview

Memorial Day is an opportunity here in the U.S. to remember those who died in service to their country. We owe a great debt to those who served in the military and guaranteed our freedom.

It’s also an opportunity to remember those veterans who are still with us and in many cases need our help.

The numbers are staggering:

  • There are over 199,000 unemployed veterans with more on the way.
  • There are 50,000 homeless veterans on any given night.
  • Every day 22 veterans commit suicide.

Helping Veterans With Happy Joe: James DalmanOne way we can help as part of the WordPress community is by supporting the nonprofit Happy Joe. Founded by James Dalman, Happy Joe mentors and trains military veterans in how to launch successful careers or businesses in the web technology industry. Their objective is to reduce veteran unemployment, financial hardships and suicides by giving veterans a new mission and opportunity in the incredible world of web design.

James Dalman worked with iThemes and helped us launch what is now iThemes Training (formerly He also had a successful career as a freelance designer, working with big names including Nike, BMW, NASCAR and more. He built a six-figure income as a freelancer and walked away to start Happy Joe. James is also a veteran himself.

The Service

James served in the Oklahoma National Guard and the Army Reserves for eight years as an infantryman, though he was never deployed overseas. He did almost get court martialed when he painted camouflage on his face to look like Gene Simmons of KISS. But that’s another story.

The action James did see was all in training, including hand grenade shrapnel landing in his lap (didn’t break the skin, but he still screamed like he was wounded) and a large helicopter assault on a field of cows in Minco, Okla.

“It was like that scene from Apocalypse Now where the choppers were flying in above the river and jungle,” James says. “We land and I’m all gung-ho and jump out like John Wayne. But my foot catches on something and I go face first in the cow field. At least I survived.”

He has some great stories, and although his service never required actual combat, it wasn’t a joke.

“I learned I could do things I never thought I was capable of,” James says. “I was pushed to the extreme limits. I found out I had more intestinal fortitude than I thought possible. I discovered the importance of working as a team and looking after your buddies.”

“Unfortunately, I also learned that poison ivy doesn’t make good camouflage,” James adds. OK, he’s still full of jokes, but he’s serious about helping veterans.

The Motivation

“I wouldn’t be here without the men of the 101st Airborne and the men of Easy Company,” James says. “They actually landed in my grandfather’s town in the Netherlands during World War II and liberated my family from the Nazis.”

James has always appreciated veterans, but in recent years he’s noticed how hard things are getting for them. The numbers above are the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of veterans not getting the benefits they deserve, veterans who are denied jobs because of misconceptions about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and even spouses who weren’t able to get a proper military burial for loved ones.

“Our veterans risk their lives for our country, but our country wasn’t doing anything back for them,” James says. “So I felt a calling deep inside. I knew from my experience with iThemes and that I could teach veterans how to enter the web technology field and make a great living.”

Thus Happy Joe was born.

The Problem

One of the challenges veterans face is the transition back to the civilian world. For all the extensive military training they’ve received, there’s usually little help to acclimate soldiers back to everyday life.

“You learn a whole different lifestyle,” James says. “It’s hard to relate to civilians. You’re learning acronyms, weapons, being taught things most people never do.”

The transition from a daily life of being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it, to the complete freedom of choice that comes with civilian life can be extremely challenging.

There are also very real struggles with PTSD, physical injuries, financial issues or other challenges. A combination of factors makes it very hard for veterans.

“One thing I want to communicate is that not all veterans are seeking a handout or are damaged goods,” says James. “Most want to contribute in a positive way after their service. They want to continue the mission, they want to give back, and they want to be successful in a career with a company or launching their own business.”

The Response

Unfortunately, we’re not doing enough to help veterans. The government is weighed down by bureaucracy and self-interested politicians. They only take interest after public pressure, and then it’s often a short-lived spotlight.

“The public doesn’t know how to help veterans,” James says. “While all veterans appreciate when someone says thank you, they need more than a thank you.”

Which is where Happy Joe steps in. They specialize in mentoring and coaching veterans to get them up to speed and to start making money.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Happy Joe partners with the best tech training organizations, including iThemes, CodeSchool, Iron Yard and Treehouse to ensure veterans have the proper skills.

