iThemes Exchange VAT Add-On Updated & Ready for VAT MOSS

If you’re a WordPress ecommerce site admin or owner I’m sure you’ve heard and even seen some of the upcoming changes being made to EU VAT.

The Exchange Team has been hard at work to make sure the EU Value Added Taxes Add-On for iThemes Exchange is updated with the new features and flexibility needed for VAT MOSS.

How EU VAT Worked Before January 1, 2015

Before January 1, 2015 if you sold digital goods online, you only needed to charge taxes at the rate from the EU member state in which your store is registered. For example, if you’re an author in Spain selling your ebooks online, you only needed to charge taxes applicable to Spain. In summary, you charged taxes based on the store owner’s tax rates.

Effective January 1, this will change.

How VAT MOSS Works After January 1, 2015

Online sellers will have to charge tax rates according to where the purchaser lives instead of where the store owner lives. This change applies to any and all ecommerce sites selling to users living within the EU.

From January 1 2015, telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services will always be taxed in the country where the customer belongs… –European Commission

iThemes Exchange and the EU Value Added Tax Add-On have been updated to reflect the changes, ensuring your Exchange store is compliant with the new regulations.

You’re now able to add tax rates for every member state of the EU right from Exchange, so your store can charge taxes accordingly.

The new VAT regulations apply to digital & downloadable goods such as:

  • ebooks
  • music
  • videos
  • apps
  • games
  • software

How to Add VAT Rates for EU Member Countries

If you already have the EU VAT Add-on installed on your WordPress site, update to v1.1.0.

To add VAT rates, click the gear icon to access the settings screen.

Easy EU VAT in plugin

Select the product type where the settings should be applied, then begin adding VAT rates to the member countries where people can purchase your products. When finished, don’t forget to click Save Changes for your rates to go live on your site.

Add VAT member rates in iThemes Exchange

You can add multiple rates for each country.

Additionally, when editing an individual product, you can enable VAT MOSS and select the rate for each country to be applied to that specific product.

VAT by Product in iThemes Exchange

Additional Resources

  • If you have questions about  updates for the EU Value Added Taxes Add-on for Exchange, reach out via the Support Forum or Twitter and we’re happy to help.
  • For more details on the EU VAT regulation changes check out the European Commission’s site.
  • Scope of changes can be found on GOV.UK.

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Freelance Planning Resources for 2015

Our goal is to help you (and your business) go far with WordPress. We know a lot of our freelancer friends are using their holiday break to plan what’s ahead in 2015 for their business.

We’ve compiled a “greatest hits” of our freelancer posts, and if you’re planning for 2015 this week, you’ll want to give these a read.

1. Freelance Business Plan: You Can Plan to Succeed or You Can Expect to Fail

‘Freelance’ is not a euphemism for winging it. It’s not shorthand for lazy person who wears pajamas all day.

Freelancing is serious work—freelancers make up 34% of the workforce—and it demands a serious plan. Do you have a freelance business plan? A road map that shows how you’re going to make your money and not end up broke?

A freelance business plan is big. You need to have one and we can help.

What is a Freelance Business Plan?

More than anything, the purpose of a freelance business plan is to force you to answer all the appropriate questions in running a business. It’s to make sure you’re not taking any shortcuts.

Don’t think of it as burden. It’s not one more thing on your plate. It’s the core of what you do. It’s putting down on paper exactly how you’re going to make ends meet.

A good freelance business plan will answer realistic questions about whether or not you’ll have enough money to buy a computer or how much you need to be charging.

These are questions you have to answer, or you have no business trying to freelance.

Read More About Freelance Planning

2. How to Use Trello for Freelancers: Let’s Get Organized

Freelancers have to be organized. You’re juggling so many things and most of them are closely tied to you getting paid. So you can’t drop the ball. Project management is huge.

Say hello to Trello.

It’s a free organizational and project management system (with the option for premium upgrades).

So What is Trello?

In a nutshell, Trello is a list of lists. You can organize them in almost any way you want, which is the basis of its appeal. That makes it incredibly flexible—it can work for just about anyone, from freelance developers to teachers.


Trello is a visual system based on cards. A card is the primary organizational system and contains all kinds of details—a description, checklists, file attachments, comments, due dates, members, etc.

Read More About Getting Organized

3. WordPress Project Management is Your Friend

Project management is a freelancer’s best friend. You have to be organized and stay on top of your projects. That’s a given. But as a WordPress developer, have you considered doing your project management in the site itself? WordPress project management can be a way to merge your love of WordPress with your need to be organized.

Benefits of Project Management Systems

If you’ve been doing freelance WordPress development for any length of time you understand the need for a project management system. You need something to keep you organized and on track, and generally a post-it note won’t cut it.