“We can’t keep up with these great companies who already created amazing training,” James says. “But we can lead veterans to those companies, get them the skills and training, and then guide them to a career path or launching their own business.”

One-on-one mentoring is also a key part of the process.

“Training only goes so far,” James says. “Most people need a coach, a sherpa to get them up the mountain.”

Helping Veterans With Happy Joe: WP BootcampHappy Joe is also organizing a series of six WP Bootcamps to give veterans training, one-on-one coaching and an action plan to immediately get started.

“It’s actually a lot like what iThemes is doing with WProsper—how to find the perfect client, how to charge what you’re worth, dealing with client issues, etc.,” James says.

How Can We Help

“We’ve had a lot of veterans apply and get accepted into the program, but the resources and funding have kept us from making a huge impact on a larger scale,” James says.

Donations and corporate sponsorships are a big way to help out. James is also looking for skilled people who can serve as mentors. You can simply reach out to Happy Joe and ask how you can get involved.

“I’ll answer every email personally,” James says.

If you’re not interested in web technology or WordPress, James is still eager to connect. He’d be happy to point you to other organizations helping veterans.

You can also help by simply spreading the word. You can follow Happy Joe on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

“We’re building slowly, and that’s OK,” James says. “We want to be a long-term solution. That’s what makes us different. It’s great that Lowe’s and Starbucks want to hire veterans for $ 10 an hour, but that doesn’t help their long-term future. We want veterans to have a viable business or career. We’re looking down the road, not just right now.”

Let’s Do This

Let’s make we sure we do more than remember this Memorial Day. It’s easy for this to become simply a day off and not do anything. It’s also easy to simply get choked up watching videos of military moms and dads surprising their families and not do anything.

“There are so many more ways to help than just giving a pat on the back,” James says.

So let’s do something. Join us in supporting veterans with Happy Joe.

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Learn WordPress – Review of ‘The WordPress Classroom’

When starting off as a newbie internet marketer, there are many elements that you have to learn and put into place; product creation, list building, joint ventures to name a few. There is so much to learn and understand that newbies often feel overwhelmed and frustrated. After all, nobody taught us about blogging, or product creation when we at school.

I started my Internet journey by signing up to Alex Jeffrey’s Internet Marketing coaching course along with more than 300 others.

Not everyone on the course was a newbie. There were also some very skillful and experienced people, one of which was Matt Wolfe. Matt is an avid blogger and well known in blogging communities.

He understood the importance of niche communities and set about helping people learn how to build a blog. This was done by answering questions on the coaching course forum, direct emails or by leaving comments on student’s blogs, as they were evolving.

Matt became the field expert, the person people turned to when they couldn’t figure things out. His understanding of the subject and the calm manner in which he was able to resolve issues was outstanding.

The sheer volume of email requests for answers to the same questions along with the feeling of pain and frustration that was expressed in those emails led Matt to create a series of ‘how to’ videos.

There are currently 52 videos within ‘The WordPress Classroom’ library, that allows you to learn WordPress, but that number is growing on a daily basis. Each video clip walks the viewer from start to finish, explaining exactly how to do a particular task and being a video, offers the benefit of allowing the user to pause the video and action the task in real time.

(Tasks are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users who are looking to create or enhance their WordPress blog. Membership content includes full details on how to set up a WordPress blog, change theme, add widgets, twitter modules, Google analytics as well as tactics to generate traffic).

The WordPress Classroom is not only a useful resource, but it is also a new social networking community for bloggers to exchange tips and generate traffic.

Everyone needs traffic and by creating a niche community with common interests Matt has been able to assist in the generation of traffic for all members who sign up to join.

Members are actively encouraged to ‘oil rig hop’, engage and leave comments on other member’s blogs. In doing so, enabling back links to be created and encourage visitors to your site, which means traffic.

Metamorphosis For WordPress

The rampant developing of Net and, as a import, of electronic commercialism, informational portals and many former things sustain led thereto a big sphere of international economics emigrated to the virtual chopine. Notably the virtual selling has notable ultimately been sated yet.

The major of companies or crotch entrepreneurs patch transferring their byplay to Net or even source it from the scrawl in the Mankind Wide-cut Web haven”t flush heard about the scheduling languages for creation of their online companies. Such definitions as #, VB, JS are swell-known for specialists but notable for common masses.

What does it think? Would these particularities be advantageously-known for devising someone able-bodied to earn on Cyberspace? If it would be unfeigned, the Cyberspace mercantilism unforced renowned pass its “Stone Age”. The way out was instauration in victimisation so-called Message Direction Organisation (CMS). Here is the information written in Wikipedia:
“A web content management system (WCMS) is a software which provides website authoring and establishment tools intentional to earmark users with piddling knowledge of web programing languages or markup languages to produce and supervise the situation’s subject with congenator repose.”

We would add for ourselves that now for the innovation, direction and evolution of line on Internet it is decent to birth an perfectly symbolical total, a regard to realise loaded and roughly knowledge in the area which you”ve elect to be the chief one in your spirit: chocolate uncovering sales, word articles writing or house appliances reparation.

Where to startle? Begin with the preparation of occupation thought, compose a clientele contrive, find a suited CMS, near hosting and opt the singular world describe for your concern. Now there are a lot of tolerable propositions for small patronage at the Cyberspace solutions market from virtually release ones to heavy portals which can toll capable respective hundreds of g dollars.

There are solutions which allow to combine the tasks: for example the site proposes the Metamorphosis theme developed for the WordPress CMS. Buying this theme you can get both hosting and domain name just for $ 49. You can receive full-of-the-moon information as for the acquisition, use and readjustment of Metamorphosis at

Why WordPress? Explore engines same Google, Yahoo and Bing dear the WordPress format. Thither are so many websites victimization wordpress that many of the inquisitory engines birth been optimized to indicator WordPress more expeditiously. Sure, we could anatomy something new, but why? The goal is to don Google and Get Customers into your shop.

So in such famous composite slipway ego-motive mass (and my readers sure conceive themselves such ones) unforced be capable to get rightful vocations and, perchance it is notable of less grandness, to realize actual wealthy and, as a issue, to agnise a thousand miles per hour.

Custom WordPress Development

Are you looking for an all in all solution for your website? Do you need to upgrade your official website or want to coin a new website for your personal blog, are you looking for a solution that gives all technical support, is secure, and helps your web page rank in the search engine optimization. WordPress is a solution that fits all these requirements at once. Custom WordPress development is a new trend in web development. It is a free and open source content management system. For this reason, you can hire web developers to get your customized WordPress website done easily and quickly. There are a number of individual developers as well as outsourcing agencies, which can help you to get your own professional WordPress website designed and developed at competitive market price.
There are developers who can build your website from scratch while there are also professionals who can offer custom development by modifying and updating the existing modules. According to your wants and needs, you need to outsource your WordPress projects to any offshore development agency or developer. The advantage of outsourcing is that the development process is supported by experienced and skilled developers who can understand your requirements deeply. Some offshore software companies also provide consultancy services free of cost and give you exclusive time to sit and discuss the requirements with you, if you want to get a unique website.
WordPress is fully supported by hue customization. Apart from this, there is plethora of advantages of customized WordPress development that gives your website an additional edge. Given below are the benefits of projects developed in this technology:
Wordpress is an open source and free content management system. For this reason, going for it would be cost-effective, no matter if you undertake customized projects as it will rather add value to your website.
It offers you a chance to design your website from scratch. You do not have to depend on the default themes and designs to make your website but you can easily get it customized and developed.
Wordpress is ideal for making all types of websites, ranging from corporate websites to personal blogs. Moreover, these websites can also be made lightweight to heavy weight. This feature allows you add many plug-ins and extensions.
With the growth of third party applications and widgets, it has become easier to go for various types of projects. There are many applications that are built to monitor your website, track visitors, and make it more interactive and lively for your end-users.
When it comes to beautifying your website, you should know that the scopes are endless with graphic and colors. If you want to color the website according to the color of your product or the theme of your service, custom development is the key for you.
It is an easy to manage CMS. This feature allows users to publish and manage their content without having sound technical knowledge.
For more information on the topic and get free quote for your development requirement, visit

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Fiber 101

All of us see the commercials on television about products with extra fiber and so on. In many cases, our doctors have told us to eat more fiber. But many of us aren’t entirely sure why we actually need fiber and how it benefits out bodies. That being the case, here are facts to help you learn more about fiber.