Some of the most-loved benefits of project management systems include:

  • Organization – Keep track of what needs to be done when. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks again.
  • Deadlines – Moving a project forward means keeping an eye on the due dates. Juggling multiple deadlines can get crazy, and that’s where project management really shines.
  • Collaborate – Few people work in the same office these days and can share a whiteboard together. Collaboration has to happen remotely and you need an online system to make that happen. Some systems restrict that interaction to your team, while others invite outside clients into the process.
  • Archive – Collaboration is key, but you need to keep track of those conversations. A bunch of email discussions or decisions made in a chat window are great, but it’s hard to find those again when you need them. A good project management system archives those conversations and decisions so you can go back and find them in one place.
  • Reporting – Every client wants to know where a project is at, and a good project management system either lets you know so you can update the client or tells the client directly.

Read More About Project Management

4. Adding Additional Income to Your Bottom Line Through WP Maintenance


The feast and famine cycle is a constant struggle for the freelance WordPress developer. But you can break that cycle by selling WordPress maintenance to your freelance clients. You get steady, reliable income and your clients get peace of mind. Everybody wins.

Add WordPress maintenance services to your freelance menu and see how it improves your business.

What’s WordPress Maintenance?

Are your freelance clients seeing notices to update WordPress? As a freelance developer, you know WordPress needs to be kept up to date, but often clients don’t bother. Then you get panicked calls about hacked sites. Or some kind of oops makes a site disappear.

We’re talking about offering a monthly WordPress maintenance package to your clients. You take care of the details and your client doesn’t sweat it. To you they’re relatively minor issues, often automated and simple, but to your clients they’re business-stopping nightmares.

Continue Reading This Ebook

We would love to hear any tips you have for freelancers who are planning out their year. Let us know in the comments or tweet us @iThemes.

Here’s to a prosperous and productive 2015! 


Free WordPress Templates


WordPress is probably the most used publishing or blogging software these days. It is totally free to download and this is one of the major reasons of its popularity. Organizations, be it a small, medium or large, need the blog facility in their website as blogging is a crucial part of the promotional activities of the organizational websites.

Previously these organizations had to go for expensive online publishing software which used to consume a lot of time and money and these old publishing software did not have the facility of auto up gradation. But by the introduction of WordPress now you can sit back and relax as the management tool of WordPress called the word press auto installer upgrades the software whenever there is a new version available. It’s really a great feature as installing word press auto installer is very easy. There is no monthly charge or installation charge as this software is free to download and is really proving to be a very useful tool for individuals and also by different organizations. Previously they had to upgrade their publishing software regularly which used to cost them lots of time and also cost but word press auto installer has a built in artificial intelligence feature which automatically download the latest version.

Now that you know how to start using the blogging software, you just need to know what the available benefits are that can be used to improve the quality and appearance of the blogs. This is where the free WordPress templates come into the frame. An informative and interactive blog with good search engines ranking needs some alteration with its looks. The professional approach of the blog ensures huge popularity of this publication.

Once you have created your blog, you should decorate it nicely which on the other hand will improve the looks of your website and as the reputation of your business is involved; so it’s a must thing to do. A decorated website also attracts lots of traffic so it is very important to garnish your WordPress website. You must be thinking that decorating your WordPress blog will cost you a hefty amount. But you are wrong as using templates is absolutely free with WordPress.

There are plenty of websites which have some really beautiful collection of templates using which you can add a touch of art to your blogs. These templates are really eye-catching and are superb in graphic quality. Some of the most popular downloaded templates of WordPress are royal blue and wedding rose templates. These templates have sidebars as well which make the looks more articulate.

Before choosing any template make sure that it suits the nature and purpose of your website; so select wisely as the wrong template will create an erroneous impression of your organization. Templates are available in different categories which include for personal usage and business purpose. Under business templates, there are further subdivisions like if you own a flower shop, then templates of flower shop is available and also if you have a corporate business like an architecture firm then you will find required templates for your business.

So go ahead and choose the best template for your website and see your business flourish in the coming days.

More WordPress 101 Articles

Hire WordPress Programmer

WordPress is a blog releasing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress helps one web blog per installation, though multiple concurrent setup to use separate database tables. It has different characteristics like integrated link management, search engine-friendly URL, multiple author functionality and hold for tagging the posts and articles.

WordPress is the modern publishing platform having focus on web standards, usability, and aesthetics. WordPress is the open-source Content Management System (CMS), specially designed for blogging, however, can be easily modified for enabling management of the whole website.

In the early stage, WordPress was just used, as blogging software however now; the developers are utilizing it resourcefully by using it like website Content Management Software (CMS), just like Drupal and Joomla.

Strengths of WordPress:-

Simple to use back-end for writing content and doing other dynamic changes to your site.
Simple setup; anyone with a little bit of server experience can install it.
Themes and Plugins are many and mostly free.
Easy to create your own theme or customize an existing one.
Uses standard/free web server technologies like PHP & MySQL.
Faster implementation
Low Cost
Easier Maintenance
Easy Customization

WordPress Features:

WordPress has a template processor system and rich plugins architecture that allows developers to extend the functionality of web sites.
WordPress offers quick installation and re-arranging of widgets without editing HTML or PHP code.
WordPress allows users and developers to install and switch between various themes.
WordPress offers integrated link management and search-engine friendly, clean permalink structure.
WordPress has a facility to assign multiple categories to articles and it supports tagging of posts and articles.

You can Hire WordPress programmers having vast experience and well-honed skills for delivering excellent results working on WordPress plug-in customization, WordPress E-Commerce customization, WordPress template integration, WordPress CMS development, WordPress plug-in development, WordPress plug-in development and WordPress development.

Hire WordPress programmer for the cost effective online business solutions using WordPress. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform, whether you want to make your presence as online businessman or like to socialize on the web.

Hire WordPress programmer to successfully furnish blogs including content creation, customization, and web management. Not only blogs, WordPress can be conveniently used for all kinds of web portal development. Websites related to shopping cart, news, online magazine, business and corporate can given perfect WordPress solution.

Hire WordPress programmer for developing different themes and template using wordpress plugin. Hire WordPress programmer to integrate all the wordpress modules in your website.

PSD to WordPress

WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. It was originally intended as an easy way to set up a blog. But, thanks to the efforts of a large “open source” community of WordPress programmers working to extend and improve its capabilities, WordPress has become much more than just a tool for bloggers. WordPress is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Noted for its rich features, WordPress “Themes” provide numerous templates from which to choose a suitable look and feel. WordPress also enables non-blog content to be included, and it imports other blog publishing formats.

Currently WordPress is one of the most popular web blogging software. It is the most common choice for blog users because it provides:

Ease of use and versatility: WordPress is suitable for just about anybody – from the absolute novice to the advanced programmer.
Feature-rich interface: WordPress has a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support.
Expandable: WordPress’s community distributes a large number of modules for almost any popular website feature.
Open Source: It is free to install and use.

While, PSD is a proprietary file format used to create and edit images in Adobe Photoshop. It is a widely accepted format as it supports all available image types – Bitmap, RGB, Duotone, Grayscale, Indexed Color, CMYK, Lab, and Multichannel.

The maximum size of a PSD file (with file extension of ‘.psd’) is 30,000×30,000 pixels and may be saved with 16 bits per color channel. PSD image files may be opened with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements on Windows; and Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Preview on Mac OS.

PSD format for any particular website is definitely not an easy task. Moreover, in PSD format the data organization can become very time consuming. Therefore, for easy accessibility of data and to improve file management PSD to WordPress conversion is very important.

Basically, conversion from PSD to WordPress is very complex and tedious process. As PSD to WordPress conversion services require deep knowledge, experience and skills to perform this task in an effective and efficient way is the need of the hour.


WordPress Theme Designers

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, but what makes WordPress development special, is the variation and the uniqueness that it offers. WordPress developers have the ability to create unique websites by modifying existing themes or creating new ones from scratch. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available and with third-party plugins readily available, you have millions of options. For this very reason some of the best blogs and websites that you know run on the WordPress platform.


For your custom development, you can easily outsource this job to an offshore development center and concentrate on your core business process. Here experienced developers create absolutely unique websites or blogs for your business. This is also cost effective as you will be able to hire programmers based on your exact needs. These centers give you the option to hire developers on flexible basis – hourly, weekly and monthly.


Tips to Design WordPress Themes

Create a blue print of your website based on your genres. Will it be a corporate website, ecommerce website or a web gallery? All these have their own uniqueness and developers need to keep in mind these minutes while designing the themes.
One of the best ways to go about WordPress is to redesign an existing free theme unless you are an expert. This will give a solid platform to design your theme and also save valuable time.
Remove the unused CSS and PHP files from the function files as these are of little use and will make your website heavy. Consolidate your Javascript whenever possible, as this makes your website look classy.
Use proper navigation button like Home, About Us and Contact Us etc. Many websites fail on this count, as some themes don’t have this. This will frustrate the viewer as they will have to use the back button continuously, which is irritating.
Do not overdesign. One of the common mistakes that people make in designing WordPress themes is that they tend to overdesign by adding a lot of third-party themes and applications. This makes the websites look clustered and acts as a turnoff for the visitors.
In WordPress or any other web development, the size of the page is an important consideration to keep in mind. Although different elements might make your website look good, visitors usually don’t like websites which take a lot of time to load.


If designers and programmers keep these simple tips in mind they can design unique themes, which will attract the visitors and keep them engaged in the website. Remember in the ocean of Internet, the look and the feel of a website matters most. To get your own WordPress site developed, visit


Webinar Replay: Getting Started with iThemes Exchange

In a continued effort to make WordPress ecommerce as easy as possible, here’s the replay of our recent webinar on how to get started with iThemes Exchange.

Elise Alley, Lead Support for Exchange, walks us through how to download (free!) and install Exchange as well as which settings to pay attention to first, like payment gateway, email notifications, currency settings and more.

Watch the full webinar now! Best part, the webinar is under 30 minutes.

What You’ll Learn:

Other iThemes Exchange Resources

If you want to learn even more about iThemes Exchange we have a video tutorial series and documentation in the Codex.

Need support? Check out the Community Forum, which is moderated by our dedicated support team.

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