A lot has been said about fiber and its benefits, yet not too many people actually understand. You can find a lot of food supplement products in the market that claim to promote health through their high fiber content. Individuals also buy these products even while knowing little about how the food element helps them. Understanding fiber and how it helps is not a hard task, however. It only takes a few minutes of reading and relating the information one has gained to day-to-day nourishment.

Fiber is an indigestible element that is found in vegetables including broccoli and potatoes , fruits such as apples and papaya and food processed from plants, including bran cereal and wheat bread. It is indigestible in that it is not broken down during digestion and offers no nutrients for the blood to absorb. However, this does not mean that it has no health benefits. It’s true that fiber offers a myriad of health benefits through the unique ways that it works.

Understanding how fiber helps us achieve good health requires us to first differentiate between its two types – soluble and insoluble. The kinds of fiber that dissolves in water and allows the stomach to empty over a longer period of time so that glucose can be absorbed into the bloodstream gradually and more efficiently is soluble fiber. This fiber also binds with ingested fluids and fatty acids, forming a gel that helps regulate glucose absorption and block unwanted or harmful elements from entering the bloodstream. On the other hand, insoluble fiber is that which does not dissolve in fluids and functions to help bulk pass through the small intestine. The primary job of this type of fiber is to help facilitate the digestive process.

Normally, fiber is innately water-absorbent and naturally softens stools so they are passed more easily. This is one of the more popular and most helpful functions of the food element. All of us know that a high-fiber diet helps us relieve ourselves when we are constipated. It can take from hours to weeks, but the effect is the same. Fiber aids the digestive system so that it is able to function normally and keep the body generally healthy. Remember that most illnesses are a result of harmful substances that our bodies absorb through the food that we eat. With the right amount of fiber in our diet, we can help our digestive system weed out the bad stuff and keep only those that will be good for us. Some of the illnesses fiber help prevent are colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Fiber is found in so many foods that it is easy for everyone to add it to their diet and get enough every day. One of the best sources of fiber are fresh fruits and vegetables. These are some of the most inexpensive items in any grocery store, so getting enough fiber is also an inexpensive way to be healthy.

If you’re looking for delicious, high-fiber food, shirataki noodles can provide you with a great option. Choose among HCG diet recipes products today and be on your way to a tastier journey towards good health.

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Convert To WordPress

Photoshop is widely popular among the people for designing a website; they dont have any knowledge about WordPress conversion Service. There are very few people who convert their PSD files into WordPress themes by using WordPress conversion service. WordPress is mostly recognized for writing blogs and web pages, but now one can design their website easily with WordPress conversion service. WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), which is powered by PHP and MySQL. By using WordPress conversion service, user can hit the potential of WordPress and create WP theme that helps you to get the attention of your website visitors.

Many modules coded in PHP are included in WordPress that store all the blog data, including posts, pages, links, etc. The installation process of WordPress is very easy and simple. WordPress is very easy to install within 10 minutes, if user is adopting one-click auto installer programs like Fantastico. A variety of plug-ins and themes improves the functionality and flexibility of WordPress that can change the appearance of a blog. A web template system is included in WordPress that uses as a template processor. Widgets can be rearranged by users without editing PHP or HTML code. Besides this, they also install and switch between themes.

Trackback and Pingback standards are supportable with WordPress that are very useful for showing links to other sites that have them connected to a post or article. There are some native applications that are exist for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry which offer access to several features in the WordPress Admin panel and work with many blogs and WordPress accepts all the file formats like PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, AI, PDF, BMP, etc. An easy upgrade blog publishing web application, WordPress contains many features like Cross-Browser Bookmarklets intelligent text formatting, Password Protected Posts, the ability to assign nested, Cross-blog communication tools support, robust Spam Protection, XML-RPC interface, full W3C Standards Compliance, and many more that allows simple customization to blog.

Convert to WordPress service publishes application, which is also used to put and manage websites. Users can expand the websites functionality further than the features that come as part of the base install by adopting WordPress conversion service because it has Rich plug-in architecture. User will get service of standardized formatting and styling of text in articles such as converting regular quotes to smart quotes, Automatic filters to make some uniqueness in the website.

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